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Can Sith Use Light Side Powers?

Sith and their ability to use light side powers

With everything in life, there is good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong. Of course, it isn’t always that clear-cut, but the division between the two moral standpoints is a good jumping-off point. 

George Lucas’ wonderfully crafted Star Wars universe is a perfect example of this division. The Force is split between the light and dark sides, and both sides have a particular set of rules. 

The light side governs with rules, morally sound judgment, and the general consensus that one must do whatever it takes to remain on the light side of the Force. The dark side, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. 

Now, each side has a set of Force powers that are specific to their Force users. The light side has powers like Force Healing and Animal Bond, whereas the dark side has Force Lightning and Force Choke.

Even though many of these abilities are specific to whether a person is on the light or dark side of the Force, they are available to anyone who is Force-sensitive regardless of their affiliation with the Force.

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It has been demonstrated that some Jedi can wield dark side Force powers. This raises the question of whether Sith can use light side powers.

Keep reading as we dive into this topic. 

Can Sith Use Light Side Abilities?

Can Sith Use the Light Side of The Force - Star Wars Explained

Before we begin, it must be said that there is only supposed to be the Force. The difference between the light and dark side is in the motivations and energy that drive the Force.

For instance, the Jedi believe in keeping themselves devoid of all emotions so they can be empty, peaceful vessels to be filled by the Force. 

Contrastingly, the Sith believe in passion and no peace. They use pain, hate, anger, and other negative, passion-filled emotions to fuel their Force powers. 

What this means is that it is theoretically possible for a Jedi to use dark side powers and for a Sith to use light side powers. All it would take is a bit of training and any Force user could utilize a power of their choosing. 

Though it is theoretically possible for a Sith to use light side powers it may be a bit more difficult for them than it would be for a Jedi to use dark side powers. This is due to a variety of factors, which we will discuss further as the article progresses.

Still, once they learn the skill, they can use the light side powers if they so desire. 

Do the Sith Use Both Sides of the Force?

whether Sith use light side powers

Just because the Sith can technically use both sides of the Force doesn’t mean that they do. 

As mentioned before, it may be a bit more difficult for a Sith to use light side powers than it would be for a Jedi to use dark side powers. This is because the Sith are trained to use all the negative emotions and feelings to push their quest for power forward. 

Most of the light side powers work in tandem with the Jedi’s principles; that is, the absence of all emotions and the maintenance of a clear mind that allows them to be one with the Force. 

Therefore, for a Sith to use the same Force techniques as the Jedi, they would have to make some tweaks to their way of thinking. They would have to release some of their rage, hatred, and other negativity to make it work. 

As simple as it may seem, this is a bit more difficult than you might think, as it is far easier to fall into the darkness than it is to climb out of it. 

For a Jedi to use the dark side, all they would have to do is channel the bit of darkness that resides in everyone. A Sith, on the other hand, would have to begin embracing the very thing they are fighting against in order to use the light side.

Can a Sith Be Turned to the Light Side?

There are countless cases of Jedi who have fallen to the dark side, effectively relinquishing their standing on the light side of the Force. Of course, the Sith can do the same and turn to the light side. 

Star Wars: Every Sith Who Turned To The Light Side

One prime example of this is that of the legend himself, Anakin Skywalker. 

Anakin began his journey as a Jedi. He was one of the most impressive Jedi of his day. However, he was a rebel that blatantly disregarded some of the rules in the Jedi Code. 

Anakin formed attachments when he should not have, and he held onto emotions when that was a clear violation of the Code. His rebellious nature made him unpredictable, which played a hand in him not being promoted to the rank of Jedi Master. 

This, and a host of other factors, led to Anakin becoming one of the most notorious Sith Lords, Darth Vader. As the Dark Lord, Vader wreaked havoc on the galaxy because of his anger and his thirst for power. 

He unleashed absolute carnage on the Jedi Temple during Order 66. As a result, a whopping 99 percent of the Jedi Order was annihilated.

It took a couple of decades and the rise of his son, Luke Skywalker, to defeat Darth Vader. Now, this defeat did not harm Anakin himself; rather, it just allowed Luke to save Anakin and bring him back to the light side. 


At face value, there is no light side and dark side; there is only the Force. What brings about the different sides is how the Force is used and the intentions behind it. 

Ergo, it is relatively easy for the Sith to use light side powers and the Jedi to use dark side powers. Still, just because they can use it doesn’t mean that they do. Moreover, the vast majority of the Sith opt to use the dark side of the Force. 

The light side powers require that the Jedi be an empty vessel with a peaceful aura that the Force can fill. Given this, it is a bit more difficult for the Sith to use light side techniques because they have been taught for their entire life to do the opposite of the Jedi. 

Yet, there are some Sith who have been turned to the light side, proving that it is possible, regardless of how difficult it may be. 

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