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What Is the Meaning of an Indigo Lightsaber?

What Is the Meaning of an Indigo Lightsaber?

I was raised on Star Wars, and it remains one of my favorite franchises ever. Thanks to certain video games, we now have a ton of lightsabers! And this is one of the rarest you can find. 

There has been some debate over the canon lightsaber colors and their meaning, some say eight while others say eleven. This has been going on partially due to what some fans call the “Disney Purge.”

This article will focus mostly on indigo, but I’ll touch on blue and purple as well. As it’s not uncommon to group several lightsabers together, when they’re close to each other in the color spectrum.

What Is the Meaning of an Indigo Lightsaber?

An indigo lightsaber may mean calmness, wisdom, spirituality, and intuition. 

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This uncertainty is due to lack of information, as it’s only been used in one game so far, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019). A variant has appeared in another game, Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011).

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But this is a blue-cyan-indigo, which is more for showing a player’s preference. Because it’s easily confused for a blue or purple, it has been suggested to share traits with them.

Who Uses the Indigo Lightsaber?

Only Cal Kestis has wielded an indigo lightsaber. He’s the main character in Jedi: Fallen Order, (2019)

You obtain this along with every color crystal, (except for orange because that was a preorder item), at the same time. This occurs roughly halfway through the game, and takes place on the frozen planet of Ilum.

This was once the Jedi’s original home, and is said to contain over 60 types of crystals for use in a lightsaber. Sadly, we don’t get to hunt for our preferred crystal.

But at least we can quickly see which color works best as a flashlight, as Cal Kestis will sometimes have to traverse dark places. In order to solve puzzles, try to get the drop on enemies, and find hidden loot.

Even though you should have all of your skills at this point, make sure to get the “push”, and “pull” skills. As you won’t be able to do the puzzle before accessing the crystal cave.

We meet Cal Kestis on the planet, Bracca. Where we learn how to play the game and begin to get a feel for this part of the timeline.

Over the course of exploring six planets and trying to avoid the Empire, we learn that Cal Kestis is a survivor of Order 66. His master, Jaro Tapal, sensed something was wrong, but was slain during the horrific slaughter.

We get to see his ghost in key events, similar to how Ben helped Luke in the original trilogy. And also similar to Luke before him, Cal Kestis is not a powerhouse.

You can die at the tutorial level very easily. 

So make sure you master parrying before heading off the planet. And remember the golden rule: always explore!

Indigo Lightsabers in Star Wars Canon

Due to only one official appearance of this lightsaber, not much is known. But because it’s between blue and purple, it’s been suggested that having this lightsaber means the wielder has been tempted by the dark side but is still staying on the Jedi path. 

Star Wars Legends: The Old Republic Game

Though its appearance shows a more whitish look than purple. In The Old Republic, the blue-cyan-indigo lightsaber looks mostly blue, with a black stripe in the center of the blade and traveling to the tip.

This is to show that the core is indigo, while the rest of the blade belongs to blue and cyan. Another fun fact is that you’re not bound by faction when it comes to lightsabers.

A Sith can use the blue-cyan-indigo lightsaber just as easily as a Jedi, and if you’d rather use a blaster than a lightsaber. The crystals will color your bullets and make them pop against the screen in The Old Republic

Indigo lightsabers in Star Wars Legends.

One thing that I do want to mention, is that Cal Kestis isn’t the first one capable of using/switching lightsabers. You don’t need to be force-sensitive to use a lightsaber. 

Considering recent trends, it’s a matter of when we get more lore. Either in movies or another game.

Getting your hands on the Blue-Cyan-Indigo lightsaber is both easy and a lottery. As you can buy this crystal at either the Cartel Market, the Cartel Crystal Packs, or Grand Crystal Packs.

You can also try your luck in the GTN, (which acts as a hub for players). But just like in real life, this crystal is not always available and can get pricey, depending on availability, desirability, and rarity.

There are four kinds you can buy. Advanced Indestructible which gives you +41 Endurance, Advanced Hawkeye for +41 Power, Advanced Eviscerating for +41 Crit, and Advanced War Hero for +41 Mastery.

Be careful when purchasing crystals as you can only use one on your lightsaber or blaster. (Personally, I’d choose endurance, since that will give me more health.)

It also doesn’t need an Artifact Authorization. For those considering playing The Old Republic for the first time.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Online Game CodeIf you choose to make a free or preferred account, you won’t be able to equip any of the +41 crystals. You also won’t be able to buy it from the market or see it in a pack. 

Sadly this rule applies to everything else in the game. Your account determines what you access and your level cap.

Despite being eight years old. The Old Republic is still going strong, with many recurring events and updates. 

You can play with a friend as long as you pick the same server, planet, and start at level one together. Many fans still sing this game’s praises, so check it out if you want a crazy amount of customization and freedom to play non-Force sensitive characters.

If you’d like to learn more about The Old Republic game, click this link. They are a true veteran of the game and have a ton of guides, tips, and lore for every fan. 

Blue vs. Indigo vs. Purple lightsabers.

This is about color. Not damage or attack. I’ll start with the meanings behind the colors, as well as some neat facts. 

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Blue represents bravery and righteousness. Typically used by Jedi Guardians. (As seen in the prequel trilogy.) 

They are more proficient with using the Force in a more physical way. (Like breaking droids.)

Blue is one of the most common to find, as many Padawan, or apprentices, first gain one after beginning training under a Jedi Knight or Master. It’s commonly called a “hero color,” as blue and green represent water and earth.

Purple. The only reason this lightsaber came to be, is because Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas for one. 

He wanted the audience to always be able to see him. Thanks to the Expanded Universe, it now means moral ambiguity, uncertainty, and reconstruction. 

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Purple is made from blue and red. Meaning that those who wield them, have no problem using the dark side, but they tend to regret it immediately.

We don’t see Mace Windu use any abilities associated with the dark Side, but a theory stands that’s because he channeled it into his lightsaber, which caused it to change color.

We do see Cal Kestis struggle with the dark side twice in the game, but it’s impossible to become a Sith in Fallen Order. Similar to how Luke Skywalker and many others before him struggle.

The dark side is always next to the light. It doesn’t always tempt, but it never goes away.

I think that indigo has a nice middle ground in meaning between blue and purple. Should a sequel or another game in this timeline come, I hope to see more of the indigo and purple lightsabers. 


Sadly, we have next to nothing lore-wise on the indigo lightsaber. Right now it only exists in games, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be introduced in a movie or show.

Or a book, since there’s been a surge of new Star Wars novels coming every year. It wouldn’t surprise me to find one featuring Cal Kestis, or his master, in their own novel or comic. 

All of indigo’s meanings represent positive things, though there’s still a connection to darker impulses, if Cal Kestis or a future Jedi aren’t careful. Thank you for reading and may the Force be with you.

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