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Where Do the Sith Come From?

Where Do the Sith Come From?

The Star Wars galaxy is split into multiple planets with distinct characteristics. There are city-scaped planets, such as Coruscant, dry desert-like planets like Tatooine, and swampy, lushly green planets such as Dagobah. 

Regardless of the environment, each planet had something specific that it was known for. 

Coruscant was known for housing the Imperial Center, the Jedi Temple, and other important buildings. 

Tatooine is known for being the birthplace of the notorious Anakin Skywalker. 

Last but not least, Dagobah was dubbed the purest planet in the galaxy. This was the place where Jedi Grand Master Yoda chose to exile after the events of Order 66.

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An important question arises: Given the important role each planet played in the progression of the franchise, where do the Sith come from? 

This question and more will be answered in this article. 

What Planet Did the Sith Come From?

Sith original planet

The Sith did not begin their journey as the dark Force-sensitives we know today. In actuality, the Sith started as a race.

The first Sith were known as Sith Purebloods or “Red Sith” on account of their red skin. They originated on the planet Korriban before they resettled on the ice-ridden planet of Ziost. 

Recognized by their boney facial features and their genetic predisposition for the darkness of the Force, it was only natural that the Red Sith went on to play a big role in the Sith Empire, which held power within the Galactic Empire. 

Before the Red Sith resettled, humans were sent to exile on Korriban. Over time, this led to the Sith breeding with humans, thus diluting the pure bloodline. 

Who Started the Sith?

This question is a bit more complex than meets the eye. On paper, the Sith were started by the original species, the Red Sith. 

Sith Species COMPLETE History | 100,000 Years of Darkness

At first, the Sith Empire was ruled by kings, until it was eventually taken over by Dark Lords, simply known as “Darths.” Back then, the Sith Order worked under the rule of the first Darth, Ajunta Pall. 

With his guidance, the Sith had taken over their new home of Ziost. Here, they established their roots and built a home for their leader, Ajunta Pall. Pall valiantly served the Sith for many decades until his eventual demise. 

The First Sith EVER: Ajunta Pall - Star Wars Explained

Once he passed, his body was returned to Korriban, where he was buried in a gargantuan tomb that would later be known as the Valley of the Dark Lords. Even though he died, the empire he built would live on. This brings us to the Sith we know today. 

After the Jedi annihilated most of the Brotherhood of Darkness, which was another name for the Sith Order, the Sith had to recuperate and rebuild their organization. The one credited with the rebuilding of the Order is none other than Darth Bane. 

Star Wars Legends: New Sith - Brotherhood of Darkness

Angered by how easily the Brotherhood of Darkness fell, Darth Bane wanted to ensure that this would not happen again. That’s when he came up with the “Rule of Two.” 

The Rule of Two made it so that the only two Sith could operate at any given time

One would be a Sith Master who was well versed in the ways of the Sith and the dark side of the Force. The other would be an apprentice who was eager to learn about the dark side and all it has to offer. 

This rule allowed the Sith to train secretly, all the while plotting their revenge on the Jedi. This rule was successful, and the Sith Order grew from that point on. 

Who was the Oldest Dark Lord in Star Wars?

Since the days of Darth Bane, there have been many Sith Lords to grace our screens. With so many Darths (Dark Lords) to keep track of, one can’t help but wonder which Dark Lord was the oldest.

The person crowned with the title of “oldest Darth” is Darth Vitiate. According to Screenrant, Vitiate lived for approximately 1,500 years, which was far more than any other Darth. 

The Complete Legend of Vitiate - The Sith Emperor of the Old Republic

Not only was he the oldest Darth, but he was also the most vicious. He was so powerfully evil that his feats of aggression began before he was even an adult. 

At the mere age of six, Vivtate killed his father. While he was still a child, he went on to murder thousands more.


The Sith is one of the darkest, but most intriguing groups in the Star Wars universe. Their story began in Korriban with the Red Sith species and evolved into the ruthless Force-users we know today. 

The breeding out of the Red Sith caused the original bloodline to become a status symbol among the new Sith. The more original blood you had, the more pureblooded you were considered to be.

Although the Sith were technically started by the race of Red Sith, the Order was fully established by the first Darth, Ajunta Pall. 

After the Brotherhood of Darkness was eventually destroyed, Darth Bane rebuilt and took charge of the Order. This led to the Sith we know today.

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