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16 Different Types Of Lightsabers That Will Amaze You

16 Different Types Of Lightsabers That Will Amaze You

The iconic Star Wars plasma blade has always been on the wishlist of many fans, ever since its first release in the ’70s.

Over 40 years later, many variations of the Lightsaber have been released, stirring excitement among its young and mature fans.

How Many Different Lightsabers are there?

If you aren’t aware of what a lightsaber is, it’s a plasma blade powered by a kyber crystal. Lightsabers vary color depending on the wielder’s affinity to the force.

As of now, there are 16 kinds of lightsabers recognized. If you’re a collector wanting to get your hands on every weapon in the Star Wars franchise, this list will definitely be for you.

1. Sith Lightsaber

The Sith Order is a collective of individuals who not only used the Force but they were also committed to the dark side of the Force. Members had their Sith Lightsabers that were red in color.

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There is a practice done by the Sith Order wherein they direct bad emotions such as hate, rage, fear, and pain, to their crystals. The Sith would “bleed” or corrupt the crystal in order to force it to their will, hence the blood-red plasma blades.

Hilts also varied depending on the owner. Moreover, it can come in many styles such as double-blades, crossguards, and many others.

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2. Double-Bladed Lightsaber

In terms of weapon design, I find this to be the most pleasing and interesting one. When I saw Darth Maul with his Double-Bladed Lightsaber, I just knew that Star Wars toys in that style will fly off the shelves. Sure enough, many other companies have also released and have started selling their own version of this double-bladed design. Even a specific Darth Maul lightsaber toy is out there.

But what makes this style so sought after is not just its unique design, but also how cool the characters who wielded these weapons are. Aside from Maul, we also have Asajj Ventress, Cal Kestis, and Tosan, to name a few.

Asajj Ventress has what we call a split saber. It’s made out of two lightsabers that connected and locked at the hilt.

Love to have your unique lightsabers? Here’s our detailed round-up about top lightsaber toys & replicas!

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3. Hinged Double-Bladed Lightsaber

You may have guessed it from the name itself. This is still a double-bladed saber but what makes it different is that it has a hinge in order to make it foldable and compact.

For instance, Pong Krell actually wielded 2 double-bladed lightsabers which could be folded in the middle. Again, just like any other lightsaber, the design was unique to its owner.

4. Double-bladed Spinning Lightsaber

Also known as the Inquisitor lightsaber, this one is exciting and impressive in action. In fact, the double-bladed spinning lightsaber toy is popular among children and adults for the engaging and uncommon style.

With the spinning blades, sharp disc, and capability to propel into the air, I definitely see the appeal. However, the weakness is definitely the ring.

Because the ring is an easy target, a skilled fighter can slice through it once they see an opening. Characters like Ahsoka Tano and Maul were able to damage double-bladed spinning lightsabers through this method.

Well, despite the weakness, it’s still a nifty looking weapon. Aside from the Inquisitorius, Dok-Ondar also had this blade.

5. Dual-Phase Lightsaber

Coming from the word “dual”, you’re right to think that there’s double of something; that something is the kyber crystal. Basically, a Dual-Phase Lightsaber is simply made up of 2 or more kyber crystals.

This allowed the plasma blade to adjust in length even in the middle of a duel. Canonically, Darth Vader is the only one who is known to have had this blade.

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6. Crossguard Lightsaber

With the popularity of the new Star Wars movies, more people are aware of the Crossguard Lightsaber since Kylo Ren wields it. The name is definitely fitting as the actual shape is a cross.

Aside from the main plasma blade, there are also two power vents at either side, which are known as quillons. This is what causes the plasma blade to take in the cross form.

This design used to be prominent during the Great Scourge of Malachor when Form II users wielded these weapons. Aside from Kylo Ren, we also have Darth Atrius who also owned 2 crossguard lightsabers.

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7. Curved-Hilt Lightsaber

As a weapon specialized for close combat, a curved hilt allowed either Jedi or Sith to improve the accuracy of thrusts and slashes. In Clone Wars, Darth Tyranus had red lightsaber with a curved hilt.

Additionally, when Asajj Ventress became the apprentice of Darth Tyranus, she traded off her green sabers for red ones that also had curved hilts. Another character who owns curved hilts is Ahsoka Tano when she obtained her double white lightsabers.

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8. Lightsaber Pistol

First created by Ezra Bridger during the Imperial Era, this unique lightsaber hilt design has an additional feature of a blaster. While this is a cool weapon style, it was created with practicality in mind.

The Force users fought with their lightsabers which made their affiliation with the Force obvious. In order to be stealthy, some of them had to conceal their powers by avoiding the use of their sabers.

For this reason, this hilt with a built-in pistol was built. Basically, the hilt had 2 emitters; one for the blade, and one for the blaster. However, because the emitter used for the blaster was also meant for blades, the shots were not very powerful. Although, it could cause shock.

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9. Lightsaber Rifle

You guessed it, this hybrid is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a rifle that can be used in combination with a lightsaber.

Design-wise, a lightsaber could be placed into a slot built into the firearm. With this, an extremely strong laser could be produced and shot toward an enemy.

One weapon such as this is hidden within the Jedi Archives. It can fire 5 beams before it completely disintegrates the saber beyond use.

Furthermore, by focusing the force into the lightsaber rifle, it can act as a bomb. The explosion caused by this tactic is so powerful that it can destroy the Jedi Temple wall. One Jedi named Jocasta Nu used this rifle with her lightsaber to fight Darth Vader in the year 19BBY.

After melting her lightsaber, she attempted to use the Force to detonate the rifle. Unfortunately, Darth Vader outpowered her. Instead, he ended up causing the rifle to explode, which is what caused the Jedi Temple wall to be destroyed.

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10. Lightsaber Pike

This is the weapon wielded by the Jedi Temple Guard. It’s characterized by a double-ended blade design and unusual yellow blades.

Star Wars Lore - Weapons Episode VIII – Lightsaber Pikes

11. Cane Lightsaber

This clever and stealthy design allowed the wielder to conceal their weapon as a humble old cane. One would never assume it to be a deadly weapon.

Only two characters were known to have had this kind of hilt. One was Jedi Tera Sinube who was quite old in age, and the other was Maul during the Galactic Empire.

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12. Training Lightsaber

Again, you can assume that this weapon was meant for those who were training, specifically younglings. It wasn’t very powerful, which allowed them to manage any damage that can cause harm to them or those around them.

These training sabers were what they used before they had to undergo the ritual called The Gathering. In this ritual, they go through a series of tests that eventually lead to them building their own lightsabers.

Did Jedi Really Let Younglings Train With Lightsabers?

13. Shoto Lightsaber

What characterized a Shoto was its size. It’s shorter than regular sabers, which was perfect for smaller individuals like Yoda.

But it was also great for fighters like Ahsoka Tano fought with the twin-blade technique. Aside from Yoda and Ahsoka, the Tenth Brother also used a Shoto saber.

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14. Guard Shoto

The hilt of this lightsaber is shaped like a tonfa, which is also the reason why it’s also called the lightsaber tonfa. By using the handle, it allowed the user to block strikes from other sabers.

But it’s not just for defense, it’s quite versatile when used for offense, too. For instance, it’s also great for jabbing and slashing.

However, with the blade parallel to one’s arm, it can also be dangerous if the user is not skilled enough. Of course, for a master who specializes with this weapon, it can be extremely deadly.

Another detriment to this weapon was that it was expensive to create. It required a pricey and special material called “phrik” for resisting other sabers.

Without this material, it wouldn’t be effective in blocking strikes from other lightsabers. Both Maris Brood and Sinya used a Guard Shoto.


15. Great Lightsaber

This is quite the opposite of the Shoto lightsaber because it is meant for larger individuals. Due to its huge size, it is also quite heavy. As for the blade length, it was often longer than 2 meters.

For races that were giants, this weapon proved to be colossal in power. Of course, if humans and others who were smaller in size, tried to use this weapon, they couldn’t possibly unleash its full potential.

16. Darksaber

The archaic weapon that started it all when Tarre Viszla created it. It was defined by a thin black plasma blade.

In terms of design, it’s shorter than the lightsabers we know of today. Also, the blade is flat, not cylindrical.

Aside from Tarre Viszla, Darth Maul and Sabine Wren also had the darksaber. However, Sabine eventually passed it on to Bo-Katan Kryze who was deemed to be deserving of the weapon.

If you’re curious, the history and full details on the darksaber can definitely answer questions regarding this mysterious weapon. It also talks about the history of the lightsaber and how the darksaber affects its wielder.

Darksaber in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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