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How to Change Lightsaber Batteries?

lightsaber batteries

Do Lightsabers Have Batteries?

Depending on the design and whom the lightsaber is marketed to, they can have batteries.

Children’s Lightsaber Toys

Generally, lightsabers intended for children will not have batteries. Instead, the blade is a set of colored collapsible tubes.

There are also kid’s models with lights inside the hilt of the lightsaber. These kinds will require batteries.

Lightsaber Replicas

In order to be marketable, people expect the lightsabers to look as realistic as possible.

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Lightsaber replicas and props marketed to adults often have a fixed blade, usually made of frosted polycarbonate plastic.

To illuminate the blade, a variety of methods are used.

The most common option is to have a cluster of bright LEDs in the hilt at the base of the blade.

Another version has a strip of LEDs running up and down inside the blade itself.

And with the addition of sound effects and motion-sensing, replica lightsabers can draw a lot of power.

Because of this, most replica lightsabers will require some kind of power source. This is usually a battery.

Where are the Batteries in a Lightsaber?

The location, type, and number of batteries in a lightsaber depends on the type of lightsaber and who makes it.

As a rule of thumb, the batteries will be located at the bottom of the hilt. This is usually secured by the pommel which can be twisted off.

Here we’ll look at the most popular lightsaber replica companies.


Saberforge is one of the most popular and inexpensive choices for buying a realistic lightsaber replica. They offer pre-built customizable lightsabers as well as individual parts to build your own.

There are four main categories of Saberforge lightsabers: Warrior, Veteran, Champion, and Hero.


These lightsabers can have either built-in rechargeable batteries or ones that can be removed and changed.

If yours has removable batteries, they will be found inside the hilt. To access them, twist off the pommel and remove the battery holder.

If it comes with built-in batteries, there will be a port on the hilt that the accompanying charger will plug into.

Veteran, Champion, and Hero

Unlike the Warrior line of lightsabers, the Veteran, Champion, and Hero models all have built-in batteries.

The specific location will vary, but the charging port will always be on the hilt. It is usually covered up by a cosmetic plug that can easily be pulled to remove it.


Ultrasabers offer mid-range lightsabers in terms of price. However, this does not compromise their quality.

This company specializes in lightsabers which are custom-built. You can order the individual parts and decide whether you want removable batteries or built-in ones.

If they are removable, the battery holder can be found by twisting off the pommel of the lightsaber.

Built-in batteries can be charged via the charging port which is found on the hilt of the lightsaber.

Unlike other companies’ lightsabers, these batteries can still be removed. The charging port makes the process more convenient.

Vader’s Vault

On the high end of replica lightsabers is Vader’s Vault. These high-quality lightsabers range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The batteries for these lightsabers are either built-in or removable.

If it has removable batteries, they can be found by twisting off either the pommel or the entire hilt.

If the batteries are built-in, the charging port will be found either on the hilt or at the bottom of the pommel.


The batteries for Hasbro lightsabers depends on the type of lightsaber and which age it’s intended for.

In most cases, toy lightsabers intended for children will have a panel on the side of the hilt. This can be unscrewed with a Phillips-head screwdriver to reveal the battery compartment.

For the higher-end replicas, the batteries are inside the hilt. The pommel can be twisted off and the battery holder taken out.

How do you Change/Recharge the Batteries in Different Lightsabers?

Depending on the lightsaber model and what batteries it takes, you may have to replace its batteries.

Some have removable batteries which can be recharged using a special charger–this may or may not come with the lightsaber.

And other models don’t have a removable battery at all. These lightsabers are charged using a charging port which is usually aesthetically hidden.

The same three companies are listed here with examples of their different replica types. This basic covering should help you to understand the process for any other lightsaber replica!


Charging your Saber

The four primary types of Saberforge lightsabers have two main methods of changing or recharging the batteries.

They either come with a removable battery pack that can be fitted with three AA or AAA batteries; Or they will have built-in batteries which can only be recharged via a charging port.


The Warrior line of lightsabers has the option of either having removable batteries or built-in ones.

If the batteries are removable, they will be found in a battery holder inside of the hilt. To access them, first twist off the pommel until it comes loose.

Inside, the battery holder will have a velcro loop which is used to pull the holder out more easily.

The batteries can then be removed and either be replaced or recharged.

Veteran, Champion, and Hero

If the lightsaber has built-in batteries, it can be recharged via the charging port on the side of the hilt.

This charging port may or may not be covered by a cosmetic plug.

To recharge the batteries, first find the port and remove the plug by pulling on it if necessary.

Then, plug the accompanying charger into the plug and wait for it to be fully charged. There may be an LED indicator that displays the charge level.


Ultrasabers Lightsaber Standard Setup Battery Replacement Tutorial

Ultrasabers offers lightsaber models with either removable or built-in batteries. Though, unlike other companies, the built-in batteries can still be removed if necessary.

To replace or recharge removable batteries, twist off the pommel of the lightsaber. The battery holder can then be removed, allowing the batteries to be replaced or recharged.

If the lightsaber has built-in batteries, it can be conveniently recharged by using the charging port on the hilt. They can also be removed from the hilt and charged separately.

Vader’s Vault

The lightsabers offered by Vader’s Vault have two options for the batteries. They can either be removable or built-in.


Lightsabers with removable batteries will have the batteries inside the hilt. To access them, twist off either the pommel or the hilt itself.

Depending on the model, the batteries may be difficult to remove. However, the lightsaber will come with a branded guitar pick which allows for easier removal.

With the battery holder removed or exposed, the batteries can either be replaced or recharged.

Vader's Vault Lightsaber Battery Removal Tutorial | How To


Lightsabers with built-in batteries can be charged via the charging port on the hilt.

Specifically, the batteries can be charged via a standard USB-C cable.


Hasbro offers a variety of lightsabers for all ages. These range from simple toys for children to robust replicas with special effects electronics.

In most cases, the batteries required are three AA or AAA batteries. These are non-rechargeable by default but you can use your own rechargeable ones with no issue.

Children’s Toy Lightsabers

Star Wars SCREAM SABER Lightsaber Toy Review Hasbro

The batteries in the children’s toys are typically located in the middle of the hilt.

To access and change them, first find the panel on the side of the hilt. There will be a panel that is secured in place with a Phillips-head screw.

Place in the three batteries and then re-secure the panel.

Force FX Replicas

Hasbro’s Force FX line of lightsaber replicas has batteries in a different location. In most cases, this will be at the bottom of the hilt beneath the pommel.

To access the batteries, first remove the pommel. This can usually be done by twisting it off, though in some cases, it may need to be removed with a screwdriver.

Inside will be a wireless battery holder where three batteries (either AA or AAA) can be inserted.

Then, replace the battery holder and reattach the pommel to the hilt.


Changing the batteries of your lightsaber will depend on the company that makes it and the specific model you have.

Energizer AAA Batteries (48 Count)

In most cases, the lightsaber will require three AA or AAA batteries. The compartment for these will often be found somewhere in the hilt of the lightsaber.

Most high-end lightsaber replicas will have the battery compartment beneath the pommel. Whereas children’s toy lightsabers will likely have them on the side of the hilt.

These are just general rules of thumb, though, and will not always apply. If this is the case, the best way is to consult the instructions manual that came with the lightsaber.

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