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Do Sith Have Friends?

Do Sith Have Friends?

We all need someone to share life experiences with. Of course, George Lucas integrated this feature into his masterfully crafted Star Wars universe. 

Romantic relationships aside, many people in the galaxy build bonds with those around them. Whether they are Force users or not, they form involuntary connections with those they spend time with. 

Though forming bonds and having relationships is a clear violation of the Jedi Code, it is often speculated that the formation of relationships is more of a light-sided thing to do. This begs the question, do the Sith have friends? Can they form relationships? 

These questions and more will be answered throughout this article. So keep reading as we dive in.

Do the Sith Allow Relationships?

The Sith are the sworn enemies of the Jedi. Where the Jedi work in pursuit of peace, the Sith want revenge and power. They believe in using their emotions, particularly the negative ones, to drive them towards their end goal. 

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Given that the Sith’s philosophy is “passion over everything,” are they allowed to have relationships? 

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For starters, there isn’t anything the Sith are and aren’t allowed to do per se. They have the freedom to do as they please. Still, the Sith usually don’t opt to have relationships. Rather, they will fulfill their sexual urges while avoiding the more romantic aspect of relationships. 

They get to have intimate moments without the attachments of a relationship, which works perfectly for them as they believe relationships are a hindrance that could be used against them. 

There were a couple of Sith who fell in love and developed full-blown relationships. For instance, Darth Malgus fell in love with his wife, Eleena Daru. Then, after a moment of emotional vulnerability, he claimed that she would be a liability to him and murdered her. 

Do the Sith Have Friends?

Darth Revan and his friendship with Darth Malak

Throughout galactic history, it does not seem as though the Sith had any friends. 

Just as with most other relationships, a true friendship is based on trust. This does not appear to be something the Sith possessed. Sure, they trusted in the Sith Code and the dark side, but they were not portrayed as the types who would put their trust in man. 

What’s more, the Sith would most likely view friendship as a weakness that could be used against them. They could let their guard down with their friend, only to be betrayed later on. 

Despite all of this, there were a few who formed friendships, but more often than not, the same thing they feared came to pass. 

Take, for example, Darth Revan and Darth Malak. They were friends until they entered into a student-teacher relationship. As the apprentice, Malak wanted to take Revan’s master position, so he ordered the Imperial Gunners to open fire on Revan’s command ship. 

Unfortunately for Malak, his betrayal plan failed as Revan survived the attack. 

Does Darth Vader Have Any Friends?

Anakin " Why did you leave" Scene Star Wars Rebels

In terms of the most infamous character in the franchise, many fans have wondered if Darth Vader had any friends. Yet, the answer to this question is more complicated than one might think. 

While it does not seem like Darth Vader had any friends in the traditional sense of the word, there were people he was close to. These are people like his son, Luke Skywalker, and his wife, Padme Amidala. 

As for people he was not related to, the closest person to a friend Darth Vader had was Ahsoka Tano. The pair’s friendship began while Vader was still in the Jedi Order as Anakin Skywalker. They fought together during the Clone Wars. 

After Ahsoka left the Jedi Order and Anakin subsequently became Darth Vader, the pair still had a lingering connection. 

Did Palpatine Have Any Friends?

Now, in terms of the infamous Darth Sidious, also known as Palpatine, he was more the type to use people to get what he wanted as opposed to having them as friends. 

As a matter of fact, it is common speculation among the Star Wars communities that Palpatine manipulated Anakin to turn to the dark side. 

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Nevertheless, some individuals considered themselves friends of this mastermind: people such as his apprentices, Darth Maul and Count Dooku, as well as other individuals whom he did not teach, such as Boba Fett. 

It is not inherently clear how Palpatine felt towards these people. Still, there is one person whom we do know Palpatine felt strongly towards: his closest advisor, Sim Aloo, who was somewhat of a best friend to Palpatine. 


Friendship is one of the most precious things life has to offer. So much so that one of the first things taught to children is how to make friends. Friends are the family you get to choose, who stick with you no matter how ugly things might get. 

Regardless of the benefits and how passionate the Sith are by nature, they saw friendship as a nuisance. It was merely a part of life they could do without because the fewer attachments they formed, the fewer people that could turn against them. 

Even so, there were a few friendships, or something similar, that emerged out of the otherwise chilliness that is the Sith Order. 

Moreover, the Sith were free to form relationships to their heart’s content. Darth Vader and his wife Padme are prime examples of this. He loved her so much that he tried anything and everything possible to save her, including becoming a Sith Lord in the first place. 

Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, there’s Darth Malgus. Instead of embracing his love for his wife, he ran from it, effectively killing her out of fear that this love made him more susceptible to attack. 

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