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How Big, Wide, and Heavy is a Lightsaber Hilt?

How Big, Wide, and Heavy is a Lightsaber Hilt?

There is no specific size for a lightsaber hilt’s length and width.

For example, Yoda’s lightsaber hilt was substantially smaller, given his size. On the other end of the spectrum, Count Dooku’s famed curved hilt was slightly longer, which best fit his fighting style. 

Lightsaber hilts vary in length, width, and weight, depending on the type of hilt. 

Smaller hilts sit at about six inches in length and 1.25 inches in width, while longer hilts measure up to two inches in width and 12 inches in length.

They weigh between six and 11 pounds. 

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What Is a Lightsaber Hilt?

lightsaber hilts

The hilt is the lightsaber’s body, which the user grasps while in combat.

Hilts comprise two basic parts: The switch, which turns the lightsaber on and off, and the choke point, the hilt’s narrowest part.

These hilts vary in length, width, and weight because of their user’s preferences.

However, main components that dictate the right hilt size for an individual include overall size, hand size, fighting style, and personal preference. 

As in real-life, the same holds true for characters in the franchise.

Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker thrived with a slightly longer, curved blade, while Kylo Ren favored a crossguard hilt, which took on a more ancient design than his original hilt during his Jedi training. 

How Big and Wide Is a Lightsaber Hilt?

Are Ultrasabers Lightsaber Hilts ACTUALLY too big? (Discussion)

Per Saber Sourcing, the smallest lightsaber hilts measure between 1.25 inches (Vader’s Vault) and 1.375 (Ultrasaber Initiate V2) inches in diameter. Both best suit individuals with smaller hand sizes. 

Saber Sourcing also says the largest hilt widths, like the Ultrasaber Dark Mantis, measure 1.7 inches, but others, like Kylo Ren’s Force FX lightsaber, reach two inches. For fans with larger hands or prefer wider blades, they’re two popular choices. 

Smaller lightsaber hilts range between eight and nine inches in length, like the Ultrasaber Initiate and Saberforge, respectively. Larger hilts reach 13 inches, but double-bladed lightsabers measure up to 24 inches. 

Blue Monkey Sports gives a slightly different answer, with shorter hilts measuring about six inches, while larger ones reach 12 inches. 

How Heavy Is a Lightsaber Hilt?

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber (Luke Skywalker)

Per Blue Monkey Sports, lightsaber hilts are around 11 lbs (five kilograms).

Therefore, to compete in a lightsaber duel in real-life (lightsaber fencing is a recognized sport), the user would need some base strength to wield one. Even smaller lightsabers weigh no less than six pounds. 

This comes as a shocker, since upon watching Star Wars, it’s easy to conclude lightsabers to be weightless. Even tiny characters like Yoda swing these relics around like they’re nothing. 

However, there are points in the franchise where we discover just how heavy a lightsaber is. For example, in Star Wars Rebels, Sabine Ren was shocked to discover the lightsaber’s sheer weight. 

George Lucas even stated the old medieval two-handed swords inspired the lightsaber, and they weighed between ten and fifteen pounds.

Also, the Original Trilogy shows off a drastically different combat style, notably when Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi duel in A New Hope. 

The fighting style changed to a faster pace come The Phantom Menace and beyond, which gave off the impression lightsabers weighed next to nothing. However, it’s also possible Jedi could use the Force to make it appear a lightsaber was weightless. 

Lightsaber Hilt Size Variations in Star Wars

KYBERS Standard Series Lightsaber Metal Hilt

Just as one can buy a lightsaber at varying lengths, widths, and weight, the Star Wars franchise also shows that differently-sized hilts exist. 

The Lightsaber Shoto was Yoda’s lightsaber hilt of choice to coincide with his small size. Measuring about half the size of a traditional lightsaber, shotos bore no real difference from an aesthetics standpoint. 

Both Jedi and Sith also wielded shotos when they wished to use a double-bladed technique. Luke Skywalker would also construct his own shoto, following his confrontation with Lumiya. 

Another short lightsaber hilt was the Guard Shoto, which employed a perpendicular grip. 

Lightsaber hilts also varied in size to suit the fighting style of their user.

The Curved Hilt was slightly longer, while the Fiber-Cord Hilt, like the double-bladed hilt, could fuse together to an increased length. 


1/ How Big Were Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Hilts?

Rubies Costume Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Light Saber

Obi-Wan wielded three lightsabers. The first and second hilts measured 11 inches in length and 1.96 inches in diameter. His third lightsaber, created in 22 BBY, measured 11.9 inches. 

2/ How Big Was Darth Maul’s Hilt?

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Darth Maul Shadow Collective Legacy Lightsaber Hilt

Using a double-bladed lightsaber that measured 34 inches apiece, his double-hilt measured 19.4 inches in length. 

3/ Why Is Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber Heavy?

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber (Kylo Ren) Black

Two reasons: One, the heavier lightsaber fit Ren’s character. Two, the heavier lightsaber hilt fits his fighting style. Its hilt measured 11.73 inches. 

4/ How Big Was Yoda’s Lightsaber Hilt?

Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber

Yoda’s lightsaber hilt clocked in at 5.9 inches. 

5/ How Big Was Luke Skywalker’s Hilt?

Space Wars Luke 's Sword Lightsaber Hilt

Luke’s hilt measured 11 inches in length and 1.96 inches in width. 

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