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Will Disney Sell Rey’s Yellow Lightsaber?

Rey's yellow lightsaber

Since the release of the latest trilogy of Star Wars films, the presence of Rey-focused merchandise has been unexpectedly lacking, leading many people to wonder if we can ever expect to be able to own Rey’s iconic yellow lightsaber.

Well, it seems it may have been well worth the wait. As there has been an increased focus on Star Wars throughout the Disney Resorts, the want for more varied and specific merchandise has been thrust skyward, resulting in Rey’s yellow lightsaber finding its way into the world. So now we know Disney is willing to sell Rey’s yellow lightsaber, the question becomes:

How easy is it to get your hands on one?

We’ve done the digging and found the answers for you.

The reveal of Rey’s lightsaber gave us the first yellow lightsaber to appear in a live-action Star Wars production, so it surprises no one that the fans are itching to get their hands on one. Yet, does Disney plan on making it available to the fans of one of their biggest franchises? We’re here to find out.

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Can You Buy Rey’s Yellow Lightsaber?

Ever since the end of the Rise of Skywalker hit the screens, it wasn’t going to be long before there were replicas of Rey’s yellow lightsaber out in the world and available to buy.

Due to how massively talented and creative members of the Star Wars community are, more than a few of them have gone to the trouble of making their own replicas of Rey’s yellow lightsaber for you to own.

Through sites such as Etsy, fans have been supplying their fellow aficionados with the Star Wars merchandise that they have been craving, from the very beginning.

Alternatively, any fans with less of an interest in the actual hilt of the lightsaber (rare, I know) but who are more focused on simply being able to wield a yellow one can always opt for one of Hasbro’s Jedi Knight lightsabers.

While it’s true that, usually, the hilt is the main focus, don’t be put off. These lightsabers hold their own significance due to Jedi Knights being the only order within the Star Wars Universe to be issued with yellow lightsabers, as standard.

But, deep down, we all know that having the officially licensed version of Rey’s yellow lightsaber is the real goal here. In case you need reminding, Rey’s yellow lightsaber is made from a part of her staff and has cloth wrapped around the grip.

It is highly distinguishable from her Dark Side lightsaber, which obviously had a red blade but also made use of a hinged design (it is cannon that Rey was considering a hinge up until she dueled the Dark Side version of herself). On the other hand, Rey’s yellow lightsaber seems much bulkier and follows the pattern of the Light Side in that the blade only emits in one direction.

Luckily, as of 2021, I’m excited to tell you that you can now own such a thing. In the past, the only official lightsaber – of Rey’s – available for purchase was her Dark Side lightsaber, proving that Disney had not been providing fans with the same level of merchandise you would expect from any other main protagonist.

At least they appear to have come to their senses now! While it is all well and good that they have finally provided us with Rey’s yellow lightsaber, I’m sure you would like to hear what makes Disney’s version different from other replicas and ultimately worth your well-earned money.

This official version of the yellow lightsaber has retractable “teeth” surrounding the blade end, a perfect copy of the cloth handgrip, and even the addition of a hook at the other end for securing it to your belt.

Finally, it comes with a simplistic yet stylish First Order box for you to store it in. The lightsaber works in conjunction with any of the interchangeable blades available through Disney, which have to be bought separately, making it even more perfect if this isn’t your first official lightsaber purchase.

The only downside in all this is that in order to buy a Disney-licensed Rey’s yellow lightsaber, you have to visit Galaxy’s Edge. There are two such places: one is in Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, and the other is at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando. This is because the lightsaber is only currently available at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

Here’s hoping that, with time, Rey’s yellow lightsaber will become available on shopDisney, joining the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s, Darth Maul’s, and Darth Vader’s.


I can assure you that I was just as pleased as you to learn that I could now own Rey’s yellow lightsaber. I know it can come across as a little bit of a setback that it can only be purchased from two locations and is not yet available online.

However, who doesn’t want to visit Disney World at some point, and, more to the point, surely you know someone who is likely to visit sooner or later and could get it for you while they’re there?

So don’t let that get you down; just be reassured knowing that Rey’s yellow lightsaber has made it out into the world, and it can only get better from here. Now that we know Disney is happy to cater to the Rey fans out there, perhaps we can expect to see more Rey-themed products in the future.

Why not have a think about what things you would like to see arriving on their shelves, and maybe together we can get on to Disney to fulfill our Star Wars needs. In the meantime, save those spare pennies, so you know that when the time comes, you’re ready.

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