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Why Can’t Sith Force Choke Jedi?

Why Can’t Sith Force Choke Jedi?

Every living being in Star Wars is special in its own way. Whether it be through strength, intelligence, or simply being kind. 

Of course, just like in our reality, some have a slight edge over others. In the case of Star Wars, these blessed beings are the Force-sensitives

Force-sensitive individuals have an advantage because they can do things regular humans, or other species, can’t even dream of doing. 

For instance, the Jedi have the incredible ability to communicate with animals, tame and use them. This is known as Animal Bond

Moreover, they can use a similar ability to infiltrate the minds of other humans. Known as the Jedi mind trick, they can get any weak-minded person to do as they wish. 

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It seems as though the Jedi get all the special abilities of the Force users, but don’t worry, the dark side has its unique skills too. Dark side Force users, namely the Sith, can use a talent known as Force choke. 

So what is Force choking? Can it be used on other Force-users? Can a Sith Force choke a Jedi? 

Fret not, these questions and more would be answered in this article. 

Can a Jedi be Force choked?

Force choke, sometimes referred to as Force grip, uses the Force power of the dark side. It involves the user manipulating the Force to strangle their victim from a distance. 

This worked because Force choked banked on the telekinetic abilities of the user. The Sith, or any other dark side Force users for that matter, are the main users of this skill. 

They would carry out the motions as though they were choking someone when in actuality they aren’t in direct contact with the person. 

Instead, they instruct the Force to carry out the act. 

Like most skills that use the Force, Force choke needs certain criteria to work. Usually, it works flawlessly on individuals with no affiliation to the Force. 

Even so, it is theoretically possible for Force choke to work on a Force user, such as the Jedi. However, it would be far more difficult to pull off. 

How Jedi Defended Against Force Choke

Can Jedi use Force choke?

A Jedi can use Force choke. Any Force user can utilize this skill for that matter. 

Despite using it, the Jedi would not opt to use this ability. 

First and foremost, Force choke is fuelled by pain, hatred, and pure unadulterated rage. Therefore it requires the user to embrace the dark side of the Force. 

As per the Jedi Code, these emotions are strictly prohibited. 

The Jedi train for their entire lives to reject these emotions and lead a peaceful life with a clear mind, on the light side of the Force. 

Therefore, using Force choke would mean abandoning everything they’ve been taught and accepting everything they have actively rejected. 

Additionally, Force choking knowingly inflicts harm onto another living thing. Which is another thing the Jedi swore never to do unless extenuating circumstances came into play. 

The only Jedi who has been known to use Force choke is Anakin Skywalker. Granted, he had already begun rejecting the light side and welcoming the dark side. 

Still, this act was rare and generally unheard of for a Jedi. 

Why can’t Sith Force choke a Jedi?  

Like any other Force-based ability, Force choke requires a large amount of dark energy to pull off. So much so that the user’s energy reserves are ultimately depleted after the maneuver. 

In addition to that, most of these techniques work much better with weak-minded individuals. Especially those that have to do with the mind, such as the Jedi mind trick and telekinesis. 

Jedi are also talented individuals with their feet planted firmly in the light side of the Force. Additionally, the Jedi have unbelievable control over their minds.

For that reason, they would be able to use their Force to sense that the Sith were trying to strangle them with Force choke. From there, they would be able to adjust their defense to suit and neutralize the threat. 

If the Sith can still break through the Jedi’s defenses and get a metaphorical grip on their neck. Then it would still require a massive amount of strength in the Force to cause harm. 

So much strength that the Sith themselves would be quickly found without energy before they could complete the mission. 

The Jedi would still be left alive with their trachea uncrushed, but both parties would be wounded. Ergo, it’s not worth the extra hassle. 

Why Can't Sith Force Choke Jedi In Battle? Star Wars Explained

Who has the strongest Force choke?

Of course, the strongest Force choke user is the person who has never been shy to use it. Even as a Jedi! 

None other than Sith Lord, Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader. 

All Darth Vader Choke Scenes (1080p)

The first instance of Anakin using Force choke was while he was still partial to the light side of the Force. 

He, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano, was captured by Queen Miraj Scintel

Filled to the brim with anger, Anakin held the queen in Force choke and questioned her until she gave up the location of his comrades. 

The queen could only save her own life by threatening Obi-Wan and Ahsoka. 

From that point onwards, Anakin’s Force choke ability grew in strength as his rage and hatred grew. 

In the end, not only did he become the most powerful lord the dark side has ever seen, but he also became the most powerful Force choker. 

Sith Lord


Force-sensitive beings are the ones who have the power to do pretty much whatever they want in the galaxy. Each side of the Force has its own set of skills and techniques to inhibit the opposing side. 

For the dark side’s Force-sensitives, the main maneuver would be Force choke. Granted this ability is open to everyone who learns it, such as the Jedi. 

Still, it’s only used by dark side force users because of the sheer amount of rage that must be channeled to Force choke.

Certainly, this ability has limitations, the same as the others. The major one being the utter difficulty involved in a Sith trying to Force choke a Jedi. 

So much so that trying this would be far more dangerous than the outcome is worth. It’s better to  stick to the lightsaber wars.

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