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Can Lightsaber Blades Be Curved?

Can Lightsaber Blades Be Curved?

Lightsabers are single-handedly the most recognizable pop culture weapons on the planet. 

No matter where you go, or who you ask: if you mention a laser sword of any kind, anybody’s first thoughts will be of a lightsaber.

A lightsaber is known because of its simplicity and its unique form factor. When you think of a lightsaber, the image that comes to mind is generally the same for everyone, even if the details differ.

But what if we told you that another form factor was possible, that lightsabers could be more than just a straight blade of plasma protruding from a metallic hilt? 

And no, we do not mean to say that two blades will come out from both ends of the hilt.

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We are talking about the shape of the blade. 

The question we are here to answer today is whether a lightsaber blade can be curved. And, if so, how can it be done, and has it been done?

Is It Possible for a Lightsaber Blade to Be Curved?

Before we can figure out if a lightsaber blade can be curved or not, we must dive into what a lightsaber blade is made of, and whether it is possible to curve that material or not.

Lightsabers are made up of pure energy in the form of plasma that is projected outward. The hilt produces the energy beam and then generates a force field that keeps the blade to a certain length.

At this point, we will use some very simple physics concepts to help us decide whether a lightsaber can be curved or not. What we need to keep in mind is the fact that everything we know about lightsabers leads us to believe that they share the same properties as laser beams.

Star Wars Novel Reveals a CURVED BLADE Lightsaber!

The problem that this presents is that lasers, no matter how weak or powerful they are, cannot be bent and are inherently straight. 

This leads to the assumption that lightsabers, given the properties that they share with lasers, would follow the same rules.

But this debate only exists if the rules of reality and the laws of physics apply to the fictional universe that George Lucas created back in 1977. So, while a laser beam can’t be curved in the real world, it might just be possible in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Our real-world theories start being disproven when we start considering things like the light-whip — a variation of the lightsaber which shares all the properties of a lightsaber except its shape.

The light whip is fluid like a whip and is used in the same way, but its usage is not of any concern to us right now. What makes the light whip important is the fluidity of the “blade” and how it can curve and wrap around different objects.

Lightwhips and Electro-Whips in Star Wars Canon and Legends

Using our observations of the light whip, it is safe to assume that a lightsaber blade could technically be curved, no matter how much that defies the laws of physics and reality.

But, despite our assumption, we have no idea how it can be done. 

Although the concept of a curved lightsaber blade already exists in Star Wars lore, it is a weapon that not many people know about.

Who Owns a Lightsaber With a Curved Blade?

In all of Star Wars lore, whether it belongs to the new Canon or to the Legends timeline, there has only ever been one instance that a Jedi or Sith has wielded a lightsaber with a curved blade.

While curved lightsabers, more accurately known as lightsabers with curved handles, might not be that rare, curved blade lightsabers are even rarer than the iconic purple lightsaber that Mace Windu uses.

In the recorded history of both the Jedi and the Sith, and that of the Galaxy in general, the only instance of a curved lightsaber blade was in the hands of the ancient Sith Lord known only as Darth Noctyss.

Noctyss belonged to a special type of Sith and was known to exist far before the time of the Galactic Republic. The sect that she belonged to was an order of Sith that had dedicated themselves to finding the secret to immortality on the Sith home planet of Exegol.

It was her lust for immortality that made her and her curved lightsaber famous throughout the Galaxy. The scimitar-shaped weapon, glowing red with hatred, was feared in every corner of the Old Republic.

Other than Darth Noctyss, her followers, and the sect of Sith she belonged to, there have been no other instances of a curved lightsaber ever existing in the Star Wars Universe.

While we are on the topic of lightsaber blades, another question that often comes to mind is whether a lightsaber blade can be broken or not, given that it is made of a literal light beam and can cut through almost anything.

Can a Lightsaber Blade Be Broken?

Throughout this article, one thing has become increasingly evident: the properties of a laser beam in the real world cannot be applied to a lightsaber in the Star Wars Universe. And even if they can, they still follow a certain set of rules.

One of the most obvious examples of this is the fact that lightsabers can clash in the Star Wars Universe, while two laser beams will just pass through each other without interfering. After all, light beams are not solid objects and cannot be broken.

Except for the fact that this does not hold in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. 

Lightsabers do clash with each other and can also be broken. But the ability to break a lightsaber blade is extremely rare and is an inherent property of a certain type of metal.

The Lightsaber Designed to DESTROY Other Lightsabers

The material in question here is known as cortosis and was something we talked about when we talked about weapons that used a cortosis-weave. Cortosis can short out a lightsaber blade by meeting it at exactly the right angle.

It is because of this property that weapons and armor made from cortosis utilize the material as a weave. It gives a higher chance of the lightsaber colliding at the exact angle you need it to for it to short out and “break”.

So, while a lightsaber blade cannot be physically broken like a traditional sword blade, it can be disabled and made to stop working. This means that while a lightsaber blade cannot be “broken” it can still be disabled.

And while that does not fit the exact definition of something breaking, it is close enough to be considered almost the same thing. This leaves us with the definitive answer that a lightsaber blade both can and cannot be broken.

The last question we will answer in this article is:

Are Curved Lightsabers the Same as Curved Lightsaber Hilts?

Curved-hilt lightsaber

When the term ‘curved lightsaber’ is used anywhere in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, it’s usually about the curved design of the hilt of Count Dooku’s lightsaber. 

It is because of this that a misconception stems between these two.

Curved lightsaber blades are usually referring to a type of lightsaber blade that utilizes a curved beam of plasma to form a shape like a scimitar. And while that type of blade could come from a curved hilt, it is not necessary at all.

On the other hand, a curved lightsaber hilt refers to a certain type of design for a lightsaber hilt. This design, which gives the hilt a slight curve to allow for a more personalized grip, was most famously used by Count Dooku.

Dooku preferred this type of hilt, and a straight blade attached to it because of how he preferred to fight with a lightsaber. Eventually, this design choice was also adopted by Dooku’s apprentice, Asajj Ventress for her two curved lightsabers.

So, while a curved lightsaber hilt can be attached to a curved lightsaber blade, they are not the same thing and are two very different aspects of lightsabers. 

Why Do Some Jedi and Sith Use Curved-Hilt Lightsabers?


After going through the entire meaning of what a curved lightsaber is and is not, we can safely say that they might just be one of the most interesting concepts in the entire Star Wars Universe. 

Curved lightsabers are single-handedly one of the coolest types of lightsabers to exist in Star Wars lore. The concept deviates from the standard lightsaber design just enough to add a new level of complexity while maintaining the practicality of the weapon itself. 

On the other hand, the curved lightsaber hilt is, while being an entirely different concept, is considered one of the most iconic designs in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

Alas, curved lightsabers are yet to be seen on the big screen, and are an idea that we can hope will make their way there eventually.

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