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Can Jedi Be Cloned?

Can Jedi Be Cloned?

Picture this: you have multiple things to do and there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. You want to split yourself into multiple people, just to make your life a bit easier. 

Being a human can sometimes suck but, luckily, we can live vicariously through the Star Wars universe.

You see, in Star Wars, various organisms have the ability to clone themselves into one or multiple versions of themselves. 

Cloning allows for an individual to clone themself into multiple identical copies. As a matter of fact, an entire clone army was grown on planet Kamino, replicating Jango Fett. 

Star Wars Attack of the Clones - Obi-Wan Meet The Clone Army for the Republic.
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The Kaminoans did, however, tamper with Jango Fett’s DNA, which ultimately led to his clones being a more diluted version of himself.

Even so, Jango wanted a clone who was not altered. The Kaminoans obliged, and thus was created: Boba Fett.

But what about our beloved Jedi? Can they be cloned as well? 

Keep reading as we hunt for the answer.

Can Jedi Be Cloned?

It must be remembered that Jedi are regular beings who have a strong connection to the Force. So in theory, Jedi can, in fact, be cloned. 

The Jedi’s physical body can be replicated, just as Jango’s was.

This is an exciting thought, as the premise of replicating powerful beings is a game-changer. However, it isn’t as black and white as it seems. 

This begs the question: can the Force-sensitivity of a being be cloned, too?

Let me explain. 

Can a Force-Sensitive Being Be Cloned?

The Force in Star wars

While the physical state of any being can be cloned, their inherent Force-sensitivity can’t be. Once given some thought, it’s clear to see why. 

It would be generally unfair to have millions of Force-powerful Jedi and Sith roaming the galaxy. Thus, to counter this, even if they have been cloned there will be complications. 

According to the book, a Force-sensitive being can be cloned exactly like its original template.

However, if they were to successfully clone the Force-sensitivity, they would end up with a disfigured physical body, just like Palpatine. 

Did the Jedi Have Clones? 

As complicated as the entire premise of cloning a Jedi is, it was still done.

In fact, a vast majority of clone troopers were used by the Jedi in some way. This is because of the redundancy involved with cloning a Jedi, and not being able to harness the Force-sensitivity.

Were there force sensitive clone troopers?

There were actually six known clones of a dark-side Jedi, known as Sa Cuis. These six were an exact clonal prototype of Stormtroopers, using his genetic make-up.

Then there was the Grand Army of the Republic, which had an army of a whopping three million clones. That number grew in size as the war pressed on. 

Why Didn’t They Clone the Jedi?

Clones were used particularly because of their fast growth rate. To tell the truth, the Jedi grew them so quickly that in a matter of just a year, there could potentially be millions of clone troopers. 

Clone troopers

On paper, this seems like an awesome opportunity. Having millions of clones on the light side, advocating for the Jedi would give the Republic an advantage over the Empire.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In actuality, this was the exact opposite of what the Republic would need.

It would be painfully time-consuming to train the large battalion of new troops in the way of the Force. Add to that the fact that they must learn and adhere to the Jedi Code, and then we have a tedious process that is honestly not worth it. 

Beyond that, the Jedi have absolutely nothing special about them other than their connection to the Force. Once that’s stripped away, they have virtually nothing to offer.

Thus, it would make no sense to clone them, since Force-sensitivity cannot be copied. 

It made a lot more sense to clone someone with near-perfect physical strength and other favorable attributes. This is ultimately why Jango Fett was cloned as opposed to a Jedi. 

Why Jango Fett was Chosen to be Cloned for the Clone Army

Which Clone(s) Became Jedi? 

Just like everything in our reality, there is always a person who breaks the regular rules and does the impossible. In Star Wars, one such case is that of a clone who later became a Jedi.

This clone was identified by the name X1. 

Complete story of X1 (battlefront 3/battlefront elite squadron)

Cloned from the genetic make-up of Jedi Knight Falon Grey, X1 and his brother X2 were created by the Kaminoans. But X1 was a rare case.

He was created as a Force-sensitive replica of the Jedi. Because he possessed those abilities, he served time as a Jedi for the Galactic Republic. After all, this was the service he was created for. 

Yet, just like anything else that diverts from the predestined path, there were complications.

When he moved over to the dark side of the Force, he professed himself as being a Sith Lord of the Galactic Empire. 

Is Finn a Clone?

While it makes sense that all Stormtroopers are seen as clones, he is not a part of this assumption. 

Finn was a Force-sensitive, human male, that served as a Stormtrooper in the First Order.

He, however, was a rebel in his own right. Despite training since birth to be a loyal soldier, Finn’s internal turmoil conflicted with his upbringing. 

Finn and Poe Escape the First Order - Star Wars Eposode VII: The Force Awakens

He was so confused, that he even supported the Resistance. The same forces he was brought up to fight.

The ever-evolving war put the renegade solider in a tough position. Finn ultimately had to decide whether or not he was for or against the First Order. 


Cloning is a major part of Star Wars and the growth of both sides to the seemingly decades-long war. Without cloning there would be no Stormtroopers, and the growth of armies would take significantly longer.

Even though the clones were not able to copy the thing that is of utmost importance, Force-sensitivity, they were still useful. They allowed for the Galactic Republic to more than triple the size of their army in a significantly small amount of time. 

With the replication of the physical abilities they no doubt possessed, the clone troopers were a massive force to be reckoned with.

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