Forcesaber vs. Lightsaber: 3 Things That Will Surprise You

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We may not realize it, but we’ve embraced so many aspects of Star Wars, even without watching a single movie. So believe me when I say that it doesn’t take a Star Wars fan to know or recognize what a lightsaber is.

However, if you look deeper into the lore, you’ll be surprised to see such an extensive collection of well thought out weapons. This includes the Forcesaber which might be something completely foreign if you aren’t a fan.

In order to know more about this mysterious technology, it’s easier to build a detailed comparison between the Forcesaber and the Lightsaber.

Technically, both are hilted laser swords that are powered by crystals. The Lightsaber utilizes the Kyber crystal while the other uses an artificial version called the Ebon crystal.

The Forcesaber is the ancestor of the Lightsaber. However, what makes them different is that the Forcesaber was created using the powers of the dark side of the Force.

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The most iconic one of all is the Lightsaber or sometimes called laser sword. This was a weapon that could be harnessed by Force-sensitive individuals, regardless of whether you are a Jedi, Sith, or in between.

Lightsabers have existed 25,000 years past the setting for the films. In fact, the earliest use of this weapon that we know of is during the Great Scourge of Malachor.

In Star Wars Legends, the groundwork for the lightsaber we know today is based on the “First Blade”. This was forged by the “Weapon Master”, a Je’daii Master of the years past.

On the planet Tython, the Je’daii Order was a system banded by their faith and adherence to the Force. They focused on the balance of Ashla (light) and Bogan (dark). In comparison, the Jedi only follow the light side and completely reject the dark side.

However, in Star Wars Canon, there’s insufficient information about its history. The earliest known is the “proto-saber” or the “prototype saber” not to be confused with the proto-saber from Legends.

The proto-saber, modeled after the Forcesaber, has two blades affixed side by side on a broad style hilt. There isn’t an actual image of this that has been officially released but you can imagine that it looks something like a tuning fork.

The First Lightsabers - Star Wars Explained w/BessY


This weapon was created by the technologically advanced race called Rakata or the Builders. They used the dark side of the Force and this drove them into corruption.

The Forcesabers were forged by Force Hounds through alchemy. Moreover, they used artificially created crystals to power this weapon.

How Are They Constructed?


The Jedi utilize the power of the Kyber crystal by devising their own unique hilts which are normally made out of metal. Of course, it wasn’t limited to only that material, as it was also possible to use the wood of the Byrlark Tree or gems.

The hilt served as the chassis for the power cell, modulation circuits, and an energy gate. It also housed other important parts including the blade emitter shroud, the emitter matrix, and the switch.

Accessories could also be included, such as ridges on the handle to ensure a better grip and something to fine-tune the length of the blade. We also see that many characters attach a ring to hang their hilts to their waist.

The Gathering

Jedi younglings go through a ritual called the Gathering on the planet Ilum where Jedi Knights and Masters teach them about lightsabers. Then, they must complete a series of tests that will ultimately end up with them obtaining a Kyber crystal.

Once they pass the test, they can start building their own unique hilts under the guidance of Huyang. If done right, the Kyber crystal and hilt will emit a blade which will turn into a color appropriate for the wielder’s relationship with the Force.


This specific weapon was truly made as a tool of war. Force-sensitive servants to the Rakatan Infinite Empire called Force Hounds were pushed to make these weapons through Alchemy.

Forcesaber hilts were made from metal, if it was possible to create it from other materials, there are no details released, yet. The striking difference is that instead of a Kyber crystal, an Ebony crystal is used.

This was created artificially in a laboratory. This is something I find logical as Kyber crystals are rare, and if they wanted to mass-produce weapons of war, they had to make their own crystals.

Force Hounds made use of ones that looked quite identical to Lightsabers. The Rakata had ones that looked more like Lightsaber Pikes.



Despite its deadly attributes, as Jedi tools, Lightsabers are not weapons of destruction. Instead, these are the tools of peace.

On the other hand, for the Sith who can also use Lightsabers, these function as destructive weapons. It serves as a tool of enmity and viciousness.

Cutting through almost anything, these blades work excellently for enemy base infiltration. It’s also very resistant, making it easy to deflect blaster bolts.

In conjunction with the saber, fighting forms were also created. These combative styles are Form I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII.


Because Forcesabers used Ebon crystals made through Alchemy, it’s the complete opposite of the Jedi Lightsaber. After all, it is a weapon crafted by the dark side, for the dark side.

Alchemy refers to using the dark side of the Force to completely change something or someone. It was commonly practiced to create weapons of destruction and genetically alter species to become more deadly and controllable.

In fact, when the Je’daii tried to use the Forcesaber, it proved to be perilous. Because they followed the duality of the Force, they were also receptive to the dark side.

Ultimately, it caused a rift between those who thought of utilizing the Forcesaber for the light side and those who were swayed more toward the dark side.

The Rakata DARK SIDE SABER - Forcesaber Explained - Star Wars Old Republic Weapons Lore


To narrow it down, both tools were created by Force-sensitive beings. Construction-wise, it’s made out of a hilt and a crystal that emits a plasma blade.

Visually, either blade could take on a variety of colors such as green, blue and red. For instance, Trill used one that was light blue, while Xesh and Daegan Lok used purple.


The distinction between these are literally dark and light. The Lightsaber, originally, was created by those who followed the light side, while the Forcesaber was for those of the dark side.

In relation to this, their crystals also reflect their different belief systems. Kyber crystals for the Lightsaber were naturally occurring Force-attuned crystals. In comparison, the Ebon crystals were artificially made using the dark arts.

Final Takeaway

Lightsabers and Forcesabers are both tools that were created through the Force. They’re built similarly, with a hilt and a crystal.

While the Lightsaber makes use of a Kyber crystal, the other utilizes a synthetic one called Ebon crystal. Both can also come in different colors and come in the form of a saber or a pike.

But most importantly, they embody the Force alignment of the institution or individual that harness its power. Lightsabers are the Jedi’s tools of peace, while Forcesabers were the Rakatan’s weapons of war.

Unlike how the Lightsaber bends to the affinity of the user, it’s the Forcesaber that has the capacity to bend the user’s affinity to the Force.


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