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What Material Is the Darksaber Made Of?

What Material Is the Darksaber Made Of?

I have seen Star Wars fans in a heated debate about the significance of a Darksaber. But most people don’t even know what a Darksaber is made of.

A lot of people assume that it is just another type of sword. While they may be similar in appearance, sabers are not necessarily swords in the truest sense of the word.

Cortosis is a material used to make the Darksaber, it is an energy-resistant material created when the mineral, phrik, is exposed to high heat and electromagnetic radiation.

How Was the Darksaber Created?

components to make darksabers

The Darksaber is a unique lightsaber made from beskar (also known as “Mandalorian iron”); it is the only blade of its kind to have been made in the Star Wars universe.

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The fantastic thing about beskar is that it is highly resistant to lightsaber blades, which is why the Jedi Order had such a difficult time with the Mandalorian Crusaders during the Great Sith War.

Most lightsaber blades would simply melt or shatter upon contact with beskar.

The design of the Darksaber hilt resembles that of a medieval sword. The hilt has a flat handle rather than a rounded one, and the handguard is flat and angular. The blade of the Darksaber emits an electric crackle as it ignites.

To understand what a Darksaber is made of, you must understand its history and purpose.

The Complete History of the Darksaber

The Mandalorian warrior Tarre Vizsla built the lightsaber. He was Force-sensitive and became the first Mandalorian Jedi Knight, an anomaly.

In addition to being the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla was also the founder and ruler of House Vizsla, one of the most powerful Mandalorian clans during The Old Republic.

After Tarre Vizsla’s death, House Vizsla gave custody of his lightsaber to the Jedi Order. Eventually, though, when House Vizsla fell into disfavor with the Galactic Senate for their actions in the war, Mandalorians stole back Tarre Vizsla’s lightsaber from the Jedi Temple Archives.

The Darksaber symbolized House Vizsla’s leadership for centuries until Pre Vizsla usurped control from Duchess Satine Kryze, who had inherited power after her father’s death (Pre Vizsla continued his family’s legacy.

Can a Darksaber Cut Through a Lightsaber?

In the finale episode of Star Wars Rebels, Moff Gideon uses the Darksaber to cut through the cockpit of a TIE fighter just like butter, which makes us wonder what this weapon’s capabilities are.

Moff Gideon has the darksaber

Can it cut through a lightsaber? It’s an important question because it would be a game-changer if the Darksaber could cut through a lightsaber.

Not only would this mean that it is more potent than other lightsabers, but using the Darksaber would give you a distinct advantage in the battle against someone wielding a regular lightsaber.

As we’ve discussed before, at its most basic level, the Darksaber is a lightsaber. Specifically, it’s a saber staff, a double-bladed lightsaber with one blade perpendicular to the other and connected at the hilt.

They can be wielded as two separate blades or joined together to form one long sword, as seen in Episode 9 of The Mandalorian Season 2.

According to The Clone Wars, the answer is “no.” The Darksaber isn’t more powerful than other lightsabers.

As we saw with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker cutting through each other’s lightsabers with their lightsabers, once the energy blades of two lightsabers collide, they cancel each other out.

If you try to use one lightsaber to cut through an activated energy blade of another lightsaber, the edges will simply collide and cancel each other out.


As we can see, the Darksaber has quite a history that began with a simple weapon of war and evolved into one of power and belief. In the modern universe, lightsabers have become a little more accessible than they once were.

The Star Wars prequels demonstrated that a lightsaber could not cut through another. Several materials are used to create lightsabers: kyber crystals and phrik.

Lightsabers are primarily made from composites of tibanna gas and titanium, which offer exceptional protection against energy blades. Because the Darksaber is not a lightsaber, it must be made from alternative material.

That’s about it for the Darksaber.

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