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Can Jedi Use Force Choke?

Can Jedi Use Force Choke?

The Force is one of the most important elements in the Star Wars galaxy.

It abides within all living beings and serves as a binding agent for them. Some individuals have a stronger inclination to the Force than others. They are known as being Force-sensitive.

These Force-sensitives were determined by their midi-chlorian levels. From there, they can choose whether they want to be a light side or dark side Force user.

Most times, this means becoming either a Jedi for the light side or a Sith for the dark side.

Each side has a set of techniques that they are taught and can use to aid them during battle. The Jedi mainly have Force Powers such as using Jedi Mind Tricks and Animal Bond

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The Sith, on the other hand, use techniques such as Force Choke.

This separation of techniques does not mean that either side can’t adapt to learn the skills of the other. This begs the question, can Jedi use Force Choke?

Well, the answer isn’t as black and white as it may seem.

Let me explain. 

Can Jedi use Force Choke? 

Force Choke is a Force Power that is native to the dark side of the Force.

Mainly used by the Sith and other Galactic Empire Force users, Force choke requires a surplus of negative emotions. This power is completely fueled by all the hatred, fear, and rage the user can muster.

From there, Force Choke allows the user to grip the throats of their victims from a distance.

Dart Vader uses force choke with Admiral Motti

Depending on the level of anger taking over the Force user, they can use the strength of the Force Choke to lift their victim off of the ground.

The more the aggressor squeezes their hand the tighter the Force constricts around the victim’s throat. It can get so bad that the person on the receiving end of the Force choke can have their trachea broken and may ultimately die.

This useful but deadly skill isn’t limited to just the Sith. In theory, any Force user, once trained in the craft, can use Force Choke. Even a Jedi. 

Consequently, there are multiple Jedi who used Force choke in the heat of battle, such as Ahsoka Tano and Kalifa.

Of course, we can’t forget the legend himself, Anakin Skywalker, as well as his son, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

Are Jedi Allowed to Use Force Choke?

As we can see, the Jedi are allowed to use Force Choke if they so desire.

But just because they can, that does not mean they will.

Generally, a Jedi would not opt to use Force Choke because the entire premise is against the Jedi Code.

First and foremost, the whole concept of Force Choke is to cause harm to another living being. This is strictly prohibited for a Jedi, as one of their major rules is to respect all life and never cause harm to befall any.

What’s more, to even use Force Choke, the Jedi would have to feel all the negative emotions they have spent their lives actively trying to avoid.

Once they do that, there’s no telling if they would be able to pull themselves back from the darkness they let enter their minds.

Unless the Jedi is extremely grounded in the teachings of the light side and the Jedi way, it’s a slippery slope. A slope that leads nowhere good.

A sloop that leads to the dark side of the Force.

Even though some Jedi have used Force Choke it was usually because extenuating circumstances came into play.

Grogu Baby Yoda uses Force Choke on Storm Troopers after being taken away from The Mandalorian

Why Did Luke Use Force Choke?

Luke Skywalker is one of the few Jedi who used Force Choke but was still able to maintain his standing on the light side.

Luke was put into a situation where he had no other choice. In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Luke broke into Jabba the Hutt’s Palace to save his friends.

Once there he was greeted by guards who undoubtedly were opposing what Luke was trying to do. There, fuelled by adrenaline, passion for rescuing his friends, and the fear of losing them, Luke Force Choked the palace guards.

Essentially, Luke was able to take a plunge into the dark side momentarily but was still able to regain his footing on the light side of the Force when all was said and done. 

Why Can’t Sith Force Choke Jedi in Battle?

With the convenience of Force Choke, it should be incredibly useful for the Sith to use it against the Jedi.

On paper, this makes sense because it would give the Sith the upper hand and allow them to do severe damage without even touching the Jedi. However, this plan is inherently flawed.

Just like most Force Powers, Force Choke requires a large amount of energy. Particularly negative energy, which, in all honesty, should not be too difficult for the Sith.

The problem arises in the fact that Jedi are also trained Force-sensitives.

This strong inclination to the Force means they would be able to sense that someone is attempting to use a technique on them and adjust to suit.

Furthermore, to break through the barrier of the Jedi’s Force would potentially require most, if not all, of the Sith’s energy reserves. Even with all the extra effort, there’s still no guarantee that it would be successful.

Add to that the already depleted physical, emotional, and mental state of the Sith because of the war at hand, and trying to use Force Choke on a Jedi is counterproductive.

It may even be detrimental. 

Watch the video below for more information

Why Can't Sith Force Choke Jedi In Battle? Star Wars Explained


Force Choke is an interesting ability native to the dark side of the Force. It allowed for the users to inflict incredible harm without even having to be close to their victim.

Although it is a dark side technique, any Force-sensitive can make use of it once trained.

Force Choke requires so much negativity and bleak emotions to execute that many Jedi, and by extension other light side Force users, shy away from adding it to their repertoire.

It is speculated in the Star Wars communities that Luke Skywalker had darkness inside of him from his father Anakin Skywalker. This may be why he was able to use Force choke so easily. 

Regardless of the reason, he had such good control over his mind and emotions that he was able to stop himself from being consumed by that darkness.

Hence he never fell prey to the dark side. 

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