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Can A Sith Use A Purple Lightsaber?

A Purple Lightsaber

Yes! In ancient times, purple was the second color acceptable for the Sith, and they hated it more than any other color. The color doesn’t prevent someone from picking up a lightsaber.

It can show some meaning for the one who made the lightsaber. Since red and blue make purple, I’ll cover their meanings before getting to the main part of the article.

Blue means that you use the Force on a more physical level, and is usually made by Jedi Knights. Along with green, this is the original hero color.

Purple is meant for the strong, brave, unhinged, has two different meanings for the Jedi and the Sith. If a Jedi uses a purple lightsaber, it’s seen as someone strong in the Dark Side but prefers the Light.

Just like Mace Windu. If a Sith uses a purple lightsaber, this shows that they used to be Jedi (and now have a target on their backs because of it). 

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Star Wars The Black Series 6" Mace Windu Figure

Darth Revan and Darth Traya are perfect examples of this. (The true reason purple lightsabers exist is thanks to Samuel L. Jackson).

Red is passion, rage, pain, blood, and everything negative. Most Sith and Dark Side users favor this hue and it is often the last thing people see.

Darth Vader, Maul, Count Dooku, and almost every Sith have used one. 

Can Sith Have Other Color Lightsabers?

They can, but it’s almost always red on principle. When Anakin Skywalker received the title of Darth Vader, he still used his blue lightsaber when he dueled Obi-Wan Kenobi, (his Jedi Master).

Darth Krayt used a green lightsaber and a red lightsaber since he preferred Jar’kai, (wielding two lightsabers at once). The green lightsaber originally belonged to his father.

Exar Kun never used a red lightsaber because he was bringing the Sith Order back to life (he was also the first one to wield a double-bladed lightsaber). His apprentice, Qel-Droma would also use a green lightsaber.

Palpatine used a light blue lightsaber after he was resurrected in the books. (This was before the sequel trilogy was made).

He didn’t use the lightsaber often as he believed that the Sith had outgrown lightsabers. He only held onto one so he could mock the Jedi.

Darth Revan used both a purple lightsaber and a green lightsaber. Though in his case, Revan mainly used one lightsaber at a time.

Why Darth Revan Used a PURPLE LIGHTSABER - Star Wars Explained

It’s unknown where he found the purple lightsaber. When he was a Sith, he mainly used red, and when he was a Jedi, he used green.

He used the purple when he had to fight with both hands. Sadly, both his red and purple lightsabers would be destroyed by Darth Malek. 

Darth Traya used three purple lightsabers at the same time (using the Force). Each could move independently, so instead of fighting one, it felt like you were fighting three people.

Can A Sith Use A Purple Lightsaber?

Yes. Color means nothing when you’re in a battle. We see this more in Knights of the Old Republic games, but it’s not uncommon to pick up a lightsaber and fight.

General Grievous did this more than anyone (even though he’s not a Sith. He stole more lightsabers than previous Sith).

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series General Grievous Action Figure

Obi-Wan Kenobi took Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber when he lost his duel against Darth Maul. If a Jedi can use a purple lightsaber then so can a Sith.

Who Can Have A Purple Lightsaber?

Anyone. Right now, there are three ways to get a purple lightsaber. Make one with a purple kyber crystal, make one with a clear kyber crystal and install your essence, which might turn it purple, (depends on your personality), or steal a lightsaber with a purple blade.

The color shows a kind of harmony and acceptance between the Dark and the Light. Though purple is amongst the rarest colors in canon, having one doesn’t mean you’re evil.

Star Wars Novel CONFIRMS Meaning of Purple Lightsabers [CANON]

Mace Windu did some crazy things, but he was a Jedi to his core. Revan and Traya would switch sides (though he was brainwashed into turning into the Light side).

Simply owning a lightsaber doesn’t make one a Jedi or Sith. Moff Gideon wasn’t a Sith (we don’t see him use any Force abilities so far), and he owned the Darksaber.

Other Points Of Interest

The only reason purple lightsabers exist in canon, is because Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas if he could have one. Purple is his favorite color and this way, you can track him easily in the fighting.

How Samuel Jackson Got his Purple Lightsaber

We almost had two purple lightsabers show up in the sequels! One would have been used by a Knight of Ren, and the other would have belonged to Leia. 

Sith That Didn't Use Red Lightsabers
The ORIGINAL Purple Lightsaber That Was Supposed to Be In Star Wars Episode 9

(It would have also been the one Rey used to kill Palpatine). Knowing what I know now, with its connection to Mace Windu and how Sith hates purple.

That would have been hilarious and awesome to see. Would we have gotten purple lightsabers without Mr. Jackson?

Yes, I believe we would (especially with all the colors available in the Knights of the Old Republic games). 

Would Mace Windu still be an awesome fighter with a different lightsaber? Absolutely! But it’s the behind the scenes that bring Star Wars to life.

In Conclusion

Anyone can wield a purple lightsaber. It just depends on luck and preference. Hopefully, we’ll see more purple lightsabers in the future.

Thank you for reading, and remember, The Force will always be with you.

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