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Do Jedi Mind Tricks Work On Droids?

Droids in Star Wars

The Star Wars universe is filled with multiple species. 

Everything from humans, to beasts, and let’s not forget the robots like R2-D2 and C-3PO. Now, the term robot actually became politically incorrect after the formation of the Galactic Republic

After this era, the more mechanical inhabitants of the various planets became known as Droids. 

While there were still a few persons who referred to the Droids as robots, that word was generally reserved for the more primal of the Droid lineage. 

One such person who would refer to them as robots on occasion was Luke Skywalker

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The existence of the Droids has raised many concerns and questions about them throughout the Star Wars fandom.

Droids in Star Wars

The main queries are regarding their legal rights and what can and cannot affect the Droids. Are they affected by the Force? Do Jedi mind tricks work on the Droids? 

These questions will be answered as we delve into the connection between the Droids and the Force users. 

So without further ado let’s dive into the article.

Do Jedi Mind Tricks Work on Droids?

First and foremost, what is the Jedi mind trick?

According to Obi-Wan Kenobi, “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.” Therefore, the Jedi mind trick, also known as Alter Mind, allows the user to infiltrate the mind of an impressionable person. 

With the use of the Jedi mind trick, a Jedi can implant a suggestion into the mind of another persuadable person. From there, the Jedi can get that person to do whatever they want them to do. 

Of course, the suggestions are of the non-violent variety because the Jedi are the peacekeeping guardians of the galaxy. 

JEDI MIND TRICK (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

But does that mean this can work on anyone? Does the Jedi mind trick also work on the Droids as well?

Given that the Droids are mechanical in nature, they don’t have minds, per se. 

While they may be intelligent, that intelligence does not come from a traditional “brain.” Instead, it comes from their internal computing system. 

Hence, the Droids are not susceptible to Jedi mind tricks. 

Can Jedi Use the Force on the Droids?

The Droids are synthetic, mechanical creatures, created by man and not by the same entity that created the other species in the Star Wars universe. 

the Droids

For that reason, the Droids have no connection to the Force. 

Yes, the Force is residing in all living things. However, the Droids are not inherently living. 

Despite Droids being seemingly able to feel everything another species feels, they do not count as living. With that in mind, the Force will not flow through the Droids. 

They are unable to become Jedi or use the Force.

Do Jedi Mind Tricks Work on Clones?

The Clone troopers came about as the Galactic Republic’s attempt at expanding their military forces. From their creation, they were trained to be loyal soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic

The Clone troopers

The Republic had the right idea but did not anticipate that their clone troopers would be corrupted. This corruption was known as Order 66. The point of this order was to make the Clones see the Jedi as the enemy and eradicate them. 

Unfortunately for them, this was a successful plan. 

Despite the Clones being copies of a living being, Force-sensitivity is not replicable. The Clones are still technically exact copies of their host human. 

That being the case, each Clone would still have a mind that’s transferred from the original. Granted, that mind would not be very strong as it is essentially a diluted version. 

Hence, on account of their weakened minds, the Clones are at the mercy of Jedi mind tricks. 

What Species Do Jedi Mind Tricks NOT Work On?

As we all know, Jedi mind tricks were said to work on only the weak-minded. So of course, there would be some groups that this ability did not work on. 

As a matter of fact, certain species seem far too strong-willed, or perhaps they have built up some type of immunity to being tricked. 

Some of these individuals were the Toydarians and the Hutts. These were species that had a strong grip on their minds that made it far more difficult for the Jedi to use their mind tricks to infiltrate their minds. 

Toydarian Species COMPLETE Breakdown (Biology, Culture & History)
Star Wars Species | Hutt Species - Canon Biology, Culture & History

Moreover, due to the fact that the Jedi mind trick only works on those with weak minds, then theoretically, the ability to resist can be taught. 

Once an individual learns how to keep complete control of their mind, then their mind would be strong and they could not be tricked. 

Can a Jedi be Mind Tricked?

The Force has an incredibly strong effect on those who are weak-minded. 

This is why it’s relatively easy for a Jedi to use their mind trick on another individual. 

But can the Jedi themselves be mind tricked?

From the time they are Padawans, they are trained to become one with the Force. They are taught that they must keep a clear mind and peaceful disposition. 

By the time they become full-blown Jedi Knights, they are able to fully control their minds, keeping them free from all emotions, distractions, and anything else that would pull them away from the light side of the Force. 

Hence, it seems rather unlikely that a Jedi will succumb to mind tricks.

Can Jedi Mind Trick Each Other?


The Droids are an interesting part of the Star Wars Franchise. It’s quite refreshing to see characters who are not able to be touched by the Force. It adds another perspective to the viewing experience. 

Droids are not able to be controlled by Jedi mind tricks. This is because they have no minds to control. 

Now, the Jedi mind trick works on weak-minded individuals, which gives them a plethora of minds to infiltrate. This, of course, does not mean that mind tricks work on everyone. 

In fact, the capability to hold out against mind tricks can be taught. Once the person learns how to be in control of their minds, their headspaces will not be invaded. 

Just take the Jedi for instance–they are trained from a young age to keep their minds clear. This bodes well for them as it allows them to have an unbelievably strong grasp on their minds. 

So strong that no one can worm their way into the Jedi’s minds.

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