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Are Sith Troopers Clones?

Are Sith Troopers Clones?

The wonderfully crafted world of Star Wars introduced all of us to the endless possibilities of science fiction. This was perfectly displayed through the Force, the lightsabers, experiments, and cloning. 

As cloning is the focal point of this piece, here is a brief overview of what this entailed. Just as it does in reality, cloning in the Star Wars galaxy entails duplicating one organism into multiple genetically-identical copies. 

The Galactic Republic was among the first to begin the cloning process by duplicating the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett. These clones were then made to be more docile, and thus began the Republic’s Clone Trooper army. 

Later on, the First Order had similar-looking Sith Troopers. This raised the question, “Are Sith Troopers clones?”

Keep reading as we dive into this topic. 

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Are Sith Troopers Clones?

Sith Troopers were created on the planet Exegol and were some of the best soldiers in the Sith Eternal Army. Unlike the aforementioned Clone Troopers, Sith Troopers were natural-born humans instead of clones. 

The Sith Troopers were children of the Sith Eternal Cult or infants that were taken by the First Order. 

The Sith Troopers were a traditional infantry unit similar to the Clone Troopers, who fought in the Clone Wars as a symbol of hope for the Republic’s citizens. 

Naturally, the First Order, and by extension, the Empire, saw the success and togetherness of the Clone Troopers and appropriated it to fit their fascist regime. Still, the First Order grew its Trooper army a little differently from the Clone Troopers. 

Apart from the fact that the First Order recruited children instead of creating clones, they used dark side education and other techniques to condition the army to be completely loyal to the cause. 

Can Sith Troopers Use The Force? 

One caveat that came with cloning is that Force-sensitivity could not be transferred. Ergo, the Clone Troopers could not use the Force.

This is probably why many in the Star Wars community thought that Sith Troopers were clones, as they weren’t Force-sensitive. However, as we established, the Sith Troopers were human beings who just happened to lack Force-sensitivity. 

Still, would it be possible for them to use the Force despite not being Force-sensitive? Well, the answer to this is a bit more complicated than it seems. Let me explain. 

We have learned throughout galactic history that to tap into the full power of the Force, one must be born with Force-sensitivity. Outside of this, it’s nearly impossible to use Force Powers. 

Sith Troopers and the Force

Regardless of their lacking Force-sensitivity, it must be remembered that they weren’t clones but organic beings, meaning that they would have been born with midi-chlorians, which is a step towards using the Force. 

Coupled with the anticipated rigorous training in the Force the Sith Troopers received under Emperor Palpatine’s guidance, this suggests that the Troopers could have Force-like powers. 

What’s more, by definition, Sith Troopers are versed in the art of unarmed combat. Therefore, it wouldn’t be theoretically impossible for them to have access to certain aspects of the Force. 

What Is the Difference Between a Stormtrooper and a Sith Trooper?

Now, we know that the Sith Troopers were human beings who had been drafted into the Sith’s infantry unit. Those chosen to be Sith Troopers were children who were already integrated into the First Order or followers of the Sith Eternal Cult. 

The Sith Troopers were something of a copy of the Empire’s existing Stormtroopers. Even their armor had a similar look to the Stormtroopers’.


So what exactly is the difference between the Sith Troopers and the Stormtroopers?

To begin, Stormtroopers were modeled after the legendary Clone Troopers who fought valiantly during the Clone Wars. The First Generation Stormtroopers were made by cloning soldiers who died in the aforementioned war. 

Like their predecessors, the Stormtroopers sported white armor with a large array of equipment for their protection, along with temperature control. Additionally, they had their blaster rifles and were programmed to show loyalty to the Empire. 

The Sith Troopers, on the other hand, grew up in rigorous training and had the dark side implanted in their minds. 

How SITH TROOPERS were TRAINED? | Exegol Military Academy & Hask Desert (Star Wars Explained)

This is arguably more effective than simply cloning a being and programming it to be loyal to the cause. Especially since the clones could easily be hacked. 

Unfortunately for the Republic, this is exactly what happened during Order 66. The Clone Troopers were tampered with, which caused them to view all Jedi as the enemy, leading to one of the largest massacres in galactic history. 

Another difference between the Sith Troopers and the Stormtroopers is their attire. Although both armored suits had a similar outward look, the Sith Trooper’s was superior to that of the Stormtroopers. And, of course, it was the Sith Order’s signature red color, as opposed to white. 

According to Screenrant, the armor that the Sith Troopers wore offered them protection from their enemy’s blaster rifles. Furthermore, the Sith Troopers’ weapons were modified which greatly intensified their firepower and lethality. 

Are the Sith Troopers Hinting At a Stormtrooper Revolt in The Rise of Skywalker?


Regardless of how beautifully George Lucas wrote Star Wars, there are still some questions that seem difficult to answer. As a result, they resurface frequently. 

So without further ado, here is a fresh perspective on one of those questions. 

Why are Sith Troopers Called “Sith Troopers?”

In short, the Sith Troopers got their name because they were essentially dark-side Clone Troopers. Therefore, they took the name of the Sith Order and used the suffix of Troopers to show their military standing. 

Even though the Sith Troopers were not Force-sensitive, they also shared in the dark side beliefs as well as their unwavering devotion to the Sith’s way of life. 

Still, just by the look of them, the Sith Troopers and Stormtroopers look similar.

Stormtroopers and Sith Troopers

Moreover, they both serve essentially the same purpose for the Empire. That is, both the Stormtroopers and the Sith Troopers were military forces that fought for the good of the Imperial Army. 

Thus, it’s no wonder the Sith Troopers were often dubbed “Sith Stormtroopers.”


Sith Troopers were humans on the planet Exegol who were children of the Sith Eternal Cult. In addition, some of the recruits were infants who were drafted into the First Order. Ergo, the Sith Troopers were not clones. 

The Sith Troopers were not force-sensitive. Even so, being natural-born humans meant that they had midi-chlorians. 

Additionally, the Sith Troopers were put through a painstaking training process that allowed them to become versed in unarmed combat. Hence, it is theoretically possible for them to use Force-like abilities. 

What’s more, the Sith Troopers seemed to be one notch above their forerunners, the Stormtroopers. Unlike the white-clad Stormtroopers, the Sith Troopers were adorned with red armor, which was modified to deflect blaster effects. 

Added to this, the Sith Troopers’ blasters were modified to allow multiple shots as well as more intense firepower. 

Still, the Sith Troopers were somewhat of an upgraded version of the Stormtroopers, hence the differences between the two.

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