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How Many Sith Inquisitors Were There?

How Many Sith Inquisitors Were There?

The Inquisitors were a notorious band of former Jedi trained to hunt down former members of the Order that still roamed the galaxy in secret. They pledged themselves to the dark side and trained under Darth Vader. So how many did Vader have at his command?

The initial number of Inquisitors sat between 10 and 12. However, as of 2022, it’s revealed that Darth Vader had at least 15 Inquisitors under him. Most of the Inquisitors were killed, but a few of them may continue to lurk in the galaxy. 

How Many Sith Inquisitors Were There?

The Inquisitors, also known as the Inquisitorious, were a group of former Jedi, all of whom survived Order 66 that later surrendered their allegiance to the Sith. 

Star Wars Rebels: Kanan vs The Inquisitor

While the Inquisitors were a special division, they were not members of the Imperial military. Despite this, they could still command forces within the Galactic Empire’s military

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There are conflicting accounts as to how many Inquisitors existed. Some sources, like Star Wars: Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, claimed twelve. 

However, Screen Rant produced a piece in November 2021 stating that only 10 appeared in Star Wars Canon, while this may be the case. 

Of those 10 Inquisitors, some, like the Grand Inquisitor, have gone unnamed. 

Next to the Grand Inquisitor, here are the other nine known Inquisitors in Canon:

  1. Second Sister
  2. Fifth Brother
  3. Sixth Brother
  4. Seventh Sister
  5. Eighth Brother
  6. Ninth Sister
  7. Tenth Brother
  8. A Male Twi’lek
  9. An Unnamed Female (Also known as the Red Inquisitor)

Given the Inquisitors’ generic names and the revelations unveiled in 2022, it’s likely the Twi’lek and the Unnamed Female could have been Eleventh/Twelfth Brother/Sister. With the Grand Inquisitor taking the First spot, given his status as second only to Darth Vader. 

How Many Inquisitors Did Vader Have?

Every Single Inquisitor That Served Vader (All Known 15+ Jedi Hunters) [2022 Updated] [CANON]

In March 2022, popular YouTube channel Star Force One stated the existence of at least 15 Inquisitors under Darth Vader in Star Wars Canon. 

This is interesting since the video was updated for 2022, implying that Star Wars Canon is not finished revealing new Inquisitors to us. 

So who were these other Inquisitors serving Vader besides the known Inquisitors in Canon listed above?

Jerserra’s Unnamed Master, who sought and trained Jerserra to become an Inquisitor, was one of them.

However, Jerserra became so entwined with the dark side she gained enough confidence to kill her master. Jerserra too became an Inquisitor, albeit secretly, and was often used as a mercenary. 

Third Sister, or Reva. Little is known about her, except she will participate in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Series. An Unidentified Tholothian is another Inquisitor was also seen in the Obi-Wan trailer. 

Little is also known about Fourth Sister, except that her weapon of choice is not a spinning Inquisitor lightsaber. The Rebel Alliance captured Fourth Sister and her fate remains unknown. 

Are There Any Inquisitors Left?

One common question regarding the Inquisitors is what happened to them and why weren’t they present in any Star Wars films? 

When Rogue One rolled around, the Inquisitors were finished as an organization, implying few, if any, were around 0 BBY during A New Hope. 

The Grand Inquisitor died in the season one finale of Star Wars Rebels. Following a confrontation with Kanan Jarrus. 

Star Wars Rebels | Kanan and Ezra vs The Grand Inquisitor Final Fight Scene | [720p HD]

Second Sister reverted back to the light side following a duel with Cal Kestis. She was about to reconcile with her former master, Cere Junda, before Darth Vader interfered and killed her. 

Maul killed the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister on Malachor. And after Kanan damaged Eighth Brother’s spinning lightsaber, he too died on Malachor. 

Sixth Brother was perhaps the most unpopular Inquisitor who met his end in a duel with Ahsoka Tano. Sixth Brother’s demise also explained how Tano acquired her white-bladed lightsabers when she purified Sixth Brother’s red crystals. 

It’s unclear whether Ninth Sister survived following her loss to Kestis on Kashyyyk. Luke Skywalker knew about Ninth Sister when he traveled the galaxy to salvage the Jedi Order, but it’s never been revealed whether she was still alive between 5 and 9 ABY. 

Tenth Brother’s Purge Troopers killed him in an Order 66-like fashion, in a twist of irony. And Darth Vader killed the Twi’lek Inquisitor and the Unnamed female when the duo built a romantic connection. 

Two Inquisitors That CELEBRATED Too EARLY Against Vader!! - Star Wars Comics Explained

The only Inquisitors who may still be alive are the Ninth Sister, Fourth Sister, Jerserra, and the Unidentified Tholothian. Kenobi’s Series may give us more insight into these characters’ fates. 

In an article published in August 2020, Screen Rant stated Kestis killed Nnth Sister when she fell from the tree in Kashyyyk. However, Screen Rant’s November 2021 article entitled Star Wars: All 10 Inquisitors in Canon Explained implied her fate remained unknown. 


Do Inquisitors Count Sith?

One common misconception regarding the Sith is the belief that only two can exist at any time given the Rule of Two. This Rule only states that two Sith Lords can exist, but they can have multiple apprentices. 

For example, Count Dooku trained three Sith apprentices: Asajj Ventress, Savage Opress, and Quinlan Vos. 

Darth Vader trained the Inquisitors in the dark side of the Force, which made them his Sith apprentices.

Star Wars Rebels - Darth Vader talks to The Inquisitor [1080p]

One way to tell whether a dark side user is Force-sensitive or not is to look at their name. Does the word Darth appear in front of it? If so, that individual is a Sith Lord. 

In the case of the Inquisitors, they are simply Sith, just like Ventress, Oppress, and Vos. Given the Rule of Two, none of the above could become Sith Lords. 


In Star Wars Canon, the Inquisitors remain an emerging topic. Although we know the fates of most, others may remain lurking in the galaxy. 

We also know that at least 15 of them served under Darth Vader and they embraced the Sith, even if they were not considered Sith Lords because of the Rule of Two

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s series will shed more light on the fate of some of these Inquisitors. 

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