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What Will Grogu Become? Mandalorian, Jedi?

What Will Grogu Become? Mandalorian, Jedi?

Grogu is one of the most compelling characters in the Star Wars universe. As a member of Yoda’s species, Grogu has powerful Force-wielding capabilities. 

However, since he is attached to his Mandalorian father-figure Din Djarin, Grogu may opt to become a Mandalorian instead of a Jedi. 

Grogu would make a powerful Jedi, given his raw ability in wielding the Force. He has had limited training as a Jedi, and even with that minute bit of training, his abilities have grown. 

Emotionally, he may make a better Mandalorian, but there is a possibility he could be both Mandalorian and Jedi. 

Does Grogu Have Any Jedi Training?

Grogu is a member of Yoda’s species, and if there is one common denominator about the species, it is that they are incredible Force-wielders. Grogu is no different, having shown his powerful ability to use the Force on numerous occasions. 

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Grogu vs Yoda

Although Grogu looks like an infant, he is actually over 50 years old, having been born in 41 BBY. He spent time at the Jedi Temple during the waning days of the Galactic Republic, meaning he has had some Jedi training. 

However, following Order 66 in 19 BBY, Grogu disappeared. He was one of the few Force-sensitives the Sith could not detect and kill during their reign between 19 BBY and 4 ABY. 

Five years after the Galactic Empire collapsed, Din Djarin initially kidnapped Grogu as nothing more than a bounty. But he grew fond of who he then called the Child, and the two became an incredible dynamic duo, with Grogu helping Din Djarin get himself out of several tight spots. 

Did Grogu Choose the Chainmail or the Lightsaber?

When he crosses Luke Skywalker in Chapter 16 of The Mandalorian, entitled The Rescue, Grogu ends up going with Luke to resume his formal Jedi training following a 28-year hiatus. We don’t get a visual on Grogu until Chapter 5 in The Book of Boba Fett: Return of the Mandalorian.

In the episode, Skywalker trains Grogu, but the child’s emotional attachment toward Din Djarin is evident, and it is clear early on that Grogu’s focus isn’t where it should be. 

This leads Skywalker to give Grogu an ultimatum, and he sets Beskar chainmail alongside Yoda’s old lightsaber. If Grogu takes the lightsaber, he would continue his Jedi training, but if he chooses the chainmail, Grogu would instead return to Din Djarin. 

Luke gives Grogu the chance to choose between Yoda's Lightsaber and Mando's Armor | TBBF Episode 6

Given his attachment to Din, Grogu selects the chainmail over Yoda’s old lightsaber, and while Grogu returns to his father figure’s side, his Jedi training once again will suffer. 

Is Grogu Strong in the Force?

Grogu has done extraordinary things with the Force, once using it to prevent a mudhorn from severely injuring Din Djarin via telekinesis. And although the mudhorn was a gigantic creature, Grogu had no trouble levitating it as though it weighed nothing. 

Gorgu Save Mando From Mudhorn | The Mandalorien | View Clip

Grogu has also Force-choked on occasion, once using the maneuver when Din Djarin squared off with Cara Dune in an arm wrestling match. Grogu, being the child he is, initially thought Cara Dune was harming Din Djarin, leading him to apply the Force choke. 

Baby Yoda using Force

Grogu has used the Force barrier on multiple occasions, perhaps the most notable being when he conjured it against a band of Incinerator troopers to save Din and his squad. He can also communicate via Force telepathy, which we saw when he met Ahsoka Tano for the first time. 

Grogu can Force heal, which is a rare gift, and he can also use Force concealment to throw off would-be opponents regarding just how much power he boasts. Overall, Grogu’s ability within the Force is so great, you may even wonder whether he needs formal training to begin with. 

Baby Yoda heals Greef Karga with the force | The Mandalorian Episode 7

Grogu Would Need Jedi Training


The answer is yes: if Grogu were to become a true Jedi, he would need Jedi training. And that might mean separation from Din Djarin for at least a small amount of time. This is something that even Star Wars creator George Lucas has stressed. 

Although Grogu has a strong Force-connection of his own accord, we did see that, in Chapter 7 of The Book of Boba Fett: In the Name of Honor, he boasted an even stronger connection. Therefore, formal Jedi training would unleash Grogu’s untapped potential. 

Can Grogu Become a Jedi Without Luke’s Help?

Luke and Grogu

Grogu simply needs formal Jedi training, so he could find a way to become a Jedi even without Luke. While Ahsoka refused to train Grogu, there are still Force-sensitives in the galaxy like Ezra Bridger

While we don’t know whether Bridger will show up in The Mandalorian: Season 3, he may be someone who wouldn’t mind training Grogu without making the child leave Din Djarin. 

Other possibilities also exist for Grogu, including Barriss Offee, who some theorize rescued Grogu from the Jedi Temple during Order 66. It’s also possible that Grogu’s teacher may not even be alive, as a Force ghost like Qui-Gon Jinn could be a strong possibility. 

Some have theorized Grogu could become a Jedi through the teachings of Yoda, but it would be tough to see Yoda’s Force ghost teaching someone so emotionally attached to a parent figure. 

Will Grogu Become a Mandalorian?

Grogu identifying more as a Mandalorian foundling

We know Grogu has enough of a Force connection to turn into a resounding Jedi Master, but he has shown time and again that his emotional attachment rests with Din Djarin. This indicates he is more likely to become a Mandalorian at this point in time. 

Another argument for Grogu becoming a Mandalorian Warrior is that Din Djarin got to Grogu before any Jedi following the Galactic Civil War. This, along with his attachment with Din Djarin, leads Grogu to identifying more as a Mandalorian foundling than a Jedi youngling. 

Since the Jedi Code forbids attachments of any kind, Grogu is an outsider to the Jedi way. And since he already chose the chainmail over Yoda’s lightsaber, there is a strong possibility he already chose to be a Mandalorian. 

Could Grogu Be a Mandalorian and a Jedi?

Grogu could be a Mandalorian and a Jedi

There is a chance that Grogu could return and complete his Jedi training while still being on track to become a Mandalorian. One theory is that, since Ben Solo destroys Luke’s Jedi Temple in 28 ABY, that Grogu, strong in the Force, survives the attack. 

And since the destruction of this Temple occurs 19 years after the timeline of The Mandalorian, we can also confidently claim that Grogu’s Force-wielding will be even stronger in 28 ABY. If he were to take this route, he could return to the Mandalorians. 

There is also a chance he completes his Jedi training and that his story arc resembles Tarre Vizsla’s, the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi. Further evidence supports this theory since Din Djarin has the Darksaber, which once belonged to Vizsla. 

It is possible that Din Djarin passes the Darksaber down to Grogu, and that could happen sooner rather than later, especially since Grogu could be the first Mandalorian Jedi since Vizsla

Further, it’s also not unheard of for Jedi to become Mandalorians. During Revan’s time roughly 4,000 years before the events of The Mandalorian, the Mandalorian Knights comprised Jedi-turned-Mandalorians. 

Suppose Grogu decides to undergo his Jedi training, survives Solo’s attack on the Jedi Temple in 28 ABY, and leads the survivors back to the Mandalorians. This would make him a Mandalorian Jedi as well, and could introduce a new group of Jedi-turned-Mandalorians. 


As it stands, it is more likely Grogu will become a Mandalorian, since his attachment to Din Djarin wins out more than anything. The attachment has also led him astray from the Jedi Code, so much that even Luke Skywalker realized Grogu’s heart was torn between the two. 

This led to an ultimatum that ended with Grogu taking the Beskar chainmail instead of Yoda’s lightsaber. While there is a chance he could return to continue his Jedi training, his decision to select the chainmail could signify that Grogu already made his decision. 

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