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10 Best Lightsaber Hilt Designs

10 Best Lightsaber Hilt Designs

There are phenomenal lightsaber hilt designs all over the Star Wars universe. The following designs have become well-known to Star Wars fans of all generations for their memorable features that stand out from the rest.

From the famous sabercane, to Count Dooku’s unique curved hilt, to Satele Shan’s double-hilt that blends in with her attire: here are 10 of the best lightsaber hilt designs in the Star Wars universe. 

1. Sabercane

The sabercane bleeds uniqueness, serving a dual function as both a lightsaber hilt concealed in a cane.

CANE LIGHTSABER (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

Great for aging Jedi who no longer possess physical attributes to possess a traditional lightsaber, the sabercane has served countless Jedi, starting with its creator, Tera Sinube. 

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Given its concealed features, Sabercane also serves as the most deceptive hilt in the canon and Extended Universe (EU).

Sinube surprised his opposition as he had given off the look that he was unarmed, only to pull his lightsaber from his cane, which also gave him two weapons to ward off attackers. 

Sinube’s sabercane appeared in The Clone Wars when he took the thieving Cassie Cryar by surprise, ultimately defeating her and taking possession of Ahsoka Tano’s missing lightsaber. 

2. Yoda

Yoda’s small size implied he could not use a standard-sized lightsaber, prompting him to construct both a smaller blade and hilt. Unlike the sabercane, Yoda’s smaller lightsaber lacked a unique design, taking on a no-frills approach. 

What Happened to Yoda's Lightsaber after Revenge of the Sith(Canon & Legends)

Its chrome and black trim at the hilt gives it more of a stereotypical look. However, its smaller size allows it to stand out, along with the fact Yoda fought many battles with it, one of the most notable involving his confrontation with Count Dooku. 

While he lost his lightsaber and its legendary hilt in Revenge of the Sith during his battle with Darth Sidious, fans have yet to forget the smaller hilt and blade, and it has since become a popular collector’s item. 

3. Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious’ lightsaber hilt contains one of the sleeker designs in the series, so sleek it looks more like a collector’s item to hang above a fireplace than a tool for combat. 


Darth Sidious Lightsaber Hilt

For the die-hard Star Wars fan, Darth Sidious’ lightsaber hilt would be in higher demand because of its aesthetics. And it makes sense, as before the series began, Sidious prided himself on craftsmanship, which contributed to its opulent finish. 

And while Sidious rarely used his lightsaber in the canon, he still valued the prop since many in the Sith continued to use them, such as Darth Vader and Count Dooku. 

4. Gungi

Gungi’s hilt made its first appearance in the saga when the Jedi Initiate constructed it 20 years Before the Battle of Yavin aboard the Crucible. The hilt’s metallic casing is just one feature that makes this hilt stand out from hundreds of others. 

Gungi : A Nano Biscotte 1.0 saber

A Wookie, another notable feature regarding the hilt is that Gungi constructed it with the intent of distinguishing his species and personality, guaranteeing a true, one-of-a-kind look. 

Add in wood from the Brylark tree and its curvy shape, and it’s easy to see why Gungi’s hilt is a coveted replica among Star Wars fans.

5. Count Dooku

A lightsaber hilt featuring a curved design, Count Dooku’s hilt is a hit with fans of both the Jedi Order and the Sith.

Why Dooku's Lightsaber Is The MOST DEADLY Lightsaber In ANY Star Wars Movie

While Darth Sidious’s hilt may contain a high level of elegance, Dooku’s hilt’s aesthetics scream flash and combat readiness.

Built with lightsaber combat in mind, the hilt suited Dooku’s methodical style. And, as shown in Revenge of the Sith, it allowed him to take on two opponents with ease.

Perhaps Dooku wins that duel, had Anakin Skywalker’s anger not given him the spark he needed to defeat the Sith Lord’s apprentice. 

6. Darksaber

The Darksaber’s black blade alone makes this one unique. However, its hilt also adds to its pleasing aesthetics.

Galaxy's Edge Dok-Ondar's Legacy Darksaber Lightsaber Star Wars, Black

Terre Vizsla first created the sword, sometime before 1023 BBY. It has become a fan favorite for its more traditional hilt. 

Its sound also carries a higher pitch. Other features that set it apart from typical lightsabers include the angular pommel, silt-shaped blade, and its handguard. It also contains ridges toward the top, while a plain, yet sleek finish makes up the lower half. 

While the Darksaber didn’t appear in the Skywalker Saga, it did appear in several episodes of The Clone Wars. 

7. Darth Nihilus

Created when Nihilus turned to the Dark Side, his single-crystal lightsaber held an elegant appeal. 

Nihilist (Darth Nihilus) Saber From Saberforge

While the hilt shows an expert level of craftsmanship, the design is simpler than that of Darth Sidious’. Its serpent-like curves makes this one stand out, giving it the look of a snake binding the hilt, which many fans say fits Darth Nihilus’ personality well. 

Unlike most Sith Lords, Nihilus did not have an aggressive fighting style. He often remained calm during confrontation and combat, further justifying its snake-like design.

The hilt design is also stockier, which also fits his one-handed fighting style. 

8. Satele Shan

Shan’s lightsaber hilt is a fan favorite among those who prefer the double-bladed swords. With a similar design to her robes, the double-bladed hilt blended right in with her. It also consists of abstract artistic grooves. 

Satele Shan install by Sabers Forever

Shan’s hilt was something more common during the days of the Old Republic, when hilts bore similar patterns to one’s clothing. However, given the longer blade, Shan’s hilt stands out more than most. 

While Darth Maul’s double-bladed hilt receives an honorable mention, Shan’s ability to further fit the hilt in as part of her overall uniform edges out the Sith Lord’s Apprentice from Episode I. 

9. Orgis Din

Din’s lightsaber hilt is a brilliant mixture of a classic and futuristic design template, and many refer to it as “the most beautiful lightsaber.” Its metal and wood hilt catches the eye more than anything, and its artistic engraving only augments its aesthetics. 

Orgus Din Petit Crouton 3.0 by Force Relics

Besides the variety of patterns engraved, the hilt also features different colors, which gives its beautiful design an eclectic flair. And like Shan’s hilt, it also blends in with his Jedi robes. 

10. Mace Windu

Most Star Wars fans know Mace Windu’s lightsaber because of its purple blade. However, its simplistic yet ornate hilt design also makes his lightsaber stand out among those in the Skywalker Saga. 

Why Mace Windu's Lightsaber Hilt Was The RAREST In All of Star Wars

Comprising silver and gold both down the hilt and at the pommel, this hilt’s classic design is timeless, wowing fans of all generations, in both canon and the Expanded Universe. Black ridges run further down the hilt, completing its eye-catching design. 

While the hilt’s a hit with fans, it contrasts well with the unique purple blade, since it’s still one of the most simple hilts in Star Wars. 


There are hundreds of unique lightsaber hilt designs, and choosing the top ten means leaving out fan favorites that belong to the saga’s most recognizable names.

However, the designs listed above all share something unique that makes them stand out among the others. 

Whether in canon or the Expanded Universe, these designs will continue to wow the next generation of Star Wars fans. 

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