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What Is the Most RARE Lightsaber Crystal in the Galaxy? & Most Dangerous

What Is the Most RARE Lightsaber Crystal in the Galaxy? & Most Dangerous

So a lightsaber isn’t dangerous enough as is:

“Let’s make it venomous, too!”

“Let’s make it amplify your Force abilities thousandfold!”

“Let’s make it invisible!”

Star Wars writers over the years have come up with some wild ideas to make a beam of plasma more deadly and hard-to-get than it already is, and that’s left fans asking one question:

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What are the deadliest and rarest lightsaber crystals?

For the super-stans, casual fans, and totally out-of-the-loop, here’s a brief refresher on some of the strongest and rarest crystals to come out of the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

First up? Allya’s Redemption!

This mysterious crystal is named after Allya, the rogue Jedi and founder of the Nightsisters of Dathomir—what a namesake!

THE FIRST NIGHTSISTERS - Origins of the Witches of Dathomir - Star Wars Legends Explained

When powered, this crystal emits a ghastly green blade with a yellow core, one of the few lightsaber blades to have multiple colors.

But get this:

Not only is Allya’s Redemption unique for its color, but also for its acidic effects!

You read that right, this lightsaber has the qualities of acid (not the fun kind, either), where it slings Force-venom at your opponent during combat.

While there are few sources for how rare this crystal is, we can guess by its effects that they’re not very common.

But it’s definitely deadly!

Next up: a Krayt Dragon Pearl

The Krayt Dragon Pearl #shorts #starwars #mandalorian #viral

Have some credits to spare?

A Krayt Dragon Pearl is easily one of the most expensive and hard-to-acquire lightsaber crystals in the Star Wars Galaxy, ranging upwards of a hundred thousand credits (or more)!

The pearl itself is found in the last chamber of a krayt dragon’s gizzard, a beast so feared that Tusken Raiders and Mandalorians alike respected its awesome might.

For reference, that giant skeleton in Tatooine’s desert in A New Hope is that of a krayt dragon—in other words, it’s massive.

And to kill one of these gargantuan creatures is seen as a sign of bravery among the Tusken Raiders, so it definitely isn’t common!

When put in a lightsaber, the pearl reportedly produced a destructive and vibrant blade, with a distinct howling sound when swung.

Third: the Darksaber

Mando Fights to Keep the Darksaber

Easily the most famous of rare lightsabers in the Star Wars galaxy, the Darksaber makes itself known in not only Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but Rebels, and The Mandalorian!

Despite its screen-hungry appearances, the crystal (and the blade itself) are remarkably rare—only one is known to exist in the entire galaxy.

Hence why the Mandalorians, Sith, and rebels alike have fought over it for ages:

As in, over a thousand years of fighting over the darksaber!

Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, crafted this weapon with a mysterious black crystal some time before 1,032 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), and ever since, it’s been a trophy of the Mandalorians (and, for a brief period, the Sith).

Rumor has it that the darksaber is even more powerful than an ordinary lightsaber.


Without any real evidence aside from Jedi superstition (and we know how superstitious the Jedi can be!), this might just be legend rather than fact.

It’s certainly a rare catch, but there are yet more elusive crystals to find.

Cue: the Ghostfire Crystal

The Most DANGEROUS Kyber Crystal Ever Discovered - The Ghostfire Kyber Crystal

Here’s a lightsaber crystal so rare, it has never been used in a functioning blade:


The Ghostfire crystal is only found on a select few Outer Rim worlds, and can fetch upwards of 14,000 credits and take decades to harvest!

It’s said that when properly utilized, the blade produced by a ghostfire crystal is completely invisible to the naked eye, and makes no sound when swung:

That means no lightsaber hum, no vrooms, and no swooshes:

Perfect for stealth missions, right?

It is also said that the crystal disorientates the opponent by creating after-images of its wielder’s movements, like what happens when you’re dizzy.

Aside from that, though, there aren’t any boosts to destructive or tactical abilities.

So it’s not the deadliest blade, but certainly one of the rarest!

Allya’s Exile

“Wait, didn’t we see this one already?”

Good question, but nope:

The first entry of this list was Allya’s Redemption, this similarly-named crystal is Allya’s Exile, a crimson red jewel that creates a searing-hot blade when connected to a power cell.

Some fans have theorized that Allya’s Exile may be a rare form of Sigil Crystal, a type of gem with similar properties:

However, Sigil Crystals tend to run yellowish-brown, and burn much weaker than Allya’s Exile. Not to mention there’s no official source backing this up, so take it with a grain of salt (or spice, if that’s your cup of blue milk)!

It’s never established how common or uncommon Allya’s Exile is, though, so unfortunately it won’t be in the running for the rarest lightsaber crystal.

And since it only slightly amplifies the heat of a lightsaber blade (which is hot enough as is!), we don’t think it’s the deadliest crystal, either.

The Kaiburr Crystal

“Wait, Kaiburr crystal? Isn’t it just a Kyber crystal?”

Good question!

But Legends is confusing sometimes.

The Kaiburr crystal is no ordinary Kyber crystal, or any ordinary crystal at all! In fact, it’s an ancient Force relic known to amplify the user’s Force abilities up to a thousand times over.

And if that wasn’t enough:

Such magnified Force abilities included healing and Force lightning, even from those unable to utilize these skills normally (such as Darth Vader, when he used Force lightning with the aid of the crystal).

Fittingly, this crystal found itself being fought over by powers throughout the centuries.

But few seemed to know of it’s only downside:

It didn’t work outside a single Force temple in the Mimban system.

Bummer, right?

But hey, if you ever happen to be in the Temple of Pomojema, you know which crystal to use!

What about synthetic crystals?

How Did The Sith Create Synthetic Lightsaber Crystals? Star Wars Explained

Synthetic kyber crystals do in fact exist—in fact, the Sith nearly exclusively use them for their blades!

This is because synthetic crystals are considered to be more powerful in the dark side of the Force than ordinary kyber crystals, which are naturally attuned to the light side.

But, these crystals are fairly easy to obtain (if you know what you’re doing), and their benefits are only marginal if you’re a dark side user.

On the plus side:

They can occasionally break your opponent’s blade, if channeled with enough Force energy!

Okay, so what’s the rarest lightsaber crystal, then?

Our pick would fall into one of two choices:

The Darksaber, or the Ghostfire crystal.

On one hand, the Darksaber is completely one-of-a-kind, and, as far as we’re aware, there has never been another black-bladed crystal in all the Star Wars Galaxy.

However, on the other hand, the Ghostfire crystal is so rare, it has never been used in a functioning blade at all!

So, sorry Mandalorians, but for this list, we’ll have to go with the Ghostfire crystal.

And how about the most dangerous lightsaber crystal?

This time, we’ve narrowed it down to three picks:

The Kaiburr crystal, Allya’s Redemption, or the Ghostfire crystal.

The Kaiburr crystal easy outmatches its competitors—that is:

If you’re in the Temple of Pomojema.

On the flip side, Allya’s Redemption has its acidic effects and venom-slinging anywhere you can bring your lightsaber, so does the Ghostfire crystal with its near-invisibility and after-images.

So ultimately, it depends on who you’re fighting:

Allya’s Redemption, if you’re fighting creatures or droids that won’t be affected by its after-images (droids can’t fall for visual illusions, after all).

Or, the Ghostfire crystal, for assassinations and combat against most humanoids (maybe except the Miraluka).


For this list, we’ll go with the Ghostfire crystal, making it the rarest and most dangerous lightsaber crystal in Star Wars Legends.


Did we miss any of the rarest crystals? They’re rare, so they may be hard to find. Let us know in the comments what your picks are!


Go forth! Use these crystals for your own means, whether it be conquering the galaxy (preferred) or stopping your friends from conquering the galaxy (not preferred).

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