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Can Yoda See the Future?

Can Yoda See the Future?

George Lucas’ masterfully crafted Star Wars universe grants some of its characters the ability to see the future through a Force power known as Force Visions. 

Force Visions allow the user to see into the past or future. This technique was quite common throughout the Jedi Order until the fall of the Galactic Republic. 

When the Galactic Empire took over, Force Visions became rarer. 

Given how prominent Yoda was in the Jedi Order, the question of whether or not Yoda could see the future arises.

Keep reading as we find out the answer. 

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Can Yoda See the Future?

Star Wars The Clone Wars Yoda's Vision of Order 66

The commonality of Force Visions within the Old Jedi Order meant that Jedi Grand Master Yoda could’ve used it. 

Now, Yoda knew that the future was ever-changing and, therefore, it could not be completely predicted by any vision. However, Yoda knew that there was some truth behind these Force-fueled, prophetic sightings.

Through his Force Visions, Yoda was able to anticipate the fall of the Jedi Order. What’s more, the Jedi Master was able to predict his own death with this ability. 

Yoda even had a vision of when Order 66, also known as the Great Jedi Purge, was given the green light. 

Unfortunately, due to how short-term the vision was, and Yoda’s wariness towards visions in general, the Jedi Master failed to see just how important that particular vision truly was. 

Why Can Yoda See the Future?

Yoda Master - one of the most powerful Jedi

Something all Star Wars fans know for certain is that the strength of Master Yoda needs no questioning. He is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in galactic history. 

Not only was he an exceptional swordsman, but Yoda’s 900 years of life allowed him to amass a strong connection to the Force. 

Being so in tune with the Force granted the Jedi Master the ability to use almost any Force power with ease. Certainly, this includes Force Visions, which is why Yoda was able to see into the future. 

Ergo, Yoda used his alignment with the light side of the Force to see the future. 

What Does Yoda Say About the Future?

[ESB] Seeing The Future (HD)

Despite Yoda’s having clairvoyance, he made his stance on the future clear. His specific words were, “Always in motion is the future.” 

What this means is that the future is ever-changing. One minute it can be as clear as day, while the next it can be shrouded in mystery. 

This is why Yoda did not put his trust in the visions he saw. Not only were they brief, but Master Yoda knew that these visions could essentially change when their time came around. 

This could possibly be a part of the reason why Yoda did not pay much mind to the Great Jedi Purge vision he had. 

Regardless of this blunder, Yoda was not wrong in his philosophy. No matter how hard you try, you can never accurately predict the future, even if you are a Force user. 

Why Could Yoda Not See Anakin’s Future?

Anakin future

Considering how fervent Yoda is towards the light side of the Force, it would be safe to assume that he could see the futures of other people, especially Jedi. Right? 

Well, this is right to a point, but Yoda was not able to see what Anakin’s future would be. As a matter of fact, no one could see Anakin’s future. 

You see, Anakin Skywalker was arguably the most rebellious Jedi the Order had ever seen. 

He often made the conscious decision to reject the rules of the Jedi Code if they made no sense to him. Namely, the rule against forming attachments and holding onto emotions. 

Because of this, Anakin was an anomaly for the rest of the Order. 

This active rejection of some of the Jedi ways meant that Anakin Skywalker’s internal Force was clouded by the dark side, which Yoda sensed. Even though he was able to sense the dark side in Anakin, the Jedi Master still could not see Anakin’s future. 

The dark side made the vision so murky that Yoda was unsure as to whether or not Anakin would fall prey to the dark side. This uncertainty meant that Yoda simply had to trust that Anakin would do the right thing and remain on the light side. 

Obi-wan, Yoda & Mace Windu discussing Anakin - Star Wars 3


Force Visions present a world of possibility in the Star Wars universe. Still, with every possibility, there are questions that arise. 

Some of these questions occur more frequently than others. So without further ado, here’s the answer to one of these recurring questions.

Can Baby Yoda See the Future?

Since his debut in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has quickly worked his way into the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere. But don’t let his small stature and adorable features fool you. Baby Yoda was impressively skilled for being a “child.” 

Being a part of Yoda’s mysterious species, Baby Yoda has talents that surpass his rank as a Jedi Initiate. The Mandalorian showed that Baby Yoda was able to use force techniques with little to no training.

Why Yoda's Species Is SO POWERFUL | None Have Turned to the Dark Side

This includes seemingly advanced techniques such as Force Heal and, not so surprisingly, Force Visions.


The premise of being able to see into the future is something that is attractive to many people. Fortunately, we can live vicariously through the Star Wars characters as they do exactly that. 

Almost all Jedi were capable of doing this in the old Order. However, after the rise of the Empire, the numbers reduced a bit. Nevertheless, there are still Jedi that can use this skill–even one of the newer recruits, Baby Yoda.

Still, the future isn’t something that can be predicted, which was something Jedi Grand Master Yoda was fully aware of. This was in spite of the fact that he was fully capable of seeing the future. 

Although Yoda could see the future, he didn’t particularly trust his visions. What’s more, he could not see the future of one of his own, Anakin Skywalker.

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