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Did Ahsoka Tano Ever Become A Jedi Knight?

Did Ahsoka Tano Ever Become A Jedi Knight?

In terms of someone granting her the title: no. But, she’s more than proved herself to be equal and superior to many Jedi Knights.

And in an unexpected (and sadly not seen on screen), the Bendu from Star Wars: Rebels calls her a former Jedi Knight. This scene would have occurred right before Ahsoka Tano went to her fated duel with Darth Vader, (she was struggling with doubt over if he was Anakin Skywalker or not).

Dave Filoni had sent out tweets of the dialogue and artwork on this scene. (Which all but screams canon, and I’m not going to argue with the big guy in the middle)!

Would Ahsoka Have Become A Jedi Master?

Ahsoka would have become a Jedi Knight

If she had stayed with the Jedi Order and either taken on, and trained Padawans (apprentices), till they reached the Knight level, or continued to distinguish herself throughout the war, then yes, Ahsoka would have one day become a Master, (also if she survived Order 66).

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Ahsoka has the potential to be one of the best. But several questions with little or no answers remain. We see her in The Mandalorian, (2019) and hear her voice in episode nine.

But where is she during that battle? Will we get any answers during her first live-action show? I can’t wait to find out!

How Close Was Ahsoka To Becoming A Jedi Knight?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Ahsoka Tano Leaves The Jedi Order [1080p]

Very close. But not for the right reasons. After Ahsoka was cleared of bombing the Temple and killing a Jedi and several clones, (thanks Barriss Offee), Ahsoka was invited back to the Order.

But she refused. Much to Anakin’s dismay, Ahsoka had lost faith in the Jedi. If Anakin Skywalker hadn’t tracked down Barriss Offee and made her confess in front of a military tribunal, (Ashoka had been stripped of her rank and given to the Republic to stand trial), then she would have been executed.

No apology, (which they didn’t do), would have made up for it if she had died. Instead, the Jedi Council acted like her ordeal was very much like a Padawan trial, (test to see if she was ready to become a Knight), and offered it to her.

This caused Ahsoka to refuse and leave. Anakin tried to stop her, but he couldn’t ignore or deny the truth in her words. 

The Council didn’t believe they were wrong. They convicted her on very little evidence and had seen fit to abandon her to certain death.

This would later come back to haunt them, as Ahsoka’s absence made her Master, Anakin Skywalker much more vulnerable to the Dark side and Palpatine.

What If Ahsoka Became A Jedi Knight?

what if Ahsoka becomes a Jedi Knight

Ahsoka would have been given solo missions, and Anakin Skywalker would have been promoted to Jedi Master because of it. Given the length of the clone wars, it’s doubtful that Ashoka would have been assigned a Padawan.

But she would have continued her training under Anakin Skywalker, and remained a steady presence for him to lean on. However, this path would have either resulted in her death, (either Order 66 or by Darth Vader).

There’s still a slight chance that Ahsoka might have been able to keep her master on the Light side. But given how Palpatine is and the fact that he alone could issue Order 66, it would be way too easy for the emperor to force Anakin to join him.

Why Did Ahsoka Stop Being A Jedi?

Ahsoka Tano - "I Am No Jedi"

In some ways she never did. She left the order and stated multiple times that she wasn’t a Jedi. But those who knew her would say she still acts like one.

Ahsoka left the Jedi to learn what her true path is, even though she acts with more aggression in Rebels. She’s clearly not a Sith.

During the early stages of Ahsoka’s life outside the order, she meets many people, (both in canon and legends), that help shape her new outlook on life. To Ahsoka, the Jedi are not evil.

Just misguided and stuck in their ways to see it. Yoda would be happy to see her just before the siege of Mandalore, (and the tie-in to Revenge of the Sith).

Mace Windu makes it clear that Ahsoka wasn’t a Jedi and so wouldn’t be given all of the information that the Jedi had. (Which is a shame because if they had been more open with each other, they would have realized that the Sith lord they were looking for is Palpatine).

Ahsoka had been raised to believe that the Jedi protected and cared about the people. Yet she saw that many people didn’t see it that way.

Dave Filoni Explains Martez Sisters Importance for Ahsoka Tano - The Clone Wars Season 7

The most notable examples among these are the Martez sisters. After Ahsoka crashes into a ramp and needs a place to stay. 

She decides to help out as a mechanic and eventually forms a bond with them. Rafa, (the older sister) would eventually tell Ahsoka how their parents died due to a choice made by a Jedi.

This was when the bounty hunter, Cad Bane, freed Ziro the Hutt. He shot an engine of a transport ship, and an unknown female green-skinned Jedi chose to send the ship away from the population and into the portal wall.

Unfortunately, this was where the Mendaz family lived and the parents were crushed. Sometime later, the Jedi came to inspect the damage and approached the sisters.

She told them that she had to make a choice, but they mustn’t worry as the Force would be with them. Seeing the Jedi walk away left them feeling bitter ever since.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 7 What The Jedi Said To Rafa After Her Parents Deaths

Even though Ahsoka knew that this was the Jedi code, she still couldn’t believe anyone would do that. This would only be the first of many, (most happen in legends), eye-opening experiences for the former Padawan.

Is Ahsoka A Gray Jedi?

Darth Vader Vs Ahsoka - Full Duel (Twilight Of The Apprentice + A World Between Worlds)

According to Disney, there’s no such thing as a Gray Jedi. But Ahsoka, (along with several other characters), can easily be classified as such.

During her duel with Darth Vader, (right before she finds out the truth), Ahsoka says that she will avenge her master’s death and that she isn’t a Jedi. And we can see that she isn’t.

Ahsoka doesn’t have the Sith yellow eyes or use any Sith techniques in the duel. She’s angry and hurt by the truth.

But she doesn’t give in and keeps up with Vader’s attacks very well. After Erza Bridger helps her escape from Darth Vader, by pulling her into the World between Worlds, she tells him that she knows she isn’t enough to pull her former master back to the Light. 

This more than anything proves she isn’t a Sith. Two more characters that prove Gray Jedi exist are the Father, (a god-like being who kept the balance between the Son and the Daughter, who are personifications of the Dark Side and the Light).

And Bendu, (an entity that is strong with the Force), would proudly proclaim that he is in the middle. Another definition of Gray Jedi is a Jedi or any Force user who clashes with the council.

Many Force users who were deemed too old for Jedi training also fit this description. 

Other Points Of Interest

Grogu could be also a Gray Jedi

One can argue that Anakin Skywalker, (when he defeats Palpatine), Luke Skywalker, and Rey are also Gray Jedi. Qui-Gon Jinn was a Gray Jedi because he followed the Force and clashed with the council often.

The child known as Grogu could also fit this description since he uses Sith abilities. (I know he’s a baby but he still Force choked Cara Dune, and might have killed her.)

In Conclusion

Though we may never be able to officially call her a Gray Jedi, Ahsoka Tano will remain as one of the best things to happen in Star Wars.

Considering how strongly Star Wars has always been about good and evil. It’s refreshing to see them take a realistic approach to heavy themes.

The good guys don’t always know what’s right, and the bad guys might have a good reason for what they do. Communication is key no matter what galaxy you’re in. Thank you for reading.

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