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Do Jedi Age Slower?

Do Jedi Age Slower?

The minute we emerge from within the confines of our mother’s womb we begin to age.This process is rapid as time waits for no man. 

As children, we long to grow up as fast as possible, but that tune soon changes. Once our 20s are over, most of us begin wishing we could rewind the hands of time, or at the very least hit pause to slow the inevitable march of life’s drum. 

We may have a slight issue coming to terms with our own mortality, but do the folks living it up in the Star Wars universe have the same problem? What are their lifespans like? Do Force users have an advantage when coming to this sort of thing? 

It’s rather interesting to see how close the Star Wars universe is to our own. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these questions. 

What is the lifespan of a Jedi?

Jedi wear robes

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A reasonable percentage of Jedi and those in the Jedi Order are human.The major difference between them and a regular human is that the Jedi can manipulate the Force. 

This begs the question, what other differences are there between us humans and the Force users in the world of Star Wars. 

For one, the Jedi have been proven to have a longer lifespan than a regular person.The previous canon showed that Force users generally have a significantly longer lifespan than others in their species. 

In fact, the Force users, Jedi or otherwise, lifespan is 10-25% longer than the average person in their species. If we humans could have harnessed this ability we would have grabbed that opportunity and ran with it. 

Do Jedi Age Slower?

Star Wars Yoda Force Link Figure

Thanks to the Force residing inside of them, Force users have a leg up in the whole extended life thing.This means that the Jedi can either slow their aging or generally have a far longer lifespan than most in the galaxy.

What does this mean? Is their ability to manipulate the Force so strong that they can slow down the Jedi’s aging process? Well, the answer to this is not inherently black and white. 

Instead, it’s a bit more complicated once the different aspects are looked at. 

Let me explain. 

Can the Force slow down aging?

It is safe to assume that the Force would play a vital role in the lengthy life a Jedi has, rightfully so.  

However, the Force cannot exactly slow down the aging process. To tell the truth, the Force does not do anything beyond adding 10-25% worth of years to the Force user’s life. 

The Jedi would still age normally, but they will live longer than most. That is an impressive feat. 

Who is the oldest human Jedi?

Due to their expanded life, the Jedi have clocked monumental years in the profession. Take Master Yoda for example. Not only is he the oldest of his species but he is one of the oldest Jedi ever to exist. 

But are there any human Jedi who reached these heights? There is!

This very wise person is T’ra Saa. Coming in at several thousand years at minimum, she was amongst the oldest Jedi to fight in the Clone Wars. 

Mace Windu's OTHER Master Besides Yoda - Star Wars Explained

Saa even fought as one of the frontmen in the Battle of Geonosis alongside Mace Windu. Even more interestingly about T’ra, she was one of the first Jedi Padawan that Master Yoda ever trained. 

What is the lifespan of a human in Star Wars?

As many creative Star Wars characters there are, there are also normal human beings just like you and me. These humans are not Force-sensitive. There isn’t anything inherently special about any of them for that matter. 

Because the normal humans in the Star Wars universe do not have the Force to prolong their life span, they have to do it the old fashion way. Diet and exercise. 

Beyond that, the life expectancy of a Star Wars human is dependent on their genetics, occupation, and lifestyle in general. 

With all this said the basic life expectancy can be anywhere from as low as 20-30 years, to as high as 80-100 years. 

Which Species Live the Longest in Star Wars?


The Jedi can manipulate the Force in many aspects of their lives. Little did they know the Force was also adding to their life. 

Thus, Force-sensitive beings undoubtedly have more perks than regular humans. While expanding your lifespan may seem like a dream to most, it can also be a nightmare. 

Similar to us in the real world, the Star Wars humans are stuck with their own basic mortality. This is not necessarily a bad thing as this causes people to live their lives to the fullest.

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