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Can Non-Jedi Become Force Ghosts?

Can Non-Jedi Become Force Ghosts?

Have you ever wondered what is left for us after death? Where do we go?

Do we just aimlessly wander around in nothingness for eternity? Or do we perhaps get to linger around here on earth with our families? 

Unfortunately, we don’t know what fate waits for us. This is where the Jedi best us. 

You see, Jedi are more than just mere humans. They have incredible control over their minds, bodies, and apparently souls. When the Jedi die, they don’t simply vanish or become forgotten. 

Based on how they die, the Jedi have the ability to live on as supernatural beings known as Force Ghosts.

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Now, the privilege of becoming a Force Ghost was not just handed out left, right, and center to any and every Jedi. 

It was only handed out to the noblest and worthy of the Jedi. But what exactly does it take to become a Force Ghost?

Keep reading as we do a deep dive into the answer.

Do You Have to Be a Jedi to Become a Force Ghost?

Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi - Final End

Becoming a Force Ghost is actually a very special thing in the Star Wars universe. Not only did it allow for the deceased characters to keep on living through the franchise. 

Beyond that, Force Ghosts allow food Star Wars fans to keep on seeing their favorite characters a bit longer.

As amazing as this is, can anyone be a Force Ghost?

Well, this is a slightly loaded question. In the original Canon, it appeared as though anyone could become a Force Ghost. However, as time moved by and Star Wars got acquired by Disney, this got changed.

Now it appears as though only Jedi can become Force Ghosts. 

Why Do Only Jedi Become Force Ghosts?

How do Jedi Become FORCE GHOST and WHY?

When given some thought, it makes sense that only Jedi can become Force Ghosts. In order to become a Force Ghost, one must die in a selfless way. 

Jedi are extremely Force-sensitive beings on the light side of the Force. Once they have passed on in a selfless manner, their soul then becomes one with the Force, and they become Force Ghosts. 

As a Force Ghost, the deceased Jedi are able to interact with the living. Since a major part of becoming a Force Ghost requires becoming one with the Force, it makes sense that only Force-sensitive beings can achieve this feat. 

Moreover, becoming a Force Ghost is completely dependent on how selfless the dearly departed is. This individual has to be well-grounded in the light side of the Force. 

Can Sith Become Force Ghosts?

Can Sith Become Force Ghosts (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

The way a Jedi can become a Force Ghost is through heightening their understanding of the light side of the Force. This paves the way for them to become one with the Force and use that to their advantage. 

Sith, on the other hand, are in no way, shape, or form, even remotely on the light side of the Force. Due to this conundrum, it’s safe to assume that the Sith are not able to become Force Ghosts themselves. 

This did not deter them from trying to figure out a way to carry on life after death using the dark forces within them. Thus, the Sith and others on the dark side developed the ability to put their essence into inanimate objects for survival.

Can Anyone Be a Force Ghost?

only Jedi can become Force Ghosts

To become a Force Ghost, there are specific requirements. 

Firstly, the being must be Force-sensitive. This is because the main factor of attaining Force Ghost status is becoming one with the Force. 

Then there is the whole thing about individuals having to die in a selfless manner. Whoever the individual is must be able to strongly connect to the light side of the Force. 

Ergo, not just anyone can be a Force Ghost. They must be highly sensitive to the light side of the Force. 

How Many Force Ghosts Are There?

Despite the specificity of becoming a Force Ghost and how exclusive obtaining this position is, quite a few have done it. 

As a matter of fact, in The Rise of Skywalker, there are twelve Force Ghosts. Most notably amongst them are none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi merged with the Force and achieved his ghosthood in A New Hope. Of course, this amazing character deserved more screen time, and the Star Wars fandom could not be happier. 

How Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost Spoke to Darth Vader After A New Hope! (Legends)

In the case of Yoda, he made his appearance as a Force Ghost in The Last Jedi.

Here he used his new skill to educate Luke, for the umpteenth time, on what it means to be a Jedi. In addition, he explained once more the ways of the Force. 

Then, needing no introduction, there is the Force Ghost version of Luke Skywalker. He made his ghostly debut is seen when he appears to Rey after her exile. 

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker - Force Ghost Luke Skywalker Scene | Ultra HD

Can Force Ghosts Die?

how Force Ghosts die

In A New Hope, it seems as though Force Ghosts can actually die. 

This is especially clear, evident when Obi-Wan Kenobi passes on after claiming that his time is over. Whilst Force Ghosts are able to exist freely and essentially roam wherever they want, it seems like they have a job to do.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was ready to pass on because he no longer had any advice to give. Eventually, he no longer had anything left for him to do in the physical realm of the Star Wars universe. 

Therefore, once a Force Ghost have completed the tasks of guiding the living, they are free to theoretically die. In that, they essentially just stop giving advice and appearing to their living counterparts. 


The ability to come back from the dead and help your loved ones navigate through life is extraordinarily appealing. Sadly for us, we don’t have that ability. 

On the bright side, Star Wars fans everywhere can live vicariously through Force Ghosts.

Their nobility and the self-sacrificing way they have passed make it all the more impressive. 

Similar to the beliefs of the Vikings, where if they die in a courageous way, they would be greatly rewarded. The only difference is that the Vikings believed they would live with Odin in Vhalla whereas the Jedi died unselfishly to become one with the force. 

From there, they are able to roam freely amongst the living they sacrificed themselves for. 

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