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Can A Jedi Be A Bounty Hunter?

Can A Jedi Be A Bounty Hunter?

For those who don’t know, a Bounty Hunter is sort of like a freelance police officer. They search for fugitives and other wanted individuals, who are relatively difficult to find. Their jobs were to turn in the target dead or alive, depending on what the employer requested.

When the Bounty Hunters do find their mark, they hand them over to the respective authorities. Once that’s done, they collect a commission for or “bounty” on the criminal’s head.

Hence the name Bounty Hunter. The bounty is only collected upon successful capture of the mark or proof of their death.

In Star Wars the Bounty Hunters are essentially the same as ours. In light of this, who was responsible for filling the role of Bounty Hunter in Star Wars? Could a Jedi become a Bounty Hunter?

Keep reading as we delve into this topic.

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Can a Jedi be a Bounty Hunter?

Bounty Hunters are oftentimes lacking in a moral compass. They don’t really care about their marks. They mainly see them as a payday. Another addition to their portfolio if you will.

This is a broad generalization that makes sense given the perimeters of the job.

Even so, the absence of that basic sense of what is right and wrong and living comfortably in that gray area is not the way of the Jedi.

The Jedi are supposed to be of good moral standing; therefore, if they are to become Bounty Hunters they would not be able to make the tough decisions needed to get the job done.

how to become a Jedi in real life

That’s why the Jedi, understandably, never become Bounty Hunters themselves. Especially once they’re under the ruling of the Jedi Order.

However, if they are no longer in service as Jedi then they are free to do as they please. As a matter of fact, there was a Jedi who became a Bounty Hunter after she left the Jedi order.

This person was none other than Aurra Sing.

What is forbidden for a Jedi?

The Jedi Order is bound by rules known as the Jedi Code. This code prohibits the Jedi from doing many things that otherwise regular humans could do without worries.

First and foremost the Jedi are not to have any material possessions. This includes the ownership of property or any other type of real estate. Beyond that, they are not allowed to have riches, monetary or otherwise.

The accumulation of material things can become a breeding ground for greed, which, in turn, can muddy up the aura of the Jedi. This makes them more susceptible to negativity and the dark side.

In addition to that, the Jedi are not, under any circumstances, allowed to harbor emotions. Although they can start off innocently, emotions, more often than not, lead to attachments.

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Attachments are yet another forbidden feature the Jedi cannot tap into, and it’s clear to see why.

For instance, the emotion of love. Love is one of the most complicated, gut-wrenchingly painful, wonderful emotions a person can feel. Along with love comes other feelings that are inherently negative.

Feelings such as jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and even anger all are a part of building an attachment to and idolizing someone or something.

It’s often what happens when the subject of our affection fails to live up to our romanticized ideology of what they are to us. Once reality sets in and the illusive veil breaks, then it’s usually a downward slope of confusing, relatively unfavorable emotions.

Given that a Jedi is supposed to have a clear head and remain at peace at all times; then it is clear to see why attachments are forbidden.

By extension, love, hatred, and any emotions for that matter, are rigidly against the Jedi Code.

Can a Jedi serve anyone other than the Jedi Council or the Republic?

Yet another thing that the Jedi aren’t allowed to do is serve another entity apart from the Jedi High Council and, by extension, the Galactic Republic.

A Jedi must not be self-serving. Be that as it may, they cannot be subservient to another person. When they became a part of the Jedi Order they dedicated their lives to being loyal to the Galactic Republic and obedient to the Jedi Council.

Therefore there have never been any freelance Jedi or mercenaries. Furthermore, the Jedi are not allowed to fight for the good of their loved ones as they would not be fighting for the good of the Republic.

What’s more, they aren’t even supposed to have loved ones, to begin with.

Once a Force user becomes a Jedi they dedicate their lives to the Republic. Even if during their servitude the Republic was to crumble then they, along with anyone else in the Jedi Order at the time, would have the responsibility of rebuilding.

This ensures that the Galactic Republic never truly dies out and the cycle continues.

Can a Bounty Hunter kill a Jedi?

In the argument of whether or not a Bounty Hunter can successfully kill a Jedi, the general consensus is usually no.

The average Bounty Hunter is no more fit than a regular street fighter or a thug with menial training.

Considering that the Jedi are not only in tune with the Force but training rigorously from the Padawan stage, many Bounty Hunters don’t stand a chance.

about darksabers

Yet still, there are always exceptions to the rules. Just take Jango Fett and Boba Fett. Boba Fett and his master Jango Fett were such beasts in the field of Bounty Hunting that they killed multiple Jedi.

Especially during the Battle of Galidraan.

In addition to that, the Jedi are by no means indestructible. Therefore, unless the Jedi is a complete master like Obi-Wan Kenobi, then chances are, a Bounty Hunter who has above-average training can defeat them.

This works both ways. Not all Jedi can be as god-tier as Obi-Wan, but a Jedi with sufficient training can hold their own against a Bounty hunter.


Bounty Hunters are like additional scouts.

They help to find the most wanted people. Unfortunately, there are Bounty Hunters for both ends of the Force, whether it be the light side or the dark side.

Because of their lacking morality, a Jedi doesn’t usually decide to become a Bounty Hunter.

The values of a Bounty Hunter and the Jedi Code definitely don’t align. Hence, becoming a Bounty Hunter would directly violate the Jedi Code.

Hence unless the Jedi forfeits his position within the Jedi Order then they may not pursue the life of a Bounty Hunter.

The restrictions placed on the Jedi mentioned above, which is in no way definitive, have made it a bit easier to understand why no Jedi is simultaneously a Bounty Hunter.

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