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How Do Jedi Block Lasers?

How Do Jedi Block Lasers?

Jedi learn to block lasers early in their Jedi training. As with most maneuvers inside a Jedi’s toolbox, blocking lasers involves using the Force. 

Using low-powered lightsabers early in their training, younglings learn to attune themselves with the Force. They entwine their thoughts and actions into a single flow of energy, using themselves as a conduit to direct this current through the kyber crystal and out the blade. 

Throughout their training, Jedi become more well-versed in this focus. Once mastered, it allows the Force to guide them as a defense mechanism, and that leads to Jedi learning how to block lasers and other projectiles. 

How Do Jedi Block Lasers? 

Jedi take a defensive-minded approach when in combat. Therefore, when a Jedi wields their lightsaber, it’s less of a traditional sword and more of a power current that attunes them with the Force. 

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It’s not in the nature for the Jedi to strike an opponent dead; but to use their lightsaber as a way to diffuse conflict.

By blocking lasers or any long-range weapon, even while pursuing an opponent to get into close-range, they can force their opponent to submit without bloodshed. 

Since Jedi possess a conservative combat style, they learn to block lasers by allowing the Force to guide their precognitive ability. We see this occur during Attack of the Clones in the first Battle of Geonosis, where Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Mace Windu block thousands of lasers. 

While it takes great skill to block lasers, Jedi become well-versed in the art during their youngling days. 

Among the first lessons younglings learned at the Jedi Temple, they learn to channel the energy as a means of understanding the Force. This sets the foundation for grounding themselves in allowing the Force to guide them in defense mechanisms necessary to block. 

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Force Deflecting

A Jedi can use force deflection without a lightsaber. This is an advanced technique the Jedi use, and it takes more skill to master over blocking lasers and other projectiles with a lightsaber. 

Because of its complexity, most prefer to use lightsabers when deflecting projectiles and even Force lightning. However, given the Force’s benevolent energy, a Jedi who masters force deflecting can even channel the energy into their bodies before expelling it. 

Highly-trained Jedi can even use channeled energy into healing themselves if necessary, or using it to augment their own energy and direct it back at their opponent. 

What Can Lightsabers Deflect?

It’s important to understand how lightsabers work before knowing what they can and can’t deflect. Since lightsabers answer best to force-sensitive Jedi, results vary to what a lightsaber deflects. 

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The more force-sensitive a Jedi is, the more powerful they are, and the more they can deflect projectiles. 

We know powerful Jedi like Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu have no problem deflecting lasers. But can they deflect something with as much force as a Death Star’s superlaser?

Fans spent years speculating whether a lightsaber is capable of such a feat, since they derive energy from Force-sensitive kyber crystals. 

In theory, a lightsaber can deflect something as powerful as a Death Star’s superlaser if the kyber crystals are large enough and the Jedi is powerful enough. When lightsabers, or anything made from these crystals collide, their energy naturally deflects off of one another.

However, given a Death Star blast’s heat, if a Jedi were to block the beam with their lightsaber, they would not survive. 

Can a Jedi Block a Bullet?

While a lightsaber can, in theory, block something as powerful as a Death Star’s superlaser. However, unlike a superlaser, lightsabers and bullets do not comprise the same energy source. 

A bullet flying on fire

While lightsabers can block many objects in the Star Wars Universe, one theory implies they’re not likely to block a bullet. Since bullets are made of lead and metal, it’s shown in The Phantom Menace that Qui-Gon Jinn struggles to break a metal bridge door at the Trade Federation. 

However, many fans have discredited this theory since they argue the door to be made of durasteel instead of lead.

This implies that the overall plasma temperature in a lightsaber is not hot enough to melt or vaporize certain types of steel. 

Still, there is solid evidence a Jedi can block a bullet. Some fans point to the book Shatterpoint, where Mace Windu slices slugthrower slugs. Slugs within slugthrowers were more like a typical firearm seen in our galaxy and used bullet-like projectiles instead of energy bolts. 

This implies a lightsaber can block a bullet, assuming the slugthrower comprises a similar makeup. 


What’s the Biggest Laser Size a Jedi Can Deflect?

While it’s possible for a Jedi to block a laser as large as a Death Star’s it’s also possible they wouldn’t survive. And while he is a member of the Sith in the comic Vader Down, Vader #13, Darth Vader blocks a powerful tank blast. 

Remember, Vader was also a powerful Jedi when he was known as Anakin Skywalker. Ultimately, the answer of the largest laser size a Jedi can deflect depends on their overall power. 

In Vader’s case, he can block a powerful tank blast, but a Jedi at the Padawan rank probably wouldn’t accomplish such a feat.

Overall, the biggest laser size a Jedi can deflect depends on the size of their kyber crystal and their sensitivity to the Force. 

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