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Is the Darksaber considered a Sith weapon?


One of the most iconic things in the Star Wars universe has to be the lightsabers. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the franchise, a newcomer, or you’ve never even seen Star Wars, chances are you’ve heard of a lightsaber. 

These majestic weapons have a standardized set of colors that most lightsabers come out as. They are blue, green, and red for the Sith. Naturally, some colors are much harder to come by, such as white, purple, and the infamous black. 

Also known as the Darksaber, the black lightsaber is one of the rarest lightsabers. This raises many questions. Which includes, why is the dark saber so rare? Is the Darksaber a dark-side weapon? 

These questions and more will be answered as this article progresses. 

Is Darksaber a Darkside weapon?

The Darksaber is not a dark-side weapon. In fact, the Darksaber is still a Jedi lightsaber. 

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It was created by the first Jedi a Mandalorian, Tarre Vizsla. After his passing, the Darksaber was stored in the Jedi Temple alongside the lightsabers of other dead Jedi Knights. 

Tarre Vizsla and Beyond: The Mandalorian Jedi - Star Wars Canon vs Legends

For Vizsla, creating the Darksaber was a point of pride for his descendants. So much so that they stole the Darksaber from the Jedi Temple. 

Now, the Darksaber does not follow the same production pattern as a regular lightsaber. Therefore, it makes sense that the Darksaber would be misconstrued as belonging to the dark side. 

What’s more, the dark side of the Force has built a reputation for having the colors red and black associated with it. Thus, when a black lightsaber arose, it was only natural that everyone’s first instinct would be to assume it belonged to the dark side. 

Is the Darksaber a Sith Weapon?

Contrary to popular belief, the Darksaber is not a Sith weapon. 

As mentioned above, this weapon was created by the now-deceased Jedi and Mandalorian, Tarre Vizsla. Therefore, the Darksaber would technically be considered a Jedi weapon. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t Sith who used the Darksaber. 

One such Sith who used this weapon was the Sith Lord, Darth Maul. This Sith leader used the Darksaber to fulfill his own dark agenda, which included the tragic murder of Duchess Satine Kryze, Obi-wan Kenobi’s former lover. 

Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir

The fact that a Sith got his hands on the Darksaber is not as crazy as it may seem. The Sith are notorious for stealing lightsabers from the Jedi, bleeding them, and filling them with negative energy. 

When they aren’t doing that, they kill the Jedi and take the lightsabers off of them. This is exactly how Darth Maul got the Darksaber. He killed Vizsla and took the Darksaber for himself, which allowed him to become the Death Watch Leader. 

Darksaber vs. Lightsaber

Although the Darksaber is essentially a unique lightsaber, they have some differences. This is apart from the obvious color difference, of course. Each weapon has its merit. Still, it may not be fair to state that one is better than the other. Even so, we will compare the two in this portion of the article. 


SABNEO Light Saber V7 Warrior Saber

Compared to the Darksaber, where there is only one, there have been over ten thousand lightsabers in the galaxy. Not accounting for the lightsabers that the Sith acquired, the aforementioned number is equivalent to one lightsaber per Jedi. 

Moreover, lightsabers are made by the Jedi going on a mission for a Kyber crystal. When they find it, they then purify their energy into the crystal. From there, the crystal changes color to suit the Jedi who wields it. 

After obtaining the crystal, it is delivered to Professor Huyang, who will assist the Jedi in constructing their lightsabers.


Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy

On the other hand, there is only one dark saber that was constructed by the formerly mentioned Tarre Vizsla. 

In contrast to the lightsabers, which all had a similar look, the Darksaber was made with a shorter blade than a regular lightsaber. 

What makes the Darksaber even more unique is that it’s shaped like a traditional sword, as opposed to the tubular shape a lightsaber has. 

Yet another difference between the two is that the vast majority of the Darksaber is made out of Beskar instead of Kyber crystal like a regular lightsaber. Beskar is the same metal alloy that the Mandalorian’s armor is made out of

Still, there is a crystal at the core of the Darksaber that is used for conducting the force energy within the weapon. 


With the appearance of the Darksaber, many questions arose in the Star Wars communities about the weapon. Of course, this means that some questions surface more frequently than others. 

Whether it’s because the answer is complicated or there is none, these questions pique the interest of many fans. One such question is whether or not the Darksaber can cut through a lightsaber.

So, without further ado, here is the answer.

Can the Darksaber cut through the Lightsaber?

Like the lightsaber, the plasma from the Darksaber can cut through almost anything. What gives the Darksaber an edge is the Beskar it’s made from. 

THE DARKSABER Fully Explained [IMPORTANT] - Star Wars Explained

Because of how strong this material is, the Darksaber has a unique reaction to certain materials. In the Star Wars Canon, it was shown that the Darksaber had some gravitational pull on the blades of a lightsaber towards it. 

This would give the Darksaber wielder a slight leg up when facing off against a lightsaber. It is not explicitly clear if the Darksaber can cut through a lightsaber. 

Still, given the strong material that it’s made of and the fact that a lightsaber can’t cut through Beskar, it’s not stretchy to assume that the Darksaber can hold its own against a lightsaber. 


Literally being one of a kind, the Darksaber is an intriguing addition to the Star Wars weapons repertoire. 

Because of its signature black blade, many fans assumed the Darksaber belonged to the galaxy’s darker half. Contrary to what many people would believe at first glance, the Darksaber is not a dark side or Sith weapon. 

Being created by the Jedi-Mandalorian, Taree Vizsla, meant that the Darksaber is a Jedi weapon with Mandalorian origins. So much so that the weapon was constructed with the same metal alloy that the Mandolorian soldiers use in their armor, Beskar. 

The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season Two)

Oftentimes, the uniqueness of the Darksaber means that it is often compared in strength to the lightsaber. However, doing so would be unfair and similar to comparing apples to oranges. 

There are thousands of lightsabers when there is only one Darksaber, so, in sheer numbers alone, the lightsaber wins. 

Nevertheless, the Darksaber is made from such a strong material that even the lightsabers can’t cut through it. which, in and of itself, speaks to the strength of the Darksaber.

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