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How Long can a Sith Live?

How Long can a Sith Live?

The Sith are known for living a usually long time. Some Sith may have even become immortal. So, how long can a Sith live?

On average, a Sith lives about 200 years. Yet the age range varies quite a bit. To answer how long a Sith can live, we need to look at the average, extremes, and the possibility of immortality.

The Life Stages of a Sith 

when Palpatine became a Sith

One Star Wars website breaks down a Sith’s life stage. Siths reach their prime adulthood years from age 20 to 250. An old adult Sith is categorized at age 250 to 400. Ancient Siths could live beyond 400 years. 

This site estimates that the average Sith lifespan for a Sith is about 250 years. That compares with about 100 to 120 years for humans in the Star Wars universe and around 200 years for those who are Force sensitive.

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By sampling some of the lifespans of major Sith Lords, we arrive at similar findings: an average of about 200 years.

Various Ages of Sith Lords

Some Sith Lords do not live very long. Usually, their lives are cut short by battling with a Jedi or another Sith. This tends to be an occupational hazard. 

For example, Darth Bane from the Star Wars: Clone Wars series only lived to be about 50 years old. He was defeated by his apprentice, Darth Zannah. Sith do tend to turn on one another.

Darth Sidious, or Emperor Palpatine, has lived about 88 years. That was when Darth Vader threw him into the energy shaft in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Another case of Sith turning on one another.

Jedi can't sense Palpatine

However, there is speculation that Darth Sidious lived on in spirit form. What happened is that he transferred his spirit into a cloned version of himself. The clone of Darth Sidious returns in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

So, if we factor in how Darth Sidious transferred over to this clone embodiment of himself, he may have lived much longer. He may have even become immortal.

The first Sith Lord, Ajunta Pall, lived about 100 years. Ajunta Pall became a Jedi Master before leaving the Jedi Order and forming the Sith Empire. 

After about a century of fighting with the Jedi, Pall was defeated and exiled to Korriban, where he found the original Sith. After supporting the Empire for decades, Pall died and his body was brought back to Korriban.

Sith Lord Marka Ragnos is estimated to have lived over 100 years. He also turned into a Force ghost, and likewise may have become immortal. Darth Revan, a Jedi-turned-Sith, is estimated to have lived to be 350.

Which Sith Lord Lived the Longest?

The longest living Sith appears to be Darth Vitiate. This Sith Lord is from Star Wars: The Old Republic comic book and video game series. He is estimated to have lived 1,500 years! 

The Complete Legend of Vitiate - The Sith Emperor of the Old Republic

It was Darth Vitiate’s mastery of the Dark Side of the Force that made him live so long. That seems to be the main factor in determining how long a Sith lives. So is staying alive after combat. 

The first three examples place the average age under 100, but by including Ragnos and Revan, our estimate pushes up to about age 200. If we include Darth Vitiate, it skews the results beyond 200.

What happened to Sith Purebloods?

Sith Purebloods Explained (Legends) - Star Wars Explained

Sith Purebloods were the original Sith. Also known as Red Sith, this was a species of red-skinned humanoids that came from Korriban, an Outer-Rim, the sacred planet of the Sith Order. 

These Sith were the main species around 30,000 years before the Star Wars saga began. They were known for their distinct facial features and use of the Dark Side of the Force. 

A group of human exiles–twelve Dark Jedi banished from the Jedi Order–arrived at Korriban, and they interbred with the Sith Purebloods. Over time, and with purposeful genetic manipulations, a hybrid emerged between Sith and Human races. 

Hence, Sith Purebloods vanished from the scene. However, having a larger amount of Sith heritage took on more importance. A “Sith Pureblood” came to mean a Sith who had an above-average level of Sith blood–meaning back to the original Red Sith

How Long Can a Sith Live?

If we include the Sith Purebloods, a Sith can live hundreds, even thousands of years. If we focus on Sith Lords, the age drops to around 200. And, if we factor in those who did not live very long, a Sith usually lives for 100 years or less.

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