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Where do Jedi Keep Their Lightsabers?

Where do Jedi Keep Their Lightsabers?

Most Jedi keep their lightsabers clipped onto a belt on their left side. Though there have been other ways to carry them, this is the most common.

They’ve also used sheathes across their backs, (for saberpikes and sometimes broadsabers), as the hilts were too long to carry on their hip easily. The riflesaber was also carried this way, as its unique form looked just like a rifle. 

Where Do Jedi Store Their Lightsabers?

Sometimes it’s not practical to have a lightsaber on you, and other times it’s one of the things that you should always keep visible.

For the types of lightsabers we see the most (we see at least three different types in every trilogy), the standard way is to keep it attached to their belt.

And when it comes to the rare moments when they don’t carry them, most lightsabers are kept within reach of their Jedi. Similar to how a samurai would keep their sword close at all times, even in sleep.

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Do Jedi Carry Their Lightsaber on Their Left or Right?

where Jedi keep their lightsabers

Jedi traditionally carry their lightsaber on their left. This is because most Jedi are right-handed, and drawing a weapon on the same as your dominant side isn’t as easy as the other way.

It’s the same principle as teaching someone to use their right hand to write with. Or keeping your watch on your left wrist.

Though, there are many Jedi who fight using both hands, and sometimes using two lightsabers at once, like Ahsoka Tano. This is mostly left up to the Jedi’s preference. 

Are Jedi Buried With Their Lightsabers?

Jedi lightsaber after Jedi died

This is the one question I’ve had the most trouble with. The fandom is in disagreement, and I’ve been unable to find a clear answer.

So, I’ll give the three top theories that work in Canon, Legends, and my personal take on it. I hope you enjoy them.

1/ Thanks to Disney we have something called the Kyber Arch, (as in the same crystals that are used in lightsaber construction). At the time of this writing, it only appeared in a comic book called, The High Republic: Into The Dark.
It’s housed within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and is wide at the bottom but narrows harshly at the top. According to legend, if a Jedi crosses the arch, they will be given a blessing by the Force.

But crossing it is extremely difficult, and it’s been said that only those the Force has called will be able to do so.
I won’t spoil the book, but I will say that the Arch is where most of the Kyber crystals from fallen Jedi end up.

They’ve been removed from the lightsaber and placed in the Arch, while the lightsaber hilt is sometimes buried with the Jedi. This theory gets the top spot because of its tradition, but due to this (and other mentions of Kyber crystals being alive in their own right), many fans aren’t too happy with this one.

If this Arch existed in the prequel trilogy, then it would have also been attacked, and either destroyed or twisted to the Sith’s plans. As these crystals can be used in new lightsabers and other weapons.

2/ If a Jedi has a Padawan, they can take their master’s lightsaber, (since Jedi aren’t allowed to have children this would be the closest thing they get to an inheritance). We see this in The Phantom Menace.

Obi-Wan Kenobi lost his lightsaber in the duel between himself, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Darth Maul. We don’t see anyone trying to take it from him or giving him permission to keep it.

Star Wars Episode I - Obi-Wan slices Darth Maul's waist

This may be because of the war going on and training Anakin Skywalker was more important, (not to mention Qui-Gon’s last wish as he truly believed that Anakin is the chosen one).

3/ Like other things concerning war, people love trophies, and a lightsaber is an excellent one. The best-known collector is General Grievous, who hunted down many Jedi and would take their lightsabers after killing them.

All the Fine Additions in Grievous' Lightsaber Collection [Legends] - Star Wars Explained

Thanks to his mostly mechanical body, General Grievous was able to wield many at once. Many sources claim he only has four, but if you combine canon and legends, then that number turns into thirty.

Though in the films we only see him use green and blue lightsabers, (but it’s not like he needs anything to help him stand out). And sometimes, despite the importance attached to them, some lightsabers wind up missing.

We see this in the movies, games, and sometimes in books. If the Kyber crystals are alive and aware, then I feel bad for the ones lost.

Other Points Of Interest

lightsaber hilts

Lightsaber hilts are made of a variety of materials, and the modern ones would have a clip attachment to hang from the belts.

Some of the more exotic types of lightsabers are, lightwhips (which are believed to be one of if not the oldest lightsaber), canes, rifles, and parosauls.

There are many more, but I’ll save those for another article. The hilts can be made from bone or rock, (depends on the one constructing it and if they can find the materials.) 

In Conclusion

A Jedi without a lightsaber is still a Jedi, but seeing them with one is always an impressive sight.

The lightsaber usually stays on their left, and depending on how they die and if the lightsaber is collected in time, Jedi may be buried with them.

Whether you lean more towards Canon or Legends, I hope you enjoyed reading this and may the Force be with you. 

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