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How Do Sith Meditate?

How Do Sith Meditate?

Meditation is the practice of using mindfulness or intense focus to train the awareness of an individual. This is done to achieve mental clarity, emotional peace, and general control over one’s entire self. 

It is exactly the same in the Star Wars universe. The Jedi meditate as much as possible in order to become the empty, pure vessel that is worthy of being filled by the light side of the Force. 

This is in accordance with the Jedi Code. Jedi meditation works by the Jedi focusing on whatever emotion they are experiencing at the time.

After that, they are to ponder what that emotion means and what effects it could potentially have on them in the long run. 

Once they acknowledge this, the Jedi then release that emotion and allow themselves to become completely devoid of any other emotions that may arise as a result. 

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From that point onward, they become completely empty vessels. 

Now, this is for the light side of the Force, but what about the dark side? Do the Sith ever meditate? What are the differences between Jedi and Sith meditation? 

This is exactly what this article will cover, so keep reading as we dive in. 

Do the Sith Meditate?

JEDI Meditation Vs SITH Meditation (In-Depth) - Star Wars Explained

The Sith are the polar opposites of the Jedi. The Jedi believe in peace over everything else, while the Sith believe in passion and power.

The Jedi believe in ridding themselves of any and all emotions so they can be pure vessels for the Force to fill, whereas the Sith believe in holding onto whatever emotion they feel and using that to drive them forward. 

With all the differences that these rivals have, it’s quite surprising that they both choose meditation to get close to their respective sides of the Force. Even so, the way they meditate is different. 

While the Jedi use meditation to clear their minds, the Sith use it to focus on the rage, hatred, and other negativity that they use to become dark-side warriors. 

If you think about it, the corruption of something as inherently pure as meditation is a Sith thing to do. Still, it works well in their favor, as meditating on a particular thing heightens their connection to it. 

For instance, if they choose to meditate on their rage, then that allows them to grow more passionate in that regard, hence adhering to the rules of the Sith Code

How Does a Sith Meditate? 

The Sith Code, Explained (In the words of Yuthura Ban)

As mentioned above, a major part of Sith meditation is its focus on emotions. In contrast to Jedi meditation, where the entire goal is to essentially run from emotions, Sith meditation uses those emotions to fulfill their agenda. 

When a Sith meditates, they start off similar to the Jedi, in that they acknowledge the emotions they are currently feeling. Where it takes a turn is at the next step. Instead of doing what they can to free themselves from that feeling, the Sith focus on that emotion. 

This intense focus on nothing else but that usually negative emotion allows the Sith to fully feel the effect of it. Then they are able to harness that concentrated negative energy to either propel themselves forward or use it in an attack. 

This method of meditation allows the Sith to harness the energy of the Force, albeit the dark side of the Force, similar to how the Jedi use their meditation to channel the purer, light-side Force energy. 

What is a Sith Meditation Chamber?

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Meditation Chamber HD

Now, usually, when a person is meditating, they choose a specific environment that is conducive to that practice. For some, this is a mountainside, out in the forest, or even in their living room. 

For the Sith, however, it’s a bit different, as they have a dedicated area known as the Meditation Chamber. 

Just as the name suggests, the Meditation Chamber is an area where the Sith could go to be alone, focus, and enhance their respective Force powers. 

It is well known in the Star Wars community that the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader, had lung issues and needed to wear a special suit that helped him breathe. 

Of course, with this in mind, his meditation chamber had to be pressurized in a way that allowed him to breathe freely without his suit. Ergo, Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber was a hyperbaric capsule with a dark, black aesthetic, befitting of the Sith Lord. 

This chamber was filled with hyper-oxygenated air, which allowed Darth Vader to breathe without the need for his iconic mask. 


Meditation is tantamount to training among the Jedi and Sith, as it allows them to have the needed connection to their side of the Force. The Jedi meditate to rid themselves of anything that contradicts the Jedi Code and, by extension, the light side of the Force.

On the other hand, the Sith used meditation to solidify their already-present negative emotions. Meditation allows them to focus intently on what they’re feeling and use that to strengthen their passion. That passion then allows them to work as efficiently as possible in their pursuit of ultimate power in the galaxy. 

Darth Vader used his meditation for other reasons. We can only imagine how tedious it is to not be able to breathe properly without the use of a special suit. This was the reality for Darth Vader until he got into his meditation chamber. 

Why Can't Darth Vader Breathe? - Star Wars Explained

Since Darth Vader’s meditation chamber had a surplus of oxygen, it was the one place he could be without having to wear his mask, which must have been an incredibly freeing feeling for him. While there, he would mainly use his meditation time to strengthen his lungs. 

He would do so by using meditation to channel as much of the dark side as he could until he could breathe freely. Despite the excruciating pain he would feel, he would be able to breathe freely for short periods.

His ultimate goal was to use mediation and his chamber to train himself to breathe without his mask. This proves the power that meditation could hold for the Sith.

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