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Can Jedi Have Kids?

Can Jedi Have Kids?

At some point, every Star Wars fan who wants to be a part of the light side has thought about what it would be like to be a Jedi. As awesome as it may seem to fight the good fight with your lightsaber in hand and comrades by your side, being a Jedi could still suck.

Thanks to the Jedi Code, basic human things, such as allowing yourself to feel emotions, are not allowed.

Jedi are forbidden from forming attachments and thus, in theory, starting a family is completely out of the question.

Even so, Jedi are basically encouraged to be players. They can hook up with whomever they want, but they are not allowed to fall in love with them.

What exactly does this mean? Can Jedi have kids?

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Keep reading as we delve deeper into the Jedi’s strange mating habits.

Can Jedi Have Kids?

The Jedi Code stops its followers from forming attachments to people because they believe it would lead them to the dark side of the Force.

Jedi are supposed to keep a clear mind and be at peace, so it is believed that love can lead to jealousy, then hate, then ultimately the dark side.

Luke Skywalker

Even though the Jedi had a reputation for not being able to get into serious relationships, they still had urges, and they sure gave into them.

Jedi were able to have one-night stands, so long as they did not care too deeply for the person.

This, in and of itself, is a horrible thing once it is given some thought.

Are Jedi Allowed to Reproduce?

In terms of kids, the Jedi are essentially supposed to be deadbeat dads.

Since they aren’t supposed to form any familial connections, this means that the Jedi aren’t even supposed to form a bond with their children.

The Jedi can go out and have a long stream of meaningless hookups all over the Star Wars galaxy and end up with a kid on every planet.

So long as they did not form an attachment to their offspring, that’s great for them. As a matter of fact, they don’t even have to be aware that they have a child, to begin with.

How Did Jedi Have Children?

Outside of having a bunch of illegitimate children that they want absolutely nothing to do with, there are other ways the Jedi had kids.

There are a handful of Jedi Knights who were allowed to not only have kids but get married. Providing, of course, that they kept their emotions in check.

Some of these families even had nothing but Jedi making up their familial bodies. One such example is Andur Sunrider, whose entire family is made of Jedi.

Being born into a family of Jedi has its perks.

It’s believed that children of Jedi families are born being exceptional Force-users. Gifted with the ability to manipulate the Force in a great way. 

Which Jedi Had Children?

The most notable of these Jedi families is Anakin Skywalker, also known as the one and only, Darth Vader. He is the father of Luke Skywalker, who in turn had his own family.

Luke Skywalker got married to Mara Jade and had a son, Ben Skywalker (who was affectionately named after Obi-Wan Kenobi).

Luke Skywalker with his green lightsaber

Although the most momentous Jedi family in the Star Wars universe is the Skywalker family, there are many other Jedi who have reproduced. One such family is Kento and Mallie Marek, who gave birth to Darth Vader’s protégé Galen Marek.


Of course, with the stigma surrounding the many strange rules Jedi have to follow, questions will arise. One of the main questions is about their intimate relationships, if there are any.

Naturally, we humans, not living in Star Wars, are intrigued by anything surrounding the fine details of characters’ personal lives.

With that in mind, let’s alleviate some frustration.

Keep reading as just a few of the questions asked most frequently would be answered.

Can Jedi Adopt Children?

Children are essentially seen as gems in the Star Wars universe. They are known to be very Force-sensitive, and that was definitely an asset.

So, to avoid them falling into the wrong hands, the Jedi would take them when they got to a certain age. Most times, the Jedi would take children even without their parent’s consent.

Now, I know this sounds like the most sketchy thing ever. But there have been cases where the children have been removed from a bad home, in the presence of a court. Thus, leading to the Jedi legally adopting the child.

Do Jedi Kidnap Babies?

The Jedi have built up quite a repertoire of kidnapping Force-sensitive children in order to train them to become Jedi themselves. However, this is an unfair and just plain wrong assumption.

Let me explain.

Yes, the Jedi would take children born with the gift of the Force at a young age. This is because the children have such a strong inclination for the Force that, without the proper training, they could quite easily fall into the path to the dark side of the Force.

baby lying in brown cradle

It is also factual that, in some cases, the Jedi would take these clever children with resistance from their parents. However, this is rare and only in cases where leaving would be in the best interest of the child.

Once given some thought, it would be completely against the Jedi Code to kidnap something. Quite frankly, the whole debacle of kidnapping a child is more in the realm of the dark side and the Empire. 


On paper, the Jedi have an awesome life. They can fight, have really cool weapons, and an entire honor code to live by, so they don’t have to stress about anything too much.

Not to mention, they can hook up with whomever they want without getting attached, because attachment it isn’t allowed. The Jedi can spread their seed far and wide without having to give a second thought about the consequences.

Sounds great right?

Well, in reality, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Living life like that can be lonely, which can lead to the Jedi falling down the exact path their code is trying to avoid.

On a brighter note, the Jedi are able to get their familial “fix” per se, with the children they train to become the next generation of Jedi — children they acquired from completely legal means, whether it be their own kids, through the parents’ consent, or through adoption.

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