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Can Jedi Lose The Force?

Can Jedi Lose The Force?

The Force was an energetic field that has been created by all living organisms in the galaxy. 

The Force is the thing that flows through all living things, bonds them together, allows them to be more in tune with the universe at large. 

Given that the Force was created by life, then it’s safe to say that the Force resides within all living things. 

Even though the Force is everywhere and in everything, its concentration in living beings can still be measured. This measurement is in terms of the midi-chlorian levels each individual has.

The standard midi-chlorian level for regular humans is 2500; however, some have levels that far surpass this. 

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Individuals born with higher than normal midi-chlorian levels are known to be Force-sensitive

Force-sensitive beings have a higher acclimation to the Force. Therefore they can tap into a side of the Force that others usually wouldn’t have access to. 

Once trained in using the Force properly, they become some of the most powerful people in the Star Wars universe. They become Force users. 

This is exactly how the Jedi and Sith are created. They are Force-sensitives who train in either the light or dark side of the Force. 

With this in mind, is it possible for the Jedi to lose their connection to the Force? 

This question and more will be answered as we dive into this article. 

Can a Jedi lose his connection to the Force?

Jedi lose their connection to the Force

To be as connected to the light side of the Force as possible, the Jedi have a strict set of rules that they must adhere to. These rules are known as the Jedi Code

From the time they enter the Jedi Order as Padawans, they begin training in the Jedi Code. 

Padawans are children who are found to be Force-sensitive and are taken by the Jedi to train in the way of the Jedi. 

The Jedi Code prohibits the Jedi from partaking in many otherwise normal activities. Activities such as forming attachments. 

It is believed that these attachments are just a breeding ground for emotions that are also not allowed. 

Regardless of the good intentions they begin with, emotions can lead to much darker, more negative emotions. From there, it’s a slippery slope to the dark side of the Force. 

Regardless of the side of the Force, they reside on, tapping into that potential is draining. For that reason, it is theoretically possible for a Jedi to lose their connection to the Force. 

Moreover, the Jedi can amazingly mask their connection to the Force using a skill named Sever Force

Why could a Jedi lose his connection to the Force?

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Using the full potential of the Force is incredibly taxing on the user’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Just like martial arts, Karate, sports in general, or anything else that requires high concentration levels in our reality, the Force is very demanding. 

To use many of the Force techniques that they need to successfully defeat their enemy the Jedi must be trained. 

Furthermore, they must attain a certain level of skill within the Force itself to tap into many of these skills. 

Once at that level then they have to be cautious when executing these techniques. 

The ability for a Jedi to use their Force’s potential can be greatly diminished. This is largely a result of the bodily damage that occurs during war. 

In addition to that, over time, the mental stability of a Jedi can depreciate with age or perhaps other extenuating circumstances. 

Can Jedi use the Force on themselves? 

Every Use Of The Force. Ever.

As the peacekeeping guardians of the galaxy, the Jedi use the power of the Force to protect all inhabitants of the Galactic Republic

So much so that they have sworn to hurt another living being. This is per the Jedi Code, which states, “Jedi use the powers to defend and protect, never to attack others.” 

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never to attack... LOL

Of course, the Jedi can defend themselves if a life or death situation occurs. Just as it did in Order 66

Order 66 was when the Galactic Republic’s Clone Troopers were tampered with, causing them to see the Jedi as the enemy. 

The heartbreaking events that followed were the Jedi Temple being stormed by Lord of the dark side, Darth Vader and his team. 

This led to the eradication of the vast majority of the Jedi Order. Decreasing the number from a whopping 10,000 to a mere 100 Jedi. 

This means that only an astonishing one percent of Jedi remained after Order 66. The mass execution of the Jedi led to Order 66 being accurately referred to as the Great Jedi Purge. 

The Jedi were well within their rights to defend themselves during what had to be the most intense battle of their lives. 

All the same, hurting another living being, even if it is in self-defense, would have repercussions for the Jedi. Therefore this has to be a risk they’re willing to take. 

It’s clear to say that the Jedi have used the Force on and at the aid of other individuals. Nevertheless, it has never actually been seen that they have used it on themselves. 

In theory, they can use the Force to lift objects and move them around. What’s more, they can even use the Force to lift themselves if need be. 

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But the Jedi generally did not opt to use the Force on themselves. They are more likely to use the Force to help another person in need. 


The Force was arguably one of the most important things in the Star Wars universe. Not only was it birthed by all living organisms, but it’s the entity that keeps them connected all across the galaxy. 

Certainly, some individuals have a higher acclimation to the Force than others. 

These individuals are referred to as being Force-sensitive, and then become Jedi, Sith, or other nonspecific Force users. 

Just because they’re Force Sensitive, that doesn’t mean that they would always be. A Force user, such as a Jedi, can lose their sensitivity to the Force in various ways. 

It could be because of their physical and mental health deterioration or they use Sever Force to suppress their Force-sensitivity. 

Whatever the reason, it goes without saying that the Force-sensitives can lose their connection to the Force as quickly as they gained it. 

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