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How/When did Ezra get his Green Lightsaber?

Ezra Bridger

Lightsabers are the trademark weapons of those that use the Force. Both the Jedi and the Sith are identified by their glowing blades of pure plasma and are differentiated between by the colors of the blades or by the designs of their individual hilts.

But more often than not, a Jedi would lose their lightsaber, or, on occasion, it would be destroyed during a lightsaber duel. It was in situations like these that the Jedi in question would end up building a new lightsaber for themselves.

In the same manner, a Padawan would build a new lightsaber for themselves after their formal induction into the Jedi Order. A Jedi Knight would usually keep their old lightsaber as a memorandum of the time they spent as a student.

Ezra Bridger was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have both these scenarios occur for him. After his duel with Darth Vader on Malachor in the finale of the second season of Star Wars: Rebels, Ezra’s first lightsaber was destroyed.

Simultaneously, this was also the moment that his master, Kanan Jarrus, was blinded by Darth Maul. This meant that Ezra had to take on the responsibilities of a true Jedi instead of those of a Padawan learner. This led to the creation of Ezra’s new green lightsaber.

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What happened to Ezra’s first lightsaber?

In the final few episodes of season two of Star Wars: Rebels, Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka travelled to Malachor to seek help in their fight against the Sith. The trio, along with the astromech droid Chopper, hoped to use the Sith temple on the planet to gain the knowledge they needed to defeat the Inquisitors.

While on Malachor, the trio finds an unlikely ally when Ezra runs into the former Sith Warrior, Darth Maul. Maul agrees to help Ezra and the others gain access to the temple and help them extract the knowledge that they need to defeat the Sith and their Inquisitors.

Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka ventured into the temple to find the knowledge that they had come for, only to be stopped when they encountered the Eighth Brother. This encounter split them up as Kanan and Ahsoka chased after the Inquisitor, while Ezra went to find Maul.

The trio, joined by Maul after they captured the Eighth Brother, proceeded to make their way into the temple where they would encounter both the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister. The trio, with the help of Maul, would fight and defeat the Inquisitors, causing them to retreat.

Once they reached the top of the temple and gained the knowledge they were looking for, they would try to escape, only to come face to face with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. Ezra would try to fight Vader, only to lose and have his lightsaber destroyed.

Ezra would then retreat with Kanan, while Ahsoka would fight Darth Vader alone as the temple crumbled down around them. This event marked the end of Star Wars: Rebels, Season 2, and the end of Ezra’s first lightsaber.

When does Ezra acquire his new lightsaber?

After losing his lightsaber to Darth Vader, and losing his master during the proceedings at Malachor, Ezra would find himself in need of a new lightsaber. He would now set out to build a new lightsaber for himself to be able to fight for the Rebellion.

Ezra ended up returning to Lothal, where he found a Kyber Crystal hidden inside the Jedi Temple there. Using that Kyber Crystal, and some parts provided by his friends, Ezra constructed his second lightsaber.

This lightsaber was vastly different from the first one, featuring the removal of the blaster attachment and following a more traditional design as opposed to the first one. The hilt also seemed to be heavily inspired by Kanan’s lightsaber design choice.

The most major difference that this lightsaber had from his first lightsaber was the fact that it was green as compared to his previous blue one.

Ezra’s new lightsaber was first revealed in Episode 10 of The Star Wars Show, and was first shown in Star Wars: Rebels in Season 3, Episode 1: Steps Into Shadow.

Does Ezra’s second lightsaber belong to Sabine Wren?

One of the greatest points of disagreement for the Star Wars community is who owned Ezra’s second lightsaber. And while it is obvious that the lightsaber belonged to Ezra, some fans believe that it belonged to Sabine instead.

This confusion was majorly caused by two events that took place in the Star Wars: Rebels storyline. These occurrences either featured Sabine using the lightsaber, or the lightsaber being left with Sabine while Ezra was busy somewhere else.

The first of these events took place in Star Wars: Rebels, Season 3, Episode 16: Legacy of Mandalore. The events took Ezra and his friends to a Mandalorian outpost on Kronwest, where Sabine would be greeted by her mother and viceroy Gar Saxon.

It was here, after much political debate, that the fate of Clan Wren and the Mandalorians would be decided by whoever wielded the Darksaber. Ezra then gave Sabine his lightsaber so that she could fight Gar Saxon, who was wielding the Darksaber.

This allowed Sabine to defeat Saxon and kill him, which let her claim the Darksaber and become the ruler of Mandalore.

The second time that Sabine was in possession of Ezra’s lightsaber was during the events of the finale of the fourth season of Rebels. This series of events is known as both “The Battle for Lothal” and “The Liberation of Lothal”.

After Ezra and the Rebels on Lothal captured Capital City, they realized that they had helped the Empire by moving the Imperial Troops to a safe location. Grand Admiral Thrawn made Ezra realize that the only way to save Lothal was to surrender himself.

After realizing that he had no other options, Ezra gave himself up to Thrawn. But not before leaving his lightsaber with Sabine, in the hopes that she could use it during the Rebel assault on the ground base.

Sabine would end up using the lightsaber to break a window after detonating bombs in the Imperial Complex, hence providing an easy escape route for herself and the others. This was the second occasion that Sabine used the lightsaber.

While Ezra planned to take the lightsaber back after the battle, the show ended differently. His sacrifice, combined with his self-imposed exile into uncharted space caused the lightsaber to remain in Sabine’s possession till the end of the finale of Rebels.

And while Sabine did keep the lightsaber, we see her depart with Ahsoka in the show’s final scenes to find Ezra.

Even though Sabine was in possession of the lightsaber for longer than Ezra was, it cannot be said that the lightsaber belonged to her, given that Ezra was the one who built it and used it the most.

Now that we have talked about both of Ezra’s lightsabers, it seems unfair to leave his combat style out of the debate.

What lightsaber form did Ezra Bridger use?

One of the most important factors to consider when talking about lightsaber forms is the wielder of the lightsaber in question and how they were trained in lightsaber combat. Ezra was a unique case for his time.

Given that he had received no formal training as a Padawan in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and had no idea that he was Force Sensitive before the proceedings of Star Wars: Rebels, it is safe to assume that he had no training in his younger years.

This meant that Ezra was at a disadvantage compared to the other Younglings, who had received training from a very young age and had grown up learning how to use a lightsaber. This led to his training being slow and tedious, for both himself and for his master, Kanan.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that Kanan himself had never been knighted and was officially still a Padawan, albeit being one that had almost completed his training. Given that they were both survivors of Order 66, Ezra was able to relate to Kanan.

Kanan taught Ezra what he knew best and what he had learned during his time as a Padawan under his master. As with every Jedi Youngling, Kanan started by teaching Ezra the basics of lightsaber combat presented by Form I: Makashi.

Eventually, Kanan would start teaching Ezra the more advanced and acrobatic techniques applied in Form IV: Ataru. This form is known for its agility and is most famously practiced by Yoda himself. Ezra would eventually grow to master this form.

Ezra also learned the basics of the defensive side of Form V: Shien, which focused on deflecting and reflecting blaster fire. These basics were taught to him by Ahsoka and a hologram of Anakin Skywalker from the time before Order 66.

So, in conclusion, we can say that Ezra is in fact a heavy user of Form IV given that most of his fights feature him moving around a lot to be able to gain the advantage. However, he has also mastered the basics of Makashi and can use Shien to extreme effect.


Ezra’s second lightsaber was one of the few lightsabers constructed after the execution of Order 66. This accounted for most of its diverse path and the fact that it was responsible for so many significant feats in such a short time.

And while his lightsaber might still be with Sabine, we might end up seeing it return to him in future Star Wars media after Ezra’s return from uncharted space.

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