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Why Does Mando Care About Baby Yoda?

Why Does Mando Care About Baby Yoda?

Welcome to a theory article! Most of the information is my thoughts, feelings, and interpretations of the Mandalorian and various Star Wars media.

Warning: This article will feature spoilers for The Mandalorian season two, so don’t read if you’re still catching up.

Does Mando care about Grogu? Considering what happens in the pilot episode, I’d say yes!

Does Mando Care About Baby Yoda?

Mando care Grogu

Yes. We see Mando break the Bounty Hunter code by breaching his contract and taking back Grogu from The Client.

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Mando fights and kills countless enemies to keep Grogu safe, even at the risk of his own life. You can’t be willing to kill for someone if you don’t care about them.

He gives up his jetpack for Grogu, considering how coveted jetpacks are for Mandalorians; this says a lot. 

Jetpacks were originally used by Clone Troopers, Jump Troopers, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and a few groups of Mandalorians like The Death Watch. 

The Manolorians saw their armor as their clan identity, and the jetpacks were one of the most coveted items due to their maneuvering ability. 

Mandalorian armor is made of Beskar Steel, and is almost impossible to get. Mando became a bounty hunter so he could pick the jobs that offer Beskar Steel as a reward, and use it to improve his armor and provide for the clan.

The only other way the Mandalorians could get Beskar Steel is when their comrades die. And jetpacks were reserved only for the best of the best. 

During the last episode of season two, Mando removes his helmet. Which is something he’d never do in the previous season, and struggles to keep himself from crying as he watches Luke Skywalker take Grogu away.

Why Din Djarin CRYING His Eyes Out Is Very Important For Grogu! - Star Wars Explained

Mando’s journey was full of epic action and tender warmth due to his growing love for Grogu. 

Why Does Mando Care About Baby Yoda?

There are several reasons, the most important one being the Creed Mando was raised by. In season one, the Mandolorian Creed is often referred to as “the way.” But what is the way, and why is it so important?

The group that Mando was raised in is called “The Children of The Watch.” According to them, a splinter group wishes to keep the old (there’s only one way) ways of Mandalore.

The Children Of The Watch Explained | The Mandalorian

Their version of the code is broken down like this.

  1. Always wear Beskar armor and never remove your helmet.
  2. Protect your fellow Mandalorians, the ones who follow the way.
  3. Protect the Foundlings at all costs.

We learn these rules during the first season. 

Mando will reencounter the Armorer and tell her all he’s learned about Grogu, and she reveals what fans already knew, Baby Yoda is a Jedi, or rather, he should be trained by a Jedi.

But when Mando asks if Grogu is their enemy, she says no. 

“Then what is it?” Mando asks as he looks at the child.

“A Foundling. Until he comes of age and takes the oath or is reunited with his kin, you are the father. A clan of two.” The Armorer words left no room for argument as she handed the little one back to Mando.

Din Djarin was also a Foundling. He was saved by an unknown Mandalorian shortly (we don’t know how long he was down there, but it didn’t look like much time had passed) after his parents put him in a bunker to hide him from an army of droids.

The Mandalorian finds Baby Yoda and remembers Death Watch [4K]

There’s no dialogue, but you can see how the Mandalorians put Din’s safety above their own. The Mandalorian could have left him in the bunker and kept fighting.

But he didn’t, instead, he knelt and coaxed a frightened boy into his arms, and when one of the other Mandalorians saw Din, they signaled that he should take Din and leave the battle.

The trust is apparent between the Mandalorians, but Din’s safety as a Foundling comes first.

Finally, Mando cares about Grogu because he’s human. Human beings are designed to care about children instinctively. 

Will Grogu See Mando Again?

That’s the million-dollar question, and I believe he will. If for no other reason than to close the Mandalorian saga the right way.

Grogu was one of the main reasons many fans wanted to watch the show. The bond between these two is a core piece of this series.

I don’t believe it’ll happen anytime soon though, but I’ll gladly be proven wrong, and here’s why. Star Wars is all about the pacing.

Seeing these two reunite will be a touching moment that fans will love. But, Din Djarin needs to do some growing.

He knows now that the way he was raised isn’t the only way. So he chose to take off his helmet and show Grogu what he looks like.

He still has the Darksaber, which gives him the right to claim the throne of Mandalore, and there are a lot of theories suggesting that he’s Force-sensitive.

I feel like if he was, we would have seen him do something with the Force in season one, or season two at least.

Mando will eventually make his way to Mandalore. No doubt trying to master the Darksaber because why have a weapon you can’t use?

The real question is: will he seek forgiveness from his group and cleanse himself in the Living Waters? Or will he choose a different way?

Other Points Of Interest

“I have spoken” is the second most famous phrase in The Mandalore. And “This is the way” is the first.

The Mandalorian - This is the Way

Grogu already knows Force heal and Force choke.

Din Djarin’s hatred of droids has changed over the series. Proof that Star Wars is fixated on character development and making the characters relatable.

In Conclusion

The bond between Mando and Grogu is timeless. I hope we’ll see more of them in the future. Thank you for reading. 

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