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Why Did Yoda Go Into Exile?

Why Did Yoda Go Into Exile?

The Jedi are individuals who live by a strict set of rules, known as the Jedi Code. 

This code dictates everything about the Jedi’s everyday movements. It prevents them from doing things that we all would usually see as normal. 

For instance, thanks to the Code, the Jedi aren’t allowed to form attachments. Even to those, they’re related to! Seems crazy, right? 

What’s more, as per the Jedi Code, the Jedi are not allowed to have emotions, even though this doesn’t seem like the healthiest way to live life. 

Star Wars: The Jedi Path (Star Wars x Chronicle Books)

One rule that the Jedi have is to respect and protect all living creatures. Along with this rule comes a repercussion of exile if it has not been adhered to. 

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Given this information, the question arises, why did Jedi Grand Master Yoda go into exile? Keep reading as we dive into this topic. 

Why Did Yoda Go Into Exile?

As the head of the Jedi Order, Grand Master Yoda was unwaveringly dedicated to the way of the Jedi and, by extension, the Jedi Code. 

His dedication has been tested repeatedly, but no test was as intense as Order 66

Order 66 | Full Scene HD

Order 66, also known as the Great Jedi Purge, kicked off when the Galactic Republic’s Clone Troopers were tampered with. This corruption led to the clones viewing all Jedi as the enemy. 

Thus, opening the door for Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, and their team to storm the Jedi Temple. 

Unfortunately, their efforts were incredibly successful as they could wipe out over 90 percent of the Jedi group. Those who survived the purge were put into a sticky situation where they technically failed the Jedi Order. 

In particular, Yoda failed to protect the rest of his troops from the carnage and defeat Darth Sidious. Because he was the one responsible for Order 66, Yoda did not protect the lives of his people. 

Therefore, he exiled himself as per the rules of the Jedi Code. That wasn’t the only reason, however. Yoda’s exile also served as protection from the Galactic Empire troopers who were after him.

Did Yoda Exile On Dagobah?

Yoda chose exile on Dagobah. Why Dagobah, you may ask? 

Firstly, Dagobah is a  swampy planet, secluded and filled with forestry. In addition to that, Dagobah was secluded and relatively unexplored. 

Why Did Yoda Choose Dagobah for His Exile

This means that it may have been a lot harder for one of the Empire’s soldiers to find Yoda and eliminate him. It was so reclusive that even Luke Skywalker had difficulty finding Yoda at first. 

Ergo, it was the perfect place for him to hide away and reflect on the actions of Order 66. 

What Did Yoda Do While In Exile?

Yoda had to find some way to ensure that his solitude was used productively, during his time away. After all, he escaped to Dagobah for a reason. 

The reason being, Yoda was greatly affected by his inability to defeat Darth Sidious and put a stop to the Great Jedi Purge. 

But what exactly did he do while in exile? 

When he went into exile on Dagobah, he could atone for this self-assumed wrong he did. Additionally, Yoda felt as though the Republic fell out of touch with the Force, and that perhaps played a part in the massive hit they took.

Therefore, in his exile, he used that time to reconnect to the Force. 

What Yoda Did During His Exile on Dagobah

Did Yoda Go Crazy In Exile?

Of course, anyone who has been thrust into isolation, whether they did it to themselves or it was done to them, would feel as though they are going insane. 

Even so, Yoda did not go crazy while in exile, quite the opposite.

Given that the entire purpose for his exile was to be in tune with the Force, then it’s safe to assume that Yoda spent a fair amount of his time in mediation. 

yoda ages quickly

That coupled with the fact that up until his demise he was hands down one of the most dedicated Jedi, means that Yoda most likely had his wits about him. 

Now, many viewers and characters alike saw him as insane for good reason. When Yoda was met by Luke Skywalker on Dagobah he purposefully acted crazy

He did this to test whether or not Luke was ready for his advanced Jedi training. But rest assured, it was not crazy. 

How Long Was Yoda In Exile?

Even though it may seem like it isn’t a lot, Grand Master Yoda was a relatively busy man during his life on Dagobah. 

Between the atonement, his meditation to once again become one with the Force, and his training of Luke, Yoda spent a significant amount of time on Dagobah. 

Luke Meets Yoda Empire Strikes Back

It has been determined that after the Jedi Purge in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith that Yoda was in his self-inflicted isolation for 20 years. 

This is when he was alone and does not account for the time spent training Luke. Therefore, his time on Dagobah could have been a lot longer.

For someone who has lived to the impressive age of 900, 20 years is comparatively nothing. Still, for us who do not reside in the Star Wars universe, that same 20 years would seem like a lifetime.  


Jedi Grand Master Yoda is one of the greatest characters the Star Wars franchise offers. His wisdom, power, and impeccable swordsmanship have built a reputation for Yoda that precedes him. 

Sadly, even the greatest warriors have days where they would not win their battles. In the case of Yoda, his biggest loss came when he was unable to protect those in his care from the rage of Darth Sidious. 

This prompted Yoda to go into exile, where he spent 20 years paying for this alleged lapse in judgment, as well as rebuilding his connection to the Force. 

Surprisingly, all this time alone did not send Yoda crazy, contrary to what Luke Skywalker thought at first glance. Yoda acted crazy to test Luke’s preparedness for his Jedi training.

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