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Can Yoda Beat Naruto?

Can Yoda Beat Naruto?

Yoda and Naruto are two of the most powerful characters in their respective franchises. So if the two met in a duel, would one overpower the other or would things end in a draw? 

Here is a rundown of Yoda’s and Naruto’s most powerful abilities and whether one would overpower the other. 

Yoda was the Jedi Grand Master who, despite his old age, defeated nearly everyone he faced in lightsaber combat. Naruto didn’t have natural talent as a ninja, but his work ethic allowed him to become a Seventh Hokage. 

Both characters have their strengths and if they went head-to-head in combat, it would be a duel for the ages. 

About Yoda

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Yoda was arguably the most powerful light side Force-sensitive in the galaxy during the Prequel Trilogy. 

Despite his small size and old age, Yoda was still lethal with a lightsaber, as shown during his duels with Count Dooku and Darth Sidious in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. 

Yoda also showed his lightsaber prowess when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi fought off clone troopers who stormed the Jedi Temple on Coruscant following Order 66. 

During his exile, Yoda had not wielded his lightsaber in over two decades. However, he was still a powerful Force-wielder, telekinetically levitating Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing in The Empire Strikes Back. 

Yoda had also become a Jedi Knight before age 100, young for his species. This allowed him to spend eight centuries training Jedi Padawans and Younglings. 

He was also relatively young when he achieved the rank of Jedi Grand Master which occurred well before the High Republic Era in 300 BBY, before he turned 59. 

Yoda’s Powers and Abilities

Yoda mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat. But Ataru, or Form IV, became his go-to. The form comprised acrobatics and an all-out offensive style designed to quickly end any conflict. 

Even when he approached 900 years old, this fighting style allowed Yoda to use Force speed to his advantage and make quick work of his opponents in The Prequel Trilogy. 

His efforts in Ataru forced Count Dooku to flee Geonosis,  and even Darth Sidious realized he could not defeat Yoda in a lightsaber duel. 

Yoda also deflected blasters with ease, which came in handy when he once defeated an entire droid army sent by Ventress. 

Yoda’s species also had unusually long lifespans. But Yoda could have further extended his life given his mastery of Force healing. 

Unlike most in the Jedi Order, Yoda was also a master at tutaminis, which allowed him to absorb and reflect Force lightning. He further demonstrated the ability in Revenge of the Sith during his climactic duel with Darth Sidious. 

Yoda conjured Force barriers with ease, and when necessary, he could telekinetically control his lightsaber. 

He demonstrated his mastery of the Force push when he blasted two Red Guards against the wall and even launched Darth Sidious across the room early in their confrontation. 

About Naruto

Naruto character

Naruto wasn’t the best Ninja since he flunked out of the Academy multiple times. However, his determination allowed him to catapult his skills to the point of defeating the likes of Kabuto Yakushi, Gaara, and Neji Hyuga. 

Naruto’s other notable accomplishments occurred in the Fourth Shinobi World War when he defeated Akatsuki, Kage, and Jinchuriki. 

He eventually achieved the rank of the Seventh Hokage, and many considered him the strongest shinobi ever. 

Naruto’s Powers and Abilities

Naruto Uzumaki's Abilities (Naruto)

Naruto has some crazy abilities that make him one of the most distinguished anime characters ever

The Transformation Jutsu was his top power, which temporarily allowed him to transform into something else. 

His Summoning Jutsu let him summon creatures, mainly animals. These animals had their own powers that could overwhelm enemies quickly. 

They called Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu his signature technique, and he used it to earn his first win over a dark opponent. The ability let him replicate himself into as many clones as his chakra allowed. 

Rasengan was a rare Jutsu that let Naruto mold a chakra into his palm and turn it against opponents via a Wind Release. He also took the maneuver a step further with his Rasenhuriken, which trapped opponents within a strong vortex. 

The Six-Path Sage Mode was among Naruto’s strongest abilities, allowing him to fly. The mode also built upon the more basic Sage Mode, allowing him to enhance his abilities through natural means. 

Besides enhancing his physical abilities through Six-Path Sage Mode, Naruto also gained Truth-Seeking Balls and shapeshifting chakras, allowing him to overwhelm opponents. 

He used Six-Path Sage Mode to his advantage when he defeated Madara. And while Naruto was gifted in the air element, hence his Wind Release, he also controlled earth via his Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken. 

With Bijuu, Naruto manifested the nine-tailed fox, letting him take on larger opponents while simultaneously enhancing his powers. This involved the Tailed Beast Bomb, allowing Naruto to evoke deadly explosions. He also mastered the Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball. 

Naruto enhanced all of his physical powers when he entered Kurama Mode, especially speed. However, he was also strong enough to stomp through concrete while in Kurama. 

Side by Side Comparison 

Naruto vs Yoda

Yoda: Jedi Master Naruto: Seventh Hokage 
Used the Force to increase his strength and stamina. Increased his physical abilities with Sage and Kurama mode. 
Used an acrobatic, all-out offensive fighting style that allowed him to defeat two powerful Sith Lords in lightsaber combat.  Flew at and attacked opponents from all angles while simultaneously enhancing strength and speed. 
Used Force barriers as defense. Given Yoda’s ability to wield the Force, he could uphold his barriers without tiring.  Increased physical abilities overwhelmed even his toughest and most feared opponents. 
Small size and Ataru fighting style would make Yoda hard to hit Enhancing abilities would make Naruto tough to bring down. 

Can Yoda Beat Naruto?

Yoda vs Naruto

The Jedi Grand Master’s acrobatic fighting style outpaced two of the galaxy’s most powerful Sith Lords. So another question remains: whether Naruto’s enhanced speed could keep up with Yoda’s Ataru fighting style. Especially if Yoda used his Force speed technique. 

Naruto’s Shadow Clone may have posed an issue for Yoda, especially if the former’s chakra allowed him to create a large number of clones. But given Yoda’s experience defeating an entire droid army, Naruto would need to create hundreds if not thousands of clones for an advantage. 

Naruto’s Six-Path Sage Mode may have defeated Madara. But Yoda’s speed plus his telekinetic abilities could counter the superhuman skills that Naruto may have acquired. The same goes for dealing with Yoda’s ability to counter Naruto’s Bijuu and Summoning Jutsus. 

Yoda would also counter Naruto’s Wind Release and Tailed Beast Bomb with ease. 

So with an answer for Naruto’s most powerful abilities, would Yoda defeat Naruto in a fight? 

It’s clear Yoda would gain the upper hand. But it’s also possible Naruto’s stamina would overpower Yoda’s if he kept throwing offensives at the Jedi Grand Master while rejuvenating his physical abilities via Sage Mode.


Yoda and Naruto are among the most powerful characters in the history of entertainment. And while Yoda could answer all of Naruto’s abilities, it’s still a toss up whether Naruto’s stamina would wear out the Jedi Grand Master. 

If Naruto’s attacks wore him down first, this duel goes to Yoda. But if Naruto could systematically undermine Yoda’s defenses, Naruto may pull out the win. 

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