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How to Hang a Lightsaber on the Wall?

lightsaber on the wall

Moving on from the amazing lightsaber display ideas, the next thing that comes up is how exactly to hang them on the wall. The proper steps and procedures are not something that you should compromise on.

You do not want your display ideas ruined just because you could not hang the lightsabers properly?

We gave you ideas on how to hang the lightsaber, and now we are here to guide you on how to hang them, the same way Yoda was there when Luke needed training.

So, without any further ado, dig into it to know everything that you need to know regarding the matter at hand.

What tools would you need?

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The easiest way to figure out the items you will need is to think through the whole process you will follow. How will you hang the lightsaber on the wall? Can you picture it? Make a list, so when you must buy those tools, you will not forget any item.

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First of all, you need a drilling machine  to make holes in the wall. Then, measure the distance between holes accurately according to the wall mount to avoid mishaps later.

After that, you will need nails and a hammer . These will be the main tools that you will need to fix your lightsaber on the wall. Note them down, with the number of nails. 10 nails  of standard size should be enough.

Next, think of the wall support, and how you will fix the lightsaber against the wall. A wall mount is what you will need for this part. Note this down as well. But make sure that you write down the exact measurement and do not rely on last-minute guesswork.

After all, you do not want your sacred lightsaber falling, damaged, or even worse, broken.

Prepping things before getting to work

Note down all the things that you will need before getting to work:

  • The wall where you want to display the lightsaber should be perfectly suitable for it,  where it can be showcased and seen by everyone.
  • Make sure you don’t scrape off the wallpaper during drilling in the screws. Because it will give a rather bad shape to the wall.
  • The nails must fit in the wall mount.
  • Double-check when you are buying a wall mount; it should be exactly according to the lightsaber’s hilt size. Otherwise, it will be useless.

What things should be considered?

To avoid any problem while hanging the lightsaber, you must consider a few things beforehand. Follow the mentioned points below, and then you can hang your prized lightsaber up on the wall.

Make sure it goes right with the room theme.

 Lightsaber Room Light - Luke Skywalker

As for the theme, you should analyze your room as to what kind of lightsaber would suit it. For example, if your wall paint is red, you will have to see which light will be prominent on the wall.

Not just that, you will have to see if it suits the walls. The wall that you choose to hang it on should not be a dull color or bright paint on the walls? After all, you want the lightsaber to shine!

Decide on which wall of the room you want to display it.

Then the next step will be to decide which wall will have the privilege of showcasing the lightsaber. For that, you will have to see which wall faces you upon entering the room.

The showcase should not be on the back wall,  it will be easy to see and admire at the front.

Size of the lightsaber

The size of the lightsaber matters a lot, especially when you want to display them for decoration purposes. Moreover, wall mounts come in different sizes. Therefore, to purchase a wall mount, you will need to know the dimensions of your lightsaber.

You will have to decide the wall you are placing it on, as it helps you decide the position on which you will place it.

Decide the position you want it to be in

There are various positions to display the lightsaber, as mentioned in the previous article.

You can make a cross of them on a wall; you can even line them up either in a horizontal or vertical position. So, it is necessary to decide the position in which you want to display it.

Steps to hang a lightsaber on the wall

With all the precautions having been discussed, let us come to the main point of this article. How would you hang your lightsaber? It is quite easy if the steps are being followed accurately.

1. Tools Used

Bring the tools that you would need, and assemble them. You cannot compromise on quality because, as mentioned before. It is important to choose the right tools, especially the wall mount. Double-check this list to see if you have all of them:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Drill machine
  • Wall mount

2. Take Measurements

Take measurements according to the wall mount to make holes in the wall. The correct measurements are essential to fix the wall mount perfectly. If it is done accurately, only then can you expect the process to go smoothly.

3. Marking Location

Mark the points according to the measurements you have made. It will help you in drilling the wall in the right place. Use a pencil or a marker to avoid any mishaps.

4. Drilling

Moving on from that, get your drill machine ready and drill the marked places on the wall. Be careful to avoid ruining all the measurements. Aim for precision.

5. Hammering Nails

Put the wall mount against the wall in a way that its holes come right where you have drilled the marks. Then, hammer in the nails right on the holes of the wall mount. Do it carefully to avoid injury. Keep hammering the nail head to tighten the wall mount as much as it can.

6. Fix the Lightsaber.

When the setup is ready, pick up your lightsaber and snap its hilt in the wall mount. It should fit perfectly.

7. Turn it On

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Then the last, but the most awaited step, turn on your lightsaber and enjoy the aesthetic look it gives to the room.

Bottom Line

This was all about the setting up of a display for your lightsaber on the wall. Follow all the steps mentioned above to get the best results.

The process will be quite a time-consuming one but the result is always definitely worth it. Enjoy your Lightsaber, and binge-watch Star Wars for the sake of memories, because this is what it is all about, right?

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