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Double vs. Single-Bladed Lightsabers

Double-bladed vs. Single-bladed Lightsabers

Forget colors. Ignore which side of the Force you follow. Silence all doubts that you’re wasting time, money, and space on a toy…

You want a lightsaber. I want a lightsaber. But not all are created equally, and it’s an expensive hobby to get into.

None of that matters because we work hard and deserve nice things. This article will focus on two types of lightsabers that you can buy.

The only lore you’ll find is in the definitions. I hope this helps you make your decision easier, but this is not the only article that can help you.

Single vs. Double can be summed up with one sentence. Skill and cool factor. (Namely, your skill in handling either lightsaber as the double-bladed is a lot harder to use). 

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(I’m looking into buying my first lightsaber, so this will be a fun read for both of us. Let your inner nerd out and enjoy!)

What Is A Single-blade Lightsaber?

2 Premium - Blue Single Blade Inflatable Light Saber Swords

A single-blade is the traditional lightsaber. They come in a few different varieties, such as shoto (small) and the broadsaber (which is both larger and longer than the normal lightsaber). 

The single-blade also comes with the most variety in hilt designs and in video games. It’s meant for one-on-one duels (in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, it’s more powerful than the double-blade, but it’s not good for deflecting multiple attacks).

This lightsaber is perfect for parrying and going into thrusts or jabs. It can cover a wide area, and every Form (styles of sword fighting of which there are seven in Star Wars) is intended to be used with a single blade (except for dual-wielding, which must not be confused with the double-bladed lightsaber).

What Is A Double-bladed Lightsaber?

Rubie's Star Wars Rebels Inquisitor Double Lightsaber

Double-bladed lightsabers are lightsabers with a blade on both ends. This results in a larger hilt (sometimes you can unclip them so you can have a lightsaber in each hand, but not always).

It’s also called a saber staff and is considered a Sith weapon (but Jedi have used them before). The most famous user would be Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.

In lore it’s the hardest lightsaber to master this lightsaber can easily kill its owner if they’re not careful. (Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about death, but always use caution when practicing with either lightsaber).

It looks more like a staff (but there is a real sword that has two blades in history), but in Star Wars, it functions more like an aggressive dance. Forcing the wielder to be aware of every step and movement as defeating this weapon can be simple.

Two strategies include ignoring the blades and aiming for the hands (don’t do this unless your partner is wearing gloves or you’re going very slow. Always move at a pace that both of you can handle).

The second is focusing on one of the blades (the second blade will always be in a straight line from the first. So, as long as you know where one is, you know where the other blade is).

And now for the fun part: which is stronger in the lore! The one who created the first saberstaff is a former Jedi-turned Sith Lord named Exar Kun.

(Though Darth Maul is said to be superior to it in many ways, both have the advantage of surprising the Jedi). In many ways having two blades is an advantage.

But only if the one using the saber staff has mastered it (or their opponent has never encountered it before). The saberstaff is longer and is best used for a fast barrage of attacks.

An unskilled user can still win, but that only happens if they can rely on other methods, (like allies, different tools, and if they outnumber the enemy). A single-blade can beat a saberstaff.

A saberstaff can beat a single-blade. It all boils down to skill, luck, motivation, which is why the duel between Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the greatest duels in Star Wars.

Obi Wan & Qui Gon vs Darth Maul [4k UltraHD] - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Fight Scene (1/2)

Side By Side Comparisons: Breaking It Down

If you’re interested in dueling and you can only afford one lightsaber (especially if you don’t know how to wield a sword), then going with a single-blade would be best. It’s easier to control and decrease the odds of you hitting yourself.

(Unless you’re trying to pull off a spinning trick, you might still do that). Blade lengths tend to be between 36in and 41in (remember that at least five inches will go into the hilt).

Whereas using a double-bladed lightsaber is a lot trickerer (it also looks more intimidating and is awesome on-screen). Because of the hilt design (or hilts if they come apart), you’ll have more area to cover.

(Both yourself and your surroundings). Another safety tip is to be mindful of the weight. The hilt will be heavier than the blade, but it can still cause damage.

Customizing hilts will be more limited in a double-blade, but new designs are coming out. (And you can always tell yourself you’re getting three lightsabers in one).

1/ How To Use

Basic Lightsaber Staff Tutorial Lightsaber Training Tutorials How to use a double bladed lightsaber

Using a single-blade lightsaber is meant to be more of a fluid movement. The user only has to pay attention to their blade and anything nearby.

The double-blade is more rigid. If you feel one of the blades next to you then it’s too close. (It’s highly recommended that you learn how to use a single-blade first).

2/ How Do They Work?

Single Blade Inflatable Light Saber Swords

The single-blade is meant to be used in one-on-one duels. It allows more freedom of movement (you can use both hands or just one) and is easier to keep track of.

The double-blade is more for blocking multiple attacks, but isn’t very good at sudden thrusts. You’ll need to keep both hands on the hilt until you get used to it. (Some can come apart to give you two lightsabers).

3/ Affordability

affordability to pay

For those of us who don’t live around Florida or can’t afford a vacation to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there is the internet. With many sites that offer a range of hilts, sound effects, colors, and blades (neopixel blades will glow brighter).

Some single blades are less expensive than double-ones (most of the ones at Galaxy’s Edge will break your wallet. But you also get the chance to build your lightsaber and collect some of your favorite character’s lightsabers in special boxes)!

The most variety is on the internet (I’ve found some hilts from anime)! However, the selection of double-blades is much smaller.

4/ Safety

safety first

A plastic blade and metal hilt can hurt. But that’s not all you need to consider.

Some lightsabers use unsafe batteries (you can always buy an empty hilt or remove the battery and replace it with a new one). The glow should be used as a safety prop.

Especially at night. (If you duel, make sure you’re in a wide open space, like a park or a gym. And if someone complains about the noise. Please, move along. It’s not worth getting into a real fight or having the police called).

Saberfit: Fighting the Saberstaff

5/ Alternatives

You can find lightsabers on Ebay, Amazon, Ultrasabers, Zia Sabers, and countless more. Disney also has an online store, but the prices are more or less the same.


Beginner friendly Master or advanced
More hilt variety Can sometimes be turned into two lightsabers
Sometimes cheaper Perfect for duels
Different blade types

Will make you feel like a boss


If you want to enhance your cosplay, duel, or just buy yourself/someone else a cool gift. Then you can’t go wrong with a lightsaber.

You don’t have to learn martial arts or fencing (but it wouldn’t hurt too as they make great youtube videos and is a good form of exercise). Seeing someone with a lightsaber is a great way to make friends!

Thank you for reading, and may the Force be with you. Happy buying!

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