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How to Take Apart a Force FX Lightsaber?

Force FX Lightsaber

Taking apart a Force FX lightsaber can be complicated and is often a lengthy process. You’ll need tools and need to know what to expect to disassemble it successfully.

It’s important to read through or watch a guide completely before you attempt to take a lightsaber apart.

Once you know all the steps and how to do it, the process becomes simple!

Here you’ll learn about the Force FX line of replica lightsabers and how to take them apart.

Force FX vs. Master Replicas Lightsabers

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Before we get into how to disassemble your lightsaber, there’s some important information to know.

In this article, the lightsaber will be referred to as “Force FX”. This is the name that Hasbro has given to the currently produced replicas.

When you look into buying these lightsabers or how to disassemble them, you may come across the name “Master Replicas” or “MR”.

These two types of lightsabers are virtually the same. The only difference is that Hasbro bought the rights to these lightsabers from Master Replicas in 2006.

Now that we’ve dispelled confusion, let’s get onto the guide.

How to Disassemble Your Force FX Lightsaber

How to Take Apart a Master Replicas Darth Vader ESB lightsaber

The above video shows the methods for taking apart . However, the instructions will apply to almost all Force FX lightsabers.

The Batteries and Hilt Knobs

The first step is to unscrew the bottom of the hilt, this is called the pommel.

Taking off the pommel reveals a cylindrical compartment that contains the batteries for the lightsaber. The batteries are held in an easily removable casing that can be set aside.

If the batteries need to be replaced, now is a good time to do so. The lightsaber will take AA batteries of any type.

Next, any knobs that are present on the hilt. If they’re difficult to unscrew, it can be helpful to use pliers to twist them off.

The Emitter Ring and Hilt Screws

With all of the knobs off, the emitter ring needs to be removed.

The emitter ring is found at the top of the hilt/at the base of the blade.

It can be removed with a bit of force by lightly twisting it and pulling upwards.

Treat the ring with care, as it can easily break.

With the ring removed, identify any screws on the hilt. These will likely be holding hilt decorations in place.

The screws may also be holding some of the knobs in place.

A Phillips-head screwdriver is needed to remove these screws.

With all the screws removed, be sure to store them in a safe place. It’s smart to keep the screws with the part that they secured.

Removing Holding Pins in the Hilt

One of the most difficult parts of disassembling a Force FX lightsaber is removing the pin(s) that hold some parts in place.

The easiest way to remove the pin is to first secure the lightsaber. You’ll need to use some force to remove the pin, so it’s important to stop the lightsaber from moving.

With the lightsaber secured, there are a few methods of removing the pin.

The most efficient method is to use a pin remover. These tools are specifically designed to contact the pin and be hammered with a mallet.

If this tool isn’t available, you can also use any kind of pointed tool. Keep the pointed end directly on the pin and use a mallet or hammer to tap the pin out.

Alternatively, you can use a pair of pliers to pull out the pin. This is especially useful if you’ve already gotten the pin partway out.

With the pin(s) removed, you can easily take off the parts it was securing.

Keep the pin(s) and the parts together in a safe place. Like everything else, these will be needed when reassembling the lightsaber.

Final Steps of Disassembly

After the pins are removed, there are only a few parts left.

The hilt will have some screws left which need to be removed. Like before, these are Phillips screws.

Once removed, set them aside in a safe place.

Now that all the screws have been removed, the lightsaber blade is loose.

Gently pull on the blade to remove it from the hilt. The blade will be attached to all of the electronics that power and control the lightsaber.

If you are taking apart the lightsaber to replace or upgrade the electronics, you can now follow a guide on how to do so.

The hilt is now empty and can be reused elsewhere or modified to look different.

How to take apart a Kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber


Disassembling a Force FX lightsaber is a lengthy process, and requires a few tools. With the proper guide, though, anyone can do it.

First, the basic exterior parts are removed. This includes the pommel, hilt knobs, and emitter ring.

Second, all visible screws are removed. These may be holding decorations on the hilt.

It’s important to keep the screws together with the decorations in a safe place. These may be used when reassembling the lightsaber.

Next is the hardest part: removing the pins. There are a variety of methods to remove the pins on the hilt.

The easiest is to use a dedicated pin removing tool which is held against the pins and tapped with a hammer or mallet. This will force the pin out and allow you to remove what it held.

Lastly, remove any remaining screws.

You can then gently remove the blade of the lightsaber. On the end of the blade is the main electronics for the lightsaber.

The electronics can be kept if you’re taking the lightsaber apart to clean it. If you’re taking it apart to modify it, you can now follow a guide on changing the electronics.

The hilt will be completely hollow and independent in the end. This can be kept the same or modified to look however you’d like.

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