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Lightsaber Scythe – Would It Be Practical In Star Wars?

Lightsaber Scythe – Would It Be Practical In Star Wars?

The imaginative world of Star Wars has introduced us to weapon designs that we could never have initially thought of.

The plasma blade of a lightsaber seems simple enough, but achieving such a weapon has not fully been accomplished yet.

But this doesn’t stop people from conceptualizing other weapons equipped with a plasma blade.

These colorful ideas coming from fans are actually logical since Star Wars has established a few of these strange weapons, such as the lightwhip.

Therefore, it isn’t unusual for people to presume that a lightsaber scythe could possibly exist somewhere in the Star Wars universe. The question is whether it is an effective weapon in combat.

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Does the lightsaber scythe exist in the canon?

As of today, a lightsaber scythe is not in canon. But that’s not to say that it will never be in canon or legends.

The Star Wars universe is a growing project which isn’t ending anytime soon. This continuous expansion hints to me that the possibility of the birth of a lightsaber scythe is plausible.

What’s a scythe?

Originally, a scythe wasn’t meant to be a weapon at all. In fact, according to the dictionary, scythes are tools with a long curved blade affixed at the end of a long handle.

It is used to mow grass, grain, and other crops. Its definition doesn’t even include it as a weapon; however, it’s somehow ingrained in our thinking that it can be optimized as an armament.

The history of the scythe

For us to understand why the scythe is also viewed as a weapon, we have to understand its history.

In farming

As early as 500BC, the scythe was invented. Its main purpose was for agriculture, namely mowing, and cutting.

In fact, when it came to reaping crops, it replaced the sickly by the 16th century. For the reason that it allowed the user to simply stand rather than slouch.

As a weapon

The Grim Reaper and Cronus are popular fictional figures who wielded scythes as their weapons. Having these fictitious characters use scythes as weapons indicate that it was thought of before and even used in skirmishes.

The scythe and the pitchfork were usually used as weapons by those who were not rich enough to purchase actual armaments. Perhaps they used these to defend their crops and farm animals from wild beasts, or even from raiders.

In the instance of war, Jan Žižka and the Hussite warriors gathered peasants for their military force. They had blacksmiths modified their scythes to make it more durable and suitable for combat.

The advantages of the scythe as a weapon

I don’t doubt that the scythe is a terrific weapon in battle. In fact, it’s been proven and what better proof than winning large battles.

In the Battle of Racławice 1794, with scythes, the Polish attacked and captured the Russian Artillery. Of course, many of these Polish fighters were actually peasants, hence their use of scythes as their weapons.

1. Terrific for cutting

With cutting as its primary function, the scythe can undoubtedly sever an enemy. I do not doubt that in the trained hands of a warrior, a scythe can be a deadly weapon.

2. Good for distance fighting

Just like a spear, the long handle equates to a significant reach. The distance can allow the fighter to avoid getting hit by their opponents.

3. Can be used as a hook

The shape of the scythe is perfect in terms of tugging the enemy or their enemy’s weapon. For instance, with a scythe, you can pull another fighter off their horse, or you can even dislodge their hold on their weapon.

The disadvantages of the scythe as a weapon

The original function of the scythe is for agriculture. Obviously, it isn’t meant for fighting.

In this sense, it just isn’t an ergonomic design for combat. In comparison to a sword or a rapier, the scythe isn’t as practical.

1. Unorthodox shape

The shape of the scythe is perfect for cutting grass. But for combat, it might be a little more tricky.

Granted, with training it’s possible to get used to using a scythe as a weapon. But it isn’t as straightforward as parrying and slashing with a sword.

2. Unusual weight distribution

Fighting with a weapon takes plenty of practice and skill. One element that needs to be perfected is balance.

When it comes to fencing, it’s important to find the sword’s center of balance. The center varies depending on the sword.

The easier it is to find the center, the easier sword handling will be. Unfortunately, a scythe’s center of balance is trickier.

3. Not good for close quarters

Unfortunately, if the enemy somehow gets closer to you, it’s going to be difficult to fight with a scythe. So it’s important to not give enemies the chance to get past the scythe’s reach.

The likelihood of a lightsaber scythe

In theory, a plasma bladed scythe has pretty good uses. With a plasma blade, the scythe is more powerful and can cut through more types of matter.

It’s also still a good weapon to keep enemies at a distance.

However, the length of the weapon must be made out of a lightweight and lightsaber resistant material such as Phrik Alloy.

If the material isn’t lightsaber resistant, it’s going to be useless because the shaft will just be a weak point and can’t be used for defense. If they slash through the handle, you’re basically left with no weapon at all.

Furthermore, the hook technique can’t be used either. Remember, a plasma blade can cut through almost anything. Therefore, using a plasma blade to pull something will simply result in severing it.

Also, the unorthodox shape and weight distribution will still play a role in the individual’s ability to fight effectively. Still, it’s certainly possible if they’ve practiced and mastered the weapon.

Close fights are still going to be a challenge with a lightsaber spear. But most of all, blocking blasters blasts will be a nightmare.

Other bizarre weapons in Star Wars

Nonetheless, Star Wars is a fictional world and sometimes the impracticality of weapons isn’t really a big deal. At the end of the day, many of the characters who wield strange or impractical weapons are so skilled that they have no problems with fighting, at all.

For instance, many fans have doubted and even debated the practicality and logic of the lightsaber. But even with the issues raised, lightsabers are still popular and celebrated in the fanbase.

A few lightsabers that raised mixed reactions are shown in the video below. Some of these could make sense but others don’t; either way, these are all unique and cool designs.

6 CRAZY Lightsaber Designs

In Conclusion

Just like the lightspear, lightsaber scythes have not been featured in the Star Wars universe. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility.

Unfortunately, a lightsaber scythe wouldn’t be too practical because of the lack of a lightsaber resistant handle, and the difficulty in blocking blaster shots. It also isn’t very good for close fights.

Still, in a fictional world, anything is possible. Perhaps an immensely powerful and skilled character can prove just how amazing and effective a lightsaber scythe could be.

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