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[In Theory] How Hot is the Surface of a Jedi Lightsaber Blade?

[In Theory] How Hot is the Surface of a Jedi Lightsaber Blade?

There’s a high chance you’ve seen or heard about lightsabers somewhere, even if you’ve never watched Star Wars before.

Lightsabers are largely unique to Star Wars. The term might have been used in other movies or TV shows, but the Star Wars franchise is credited for coming up with this sci-fi weapon.

If you have on any occasion wondered how much heat lightsabers produce, then this article is for you.

We cover a large range of topics, including how long and hot is a lightsaber blade? How heavy is it? And what can it cut through? Stay tuned.

Lightsabers Explained

Lightsabers draw their energy from kyber crystals found in spread-out locations around the galaxy.

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These crystals produce plasma, which is restricted by a force field that gives the lightsaber its “sword-like” shape. Just like the plasma beam, the force field is also generated from the kyber crystal.

More on Kyber Crystals

Kyber crystals were force-attuned crystals that grew in nature. They were quite rare to find. Some crystals can enhance the force skills of the user. The crystal also determines the color of the lightsaber.

Before putting the crystal in the lightsaber, the Jedi or Sith had to feed it with the Force by meditating for days. After that, the lightsaber becomes ready to use.

How Hot Is a Lightsaber?

There’s no way we can come up with an exact number about how much heat a lightsaber produces.

In our world, plasma is known to produce heat in the temperature range between 8000°C and 25,000°C, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the temperature of a lightsaber’s plasma blade falls within that range.

But with so much heat produced by the lightsaber why don’t the bearers of these weapons burn by being too close to such a high heat source?

The answer is pretty simple. The design of a lightsaber allows heat to be transferred by conduction only and inhibits it from being transferred by radiation.

In other words, you won’t feel anything by getting too close to a lightsaber. It’ll just look like a glowing beam of light to you.

However, if you touch it with your finger, it’ll turn to ashes.

How Long Is a Lightsaber Blade?

A typical lightsaber’s blade is around 3 feet long and the hilt is around 10.5 inches long.

However, a lightsaber’s length can be adjusted. If a lightsaber is passed down, the user can modify it to suit his height and fighting style.

When Ezra was training with Kanan’s lightsaber in Star Wars ‘Rebels’, he was able to change its length.

How Heavy Is a Lightsaber?

A lightsaber is heavier than it looks, and its weight isn’t evenly distributed.

The probe itself is quite heavy, weighing anywhere from three to five kilograms. Five kilograms may not sound like much, but for a sword, it’s quite heavy.

The weight of a lightsaber is one of the reasons why wielding it isn’t so easy for everyone.

What Determines the Color of a Lightsaber’s Blade?

A lightsaber blade’s color is characteristic of the crystal that is used to emit the plasma beam that makes the blade.

Jedi and Sith have wielded lightsabers of various colors. The Sith usually uses a red lightsaber, while Jedi prefers to use blue and green ones. These were the only colors of the crystals that were naturally found on the planet llum.

What Materials Can a Lightsaber Cut Through?

Lightsabers can cut through almost any material known to man, but what about fictional materials from other movie franchises?

Lightsaber vs. Captain America’s Shield

can lightsaber-cut captain america shield

Captain America’s shield is made of a combination of Vibranium, Proto-Adamantium alloy, and a third unknown material. The shield is almost indestructible, but can a lightsaber destroy it?

In short, yes. Captain America’s shield won’t stand a chance against the heat of a lightsaber. Reaching temperatures up to 25,000°C, a lightsaber can melt the materials that Captain America’s is made of.

The shield may be able to take a few swings, but it’ll ultimately collapse.

Lightsaber vs. Wolverine Claws

Wolverine claws are made of Adamantium, one of the materials that make up Captain America’s shield.

A lightsaber can cut through Wolverine’s claws, given enough time.

Materials a Lightsaber Can’t Cut Through

Lightsabers are strong weapons, but they can’t cut through everything. Here are some of the materials within the fictional universe that a lightsaber can’t cut through:

  • Beskar
  • Amphistaff
  • Cortosis
  • Phrik
  • Orbalisk
  • Ultrachrome
  • Mandalorian Iron
  • Norris Root
  • Songsteel
  • Felucian Skullblade
  • Vonduun Crab

Can a Non-Jedi or a Non-Sith Wield a Lightsaber?

A lightsaber isn’t easy to wield by normal people. They won’t be able to master it, but it’s not impossible to use. Han Solo used it before, but he didn’t use it in a fight.

The Force allows Jedis and Siths to do cool stuff with their lightsabers, like deflecting bullets.

Therefore, a non-force user of a lightsaber won’t be able to defeat a Jedi or a Sith with a lightsaber. It’s not as effective of a weapon for non-force users.

Is a Real-life Lightsaber Possible?

There’s no denying that many people would love to see an actual real-life lightsaber, and even try it out. Wouldn’t that be super cool?

Building a real-life lightsaber is actually possible, in theory at least.

Scientists from Harvard, MIT, and other U.S. universities have conducted a study on the possibility of making the lightsaber a real thing.

The study discusses a way to bind photons together, to give the lightsaber’s blade its shape.

Mikhail Lukin, a Harvard University scientist, was quoted saying: “What we have done is create a special type of medium in which photons interact with each other so strongly that they act as though they have mass, and bind together to form molecules.”

Wrap Up

Lightsabers are what make Star Wars. They’re the weapons used by the heroes and villains, and they’ll remain an icon of the Star Wars Franchise.

The temperature of a lightsaber is close to the temperature on the surface of the sun.

What’s interesting is that you won’t feel it unless you touch it, and we really hope that you don’t, in case we get a real-life lightsaber soon.

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