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Are Jedi Allowed to Drink Alcohol?

Are Jedi Allowed to Drink Alcohol?

For those who aren’t familiar, alcohol is a beverage that has a high percentage of ethanol and octane. Alcohol has the ability to inhibit one’s intuition and has mind-altering effects. 

As a matter of fact, alcohol has the potential to hold such power over the user that some deem it to be a diluted version of poison. Once in the bloodstream, alcohol has such a major effect on the body that it is strongly advised to not operate any vehicle under the influence. 

Now, since Star Wars has such realism involved in it the universe, it’s safe to assume that there is alcohol in Star Wars. But how true is this? Keep reading as we delve into the alcohol in Star Wars.

Do They Have Alcohol in the Star Wars Universe?

Star Wars Episode II Bar Scene (With Music)

There is, in fact, a plethora of alcohol in the Star Wars universe. Just like in our reality, there is a large variety of beverages that incorporate alcohol. 

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Star Wars is no different! There are beers, cognac, wines, whiskeys, vodkas, and many other drinks. It’s clear that the Jedi, Sith, non-Force users, and everyone else in the galaxy for that matter, has the ability to fully enjoy themselves. 

In fact, during the Attack of the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan goes for a drink. 

Can Jedi Drink Alcohol?

Jedi drinking alcohol is a loaded topic. 

If we take it at face value, alcohol for a Jedi does not seem like a good idea. However, they can drink and partake in all the regular activities associated with it, just like any other person. 

There is technically no law against the Jedi taking a little drink every now and again. Even so, it may not be the wisest choice. 

Are Jedi Allowed to Drink Alcohol?

Theoretically, Jedi are allowed to drink alcohol whenever they please. In spite of that, drinking alcohol can cause the Jedi to break the Jedi Code. 

Remember, alcohol consumption inhibits the regular functioning of a person’s, in this case Jedi’s, mind and body. Since the Jedi aren’t allowed, per their code, to feel any excessive emotions if there are any mild feelings within them, it would only become stronger with the introduction of alcohol. 

Excessive alcohol makes it hard to control your feelings, emotions, and overall state of mind. Alcohol also makes it far easier to dive headfirst into the dark side. 

What does this mean exactly? Well, considering that the Jedi are supposed to keep a clear, peaceful mind, then excessive alcohol consumption may not be the best idea. 

While nothing is wrong with having a little drink here and there, pounding a bottle of booze every day may be the thing that puts a Jedi on the fast track to the dark side of the Force.

Is There a Drinking Age in Star Wars?

drinking age in Star War

In yet another touch of realism, Star Wars does, in fact, have a legal drinking age. 

In the world of Star Wars, much like most of Europe, the legal drinking age is sixteen for the most part. However, just like the real world, different areas would have varied rules and regulations. 

Even so, there are many planets where a human minor is not legally allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Whether they are sixteen or not. 

What Is the Strongest Drink in Star Wars?

strongest drink in Star War

As strong as a very nice Jose Cuervo tequila, or a glass of delicious Campari, may seem to us ordinary people in our ordinary world, Star Wars is a bit different. 

The Star Wars universe has a drink that is far stronger than anything we could even fathom. Its name is Flameout.

Flameout is painfully strong. Its main ingredients are an amalgamation of spices

Flameout has been known to leave the drinker with the sensation of their throats freezing, and their tongues being scalded. 

Now, that seems incredibly painful, and honestly not worth it to just get a buzz going. But hey, if the beings of the various planets enjoy it, then to each their own. As a matter of fact, Han Solo was notorious for enjoying this particular drink in his earlier days. 


Of course, with the things known about alcohol consumption in Star Wars, it is understandable to assume that someone may have a drinking problem. Or multiple persons for that matter.

The main person at the center of these speculations is Obi-Wan? Does he have a problem with alcohol? Let’s find out, shall we?

Does Obi-Wan have a Drinking Problem?

obi wan has a drinking problem

Obi-Wan is a comical and interesting character to watch. He has many layers to his personality that make him a joy to watch.

With the way, he pounds the drinks in Star Wars, many fans have developed the theory that Obi-Wan is an alcoholic. At almost any point, Obi-Wan is seen with a drink in hand. Even when the situation is dire, and he should not have his decision-making faculties inhibited. 

Not even in the face of an assassination did the drinking stop for him. Obi-Wan even started drinking so early in the morning that it seems like he replaced the ever-powerful caffeine with some chest-burning ethanol. 

Don’t talk about when he was training Anakin. Oh boy, that was far too much for the Jedi master, so the solution? A bottle of alcohol, of course! 

Needless to say that Obi-Wan does have a bit of an alcohol problem. 


Star Wars has a great balance of fantasy and realism. This realism can be seen in the laws surrounding alcohol consumption, and even the drinks available in the bars of the universe. 

Apart from these drinks that we can recognize in our universe. Star Wars has an arsenal of strange, but somewhat intriguing drinks, special to their galaxies.

Can you even imagine a drink that makes your throat freeze? 

Just like the numerous alcoholic beverage lovers in our world, there are the same in the Star Wars franchise. The most functional drunk that this awesome show has is none other than the legend himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

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Benjamin Williams

Wednesday 31st of January 2024

Jedi can use the Force to negate the effects of alcohol in their system