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Can Darth Vader Breathe In Space/Underwater?

Can Darth Vader Breathe In Space/Underwater?

Darth Vader is known to be strong with the Force. The Force is probably his most powerful asset. It even allows him to survive in environments where others can not.

Can Darth Vader breathe in space and underwater? Yes, Vader can breathe in both situations because of the Force and his armored suit. 

Can Darth Vader Breathe in Space?

According to an EarthSky article, Darth Vader can venture into space for brief periods of time. His suit allows him to breathe in space,and he actually demonstrates this ability multiple times. 

Star Wars: Rogue One provides a great example. After Vader defeats Rebel forces single-handedly with his red lightsaber, some of them make their escape in a spaceship. 

Vader looks on menacingly at them from a docking station that is open to space.

Vader does not rush back into the captured Rebel flagship, Profundity. He just stands there with a fluttering cape, not worried at all. He seems to be confident in his ability to breathe. 

In the book Lords of the Sith, Vader also breathes in space. He jumps in space from his Tie fighter to another spaceship. While he is in space, Vader is breathing without oxygen.

The comic book Star Wars #17 shows Vader flying in a Tie fighter with a broken cockpit. Vader flies after Luke Skywalker even though Vader is exposed to the vacuum of space.

Vader can pull this off by using the Force. Force users can use the Force to preserve trace amounts of air in their lungs. Using the Force in this way allows Vader to breathe in space.

The suit provides protection in a way an Earth-made space suit would.

Vader’s suit provides an airtight life-support system that circulates into his helmet. The suit can provide air when in space, at least for a time.

Star Wars: Inside Darth Vader!

So, it is the combination of the Force and his suit that allows Vader to breathe in space. Other Jedi and Sith could only utilize the Force.

Can Jedi and Sith Breathe In Space? 

In the vacuum of space, most people would not survive, even in the Star Wars galaxy. However, as with Vader, the power of the Force could help the Jedi and Sith survive for a short time.

Princess Leia provides one of the best examples. In Star Wars Episode 8: That Last Jedi, Leia was able to float through space after Kylo Ren destroyed most of the Resistance flagship that she was aboard.

Leia Organa flies in space

As Leia moves through space, she is able to breathe, or at least survive, during her flight before reuniting with her Resistance fighters.

Leia used the Force to both move and breathe in space for a short duration. She is completely worn out afterwards. 

Other Force Users most likely have similar abilities. 

Can Darth Vader Breathe Underwater?

One may think that Darth Vader’s armored suit would protect him in underwater conditions. After all, the suit does protect him from harmful environments and biological weapons

However, the suit is quite heavy. The armor is made up of ten layers, each divided into three primary layers. 

While this layering does provide protection, it also weighs Vader down and makes it difficult to move and in some cases, it leaves him vulnerable. 

Water could possibly seep through his suit and prevent his life-support system from working properly. Yet, in the end, Vader can indeed breathe underwater.

According to the Darth Vader comic series #15, Vader can breathe underwater. 

Darth Vader SURVIVES Mon Cala and HUNTS the Jedi (CANON) - Star Wars Comics Explained

He demonstrates this ability when he visits the planet Mon Cala. Vader is involved in battle with aquatic people who pull him deep under water.

Vader is in a desperate situation. As he gets sucked below the surface, Vader learns that his armored suit does not protect him from the pressure of being under water. 

Fortunately for him, Vader uses the Force to create a low pressure bubble that allows him to survive.

As with breathing in space, it is the power that Force users hold that allows breathing underwater. 

Can Darth Vader Breathe Without His Mask? 

The Obi-Wan Kenobi season ending episode provides a definite answer to this question. Yes, Darth Vader can breathe without his mask. 

With the strength of the Jedi behind him, Kenobi manages to outduel Vader. Kenobi slashes Vader’s mask and it is wide open on Vader’s left side. 

Yet, Vader continues to breathe, survive, and stare down Kenobi.

Vader can breathe without his mask because the power of the Dark Side of the Force keeps him alive without it. The Force does sustain him, but only for a short time.

Darth Vader is dependent on his suit for his life-support system. However, he can survive for a while without it using the Force.

The Dark Vader comic series demonstrates how Vader can use the Dark Side of the Force to survive. In fact, the more angry he becomes, the longer Vader can live without his suit. 

How Long can Darth Vader SURVIVE WITHOUT His Suit? - Star Wars Explained

Depending on what Vader is confronting, it seems like he could breathe for hours without his mask.

Darth Vader Can Breathe In Space and Underwater

Whether in space or underwater, Darth Vader can breathe. It is a difficult task for him, but he does manage to do it because of his suit and the Force.

Force users seem to be able to overcome the lack of oxygen in both scenarios for short periods of time.