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Starkiller’s Lightsaber Form: How Powerful Is Galen Marek?

Starkiller’s Lightsaber Form: How Powerful Is Galen Marek?

Many people have definitely watched the Star Wars movies. But only a few have dared to traverse the entire franchise by reading novels, enjoying the comic books, watching the animated series, or even playing the video games.

There are plenty of Star Wars video games on various consoles but today, we’ll be focusing on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

If the storyline doesn’t convince you, the trailer below might do the job.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer

Who Is Starkiller?

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the main character uses “Starkiller” as his codename. He was also called “The Apprentice” but his real name is Galen Marek.

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Galen Marek’s parents

For a short background, Galen Marek is actually the son of Kento Marek, a Jedi Knight. His mother was also a Jedi named Mallie.

Going against the Jedi Order, Mallie and Kento married in secret. Because of this, they went on exile on their own free will.

Simultaneously, Order 66 was executed so they had to hide and lie low. Ultimately, they stayed and settled in Kashyyyk.

Eventually, they had a son, but the mother passed away in a fight against Trandoshan Slavers. Kento had to raise Galen on his own.

Another tragedy hits when Darth Vader came to invade Kashyyyk and killed Kento Marek. Poor Galen was orphaned.

But because he was a prodigy when it came to the Force, Vader took him in as his secret apprentice and his private hitman.

Growing up as a Sith, he only knew himself as Starkiller. He even lost memories of his parents. But during his redemption arc and demise, he regained some of his memories.

Galen’s story is one of tragedy, but in true Star Wars fashion, it’s also about atonement. If you want to know more about Galen Marek’s story, the video below can fill you in.

Starkiller: Galen Marek (Legends) - Star Wars Explained

Training under the Sith

Looking at it without the whole concept of being on the dark side, learning from a Jedi prodigy and a Dark Lord is a rare opportunity. It’s a chance to master all the fighting styles and how to use the Force’s light and dark side.

But surprisingly, Darth Vader didn’t actually teach Starkiller all he knew. In fact, he only taught him the basics of fighting.

What Vader focused on was cultivating hatred and rage in Starkiller by using agonizing training techniques and repressing his memories. Of course, Vader had to do this if he wanted Starkiller to use the dark side of the Force and be committed to the Sith.

After this, he urged his apprentice to figure out fighting techniques of his own. Starkiller had a lightsaber-training holodroid called PROXY.

PROXY could accurately copy Jedi fighting styles and would often attack his master to keep his guard up. Still, PROXY became close to his master despite the intense training arrangement.

This holodroid was able to replicate Obi-Wan and even Darth Maul’s fighting style but Starkiller was able to win against PROXY.

In one instance, he was able to defeat Vader and also stand his ground against Sidious.

What’s Starkiller’s lightsaber form?

One thing I’m sure of is that Starkiller was a master of the fighting style Dun Möch. By using taunts and psychological warfare to distract an enemy.

For defense, he was also able to use Soresu, which he learned on his own.

He also fought using Juyo and a variant of Form V called “Sith Shien”. This is a swift succession of attacks to defeat an enemy as fast as possible.

But overall, it’s not as if Starkiller was a master in the seven forms. On the contrary, his fighting style was completely unique.

The lack of lightsaber training allowed him to develop his own style which was highly aggressive and dangerous. But most of all, his style was unpredictable and arbitrary.

When dueling, a swordsman will expect a certain style or technique in order to find a weakness. But if you cannot read your opponent’s moves, then you’re basically staying on guard and anticipating an opening that might never come.

Why Starkiller Might Just Be The MOST DANGEROUS Lightsaber Duelist In Star Wars

Starkiller’s Lightsabers

His first lightsaber was based on Darth Vader’s as it had an emitter and casing but it was not as bulky. The hilt itself didn’t have a handgrip, it was encased with a damaged-looking metal sheath, instead.

Darth Vader gave him the red crystals for his saber, which he kept exposed on his hilt. Eventually, he lost this saber when Darth Vader betrayed him.

The second lightsaber he owned was owned by Rahm Kota. But because he never truly felt that this was his lightsaber, he replaced the green crystal with a blue one.

This blue crystal was actually his father’s. He had found it in the remains of their hut on Kashyyyk.

Afterward, he felt more attuned to his lightsaber and eventually defeats Vader with it. Then, he also wielded this saber against Sidious.

Unfortunately, he was defeated and breathed one’s last with the saber by his side. Upon finding him, Vader crushes the lightsaber under his heel.

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