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Do the Jedi Take a Vow Of Celibacy

Do the Jedi Take a Vow Of Celibacy

One of the major debacles plaguing the Star Wars fandom is whether the Jedi are actually celibate. Many believed that the Jedi took a vow of celibacy, which is understandable upon knowing what is involved in the Jedi Code. 

The Jedi Code is a compilation of rules that are orchestrated to govern the Jedi’s behavior in life. Essentially, the main goal of this code is to deter the Jedi from going down the path to the dark side. 

Does this mean that the Jedi Code makes the Jedi take a vow of celibacy?

No, not necessarily!

Keep reading as I explain the Jedi Code and whether the Jedi are, in fact, celibate. 

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Do the Jedi Take a Vow of Celibacy?

To answer the question right off the bat, no. Jedi do not take a vow of celibacy. Even so, the answer is a lot more complicated than that.

There are layers to this that are the reason for the whole confusion in the first place. Don’t worry, it would all be broken down for you here. 

The confusion surrounding the Jedi’s celibacy started from the Jedi Code, as mentioned above. This code taught the Jedi to not give into anger, which would serve as a deterrence for fear.

Jedi's Code [Explicit]This in turn helps them to stay off the path to the dark side of the force. Moreover, the Jedi Code trained its followers to not form attachments.

In fact, Grand Master Yoda made sure to engrain in the followers’ minds that avoiding attachment was the way to stay on the path of light. 

It was assumed that attachments would lead to undesirable features such as jealousy, greed, and fear of loss. These were all presumably paths that would lead one to the dark side.

Many of the Jedi believed in this rule of non-attachment. As a matter of fact, Ahsoka Tano was such a strong believer in the non-attachment rule that Grogu was rejected as an apprentice due to his bond with Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

This particular rule is the reason many fans believed that the Jedi take a vow of celibacy. However, the Jedi Code does not speak against compassion. Compassion is actually at the core of their values as they believe all lives are precious. This compassion could have been extended to romantic and/or familial love, as there is no part of the Code that speaks against these things. 

Are the Jedi Allowed to Marry?

Although the Jedi were not forced to be celibate, they did not marry. As we know, Jedi believed wholeheartedly in non-attachment.

It is believed that marriage, as an emotional attachment, would lead to jealousy. This jealousy would then blossom into the fear of loss. This in turn would ultimately lead the Jedi down the path of destruction, the dark side of the Force. 

Marriage was seen as an emotional attachment, which is heavily frowned upon. This is not to say that they could not have casual hookups.

That was completely fine! So long as they did not get attached. This is the reason that, generally, Jedi were forbidden to marry. 

Can the Jedi Fall in Love?

Absolutely not. Rule number one for the Jedi is no attachment. Falling in love is exactly that.

Love leads to attachment, attachment leads to intense emotions, and these emotions cause Jedi to fall down the path to the dark side of the Force. That is why falling in love is forbidden.

Of course, every rule has a rebel to contest it. This rebel is Anakin Skywalker when he fell in love with Padmé. 

On the flip side of this, the Jedi Code said nothing at all against lust. This means that technically, Jedi could, in theory, have a long string of one-night stands and intercourse with random people as much as they please.

A child could even be the result of these escapades. So long as the Jedi do not fall in love, and no emotions are involved. 

Are the Jedi Chaste?

Being chaste is tantamount to being celibate. By definition, being chaste is abstaining from all sexual intercourse in or out of marriage.

Since this is essentially the same as being celibate, the Jedi were not required to be chaste, as we already established. 

Even though it was not required, many Jedi did choose chastity because they deemed sex to be an unnecessary, pleasure-seeking act that they did not need to be a part of it.

Many Jedi chose that path, as they were highly dedicated to following the way of light and not falling down the road to the dark side. But they were free to do as they pleased, so long as there was no emotional attachment involved. 

How Jedi Viewed Love and Sex

Why Do the Jedi Practice no Emotion?

The Jedi were trained to be compassionate to others and feel for them, regardless of their path in life.

Although compassion is, in fact, an emotion, this was as far as the Jedi’s emotional capacity was meant to go. They were trained to be cautious of letting their emotions take reign and should rely on their instincts instead. 

Although highly valuable in their field of work, the Jedi knew that emotions were a very fickle thing. They were aware that emotions could undoubtedly lead to a clouded judgement.

This is something that the Jedi could not have, as they needed to have a clear, composed mind in order to remain on the light side as opposed to going to the dark side of the Force. 

Jedi were taught to empathize with others, which, in and of itself, is an emotion. Even so, they needed to know how to do so without sacrificing themselves and their belief system.

Strong emotions were believed to take away from the Jedi’s dedication to the light side.

Strong emotions
Thus, intense, emotions, such as hate, greed, sexual love and jealousy to name a few, are definitely against the rules. 


As contradictory as it may seem, the Jedi Code contains a grey area when coming to intercourse. It is completely up to the Jedi whether they would like to adopt the lifestyle of chastity, which some do, but it was not a requirement.

If they chose to have intercourse, they simply needed to ensure that it did not consume them and alter their thinking. They must ensure that the Force within them remains light and balanced. 

The minute, the feeling of lust blooms into love or marriage, it soon becomes a slippery slope to negatively strong emotions. Whilst on the downward spiral, these emotions, then, put the Jedi on the dangerous path to the dark side of the Force. 

Needless to say, the Jedi were allowed to harbor minor emotions, so long as they were able to control them.

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