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Which Jedi Knights Used Red Lightsabers?

Which Jedi Knights Used Red Lightsabers?

The crimson bladed lightsabers are usually linked to the Sith. In this sense, it’s strange for a Jedi to be wielding this blade color.

However, the Jedi have been using all kinds of colors when the Sith were thought to be extinct. When it became clear that they were back, many Jedi who owned red lightsabers switched to blue or green.

Clearly, this was to avoid association with the dark side and what their red lightsabers stood for.

You can know more about what different lightsaber colors stand for, you can read it here.

Below is a list of individuals who may have owned or even just simply used red lightsabers. Remember that this also includes information from Star Wars Legends.

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Jedi that Used Red Lightsabers and History of Lightsabers

The only Jedi who owned a red lightsaber

Adi Gallia was a Tholothian Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council, she has fought in many battles. She was not only a great fighter, but she was also a chief negotiator.

Even during her training, she showed promise. By the time she made her lightsaber, she used a synthetic red crystal. Eventually, she was knighted after passing the trials and years after, she rose to the rank of Master.

During a mission regarding the Trade Federation Investigation, her lightsaber had been destroyed. So she created a new one. This time, she used a different stone, resulting in a blue plasma blade.


Jedi’s who used red lightsabers

Barriss Offee

As an infant, she was taken from her parents to train as a padawan under Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. Eventually, she became known for her Force Healing skills.

But she was also a skilled fighter and lightsaber duelist. Then, during the Clone Wars, she became a Jedi Knight.

Unfortunately, Barriss was starting to sink into the dark side. She planned the Jedi Temple bombing which she pinned on Ahsoka Tano, a close friend of hers.

She not only framed Ahsoka for the heinous bombing, but also for the murder of Letta Turmond. Of course, Ahsoka had no idea that Barriss was behind these.

It was during this time that Barriss took the opportunity to maliciously manipulate the situation by pretending to help Ahsoka. During this time, Offee ironically “supported” Ahsoka’s innocence and believed that she was being set up.

Through the comlink, she instructed Ahsoka on where to go. But Barriss led her to a warehouse where she was ambushed by a masked individual who was using Ventress’ lightsabers.

It comes to no surprise that this was actually no one else but Barriss Offee. The battle resulted in Ahsoka falling off the balcony, unto the nano-droid crates, and then spotted by the clones.

Anakin did a bit of an investigation and was told by Ventress that it wasn’t her because somebody else took her mask and lightsabers. She revealed that Ahsoka was speaking to Offee through the whole ordeal.

Following the clues, he decided to speak to Offee. After Skywalker found out about what had happened, he defeated Barriss.

During Ahsoka’s trial, Barriss confessed. Later, she was killed when Order 66 was issued.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Ahsoka Tano vs Barriss Offee [1080p]

Even Piell

Near the end of the Galactic Republic, Even Piell was a Lennik Jedi Master. Also, Piell was part of the Jedi High Council.

As an incredibly skilled duelist, he mastered all seven lightsaber forms. He fought with a crimson lightsaber which he later changed into a green one.

The reasoning for the change is unknown but it’s most likely due to the Sith returning. Again, it was thought that the Sith was extinct, and now that there are clues of their reemergence, it was more tasteful not to use the blood-red color.

The Life and Death of Even Piell

Depa Billaba

A Chalactan Jedi Master, Depa Bullaba was actually trained by no one else but Mace Windu. She also became part of the Jedi High Council.

Incredibly, she mastered Vaapad which was a difficult variant of Form VII. But it’s quite understandable because it was Mace who invented this fighting style.

It’s already impressive that she could use this style so her next achievement might be unbelievable. Notably, there were only three masters of Vaapad, and she was one of them.

On a mission to save her master on Nar Shaddaa. At some point, Gargonn the Hutt released Akk Dogs on her, she used a red lightsaber to wound one of them.

Depa’s story has a lamentable ending. For such an introspective and gentle character, it’s something I found difficult to accept.

Unfortunately, when she embarked on what was to be her last mission, something terribly unexpected happened. While on Haruun Kal, Depa Billaba fell to the dark side and became insane.

Mace Windu tried to save her but she attacked him and it resulted in her comatose.

The Life and Death of Depa Billaba (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

Sharad Hett

Sharad lived years before the Invasion of Naboo. He was a human Jedi Knight who became a legend and hero.

He was padawan to Jedi Master Eeth Koth. Eventually, he rose to the rank of Jedi Knight.

After his family and world were destroyed, he banished himself to Tatooine. On this planet, he became a leader of the Tusken Raiders.

When he was a Jedi, the colors of his lightsaber varied. However, when he became a warlord for the Tusken Raiders, his lightsaber was red. Before passing away, he handed over his saber to his son, A’Sharat Hett.

Sharad Hett The Tusken Raider Jedi: A Star Wars Story

A’Sharad Hett

Because he was the son of Sharad Hett, the red lightsaber was passed on to him. He wielded this lightsaber during the Clone Wars.

Regrettably, he fell to the dark side and became Darth Krayt. By the time this transition happened, it is unknown if he still had his father’s lightsaber.

A'Sharad Hett | Star Wars Characters

Luke Skywalker

This man needs no introduction. But it’s strange to think of this amazing Jedi wielding a red lightsaber.

We know that he used Anakin’s lightsaber first, and then he built his own. It was only during the time of the cloned Palpatine that Luke used a red lightsaber.

It isn’t known where this saber came from. But he later ditched it switched back to his green one.

Another instance in which he used a crimson plasma blade was against Lumiya. He constructed a red shoto lightsaber because he had previously lost to her and her lightwhip.

This same saber was used during his duel with the Dark Lady of the Sith. But this happened years later.

Luke Skywalker meets Lumiya | Star Wars Explained | Lore and Legends

Obi-Wan Kenobi

A personal favorite of mine, this Jedi always has the high ground. The calmness, humor, skill, and intelligence of this character make me wonder about what else he could have contributed if he hadn’t sacrificed himself.

We saw Obi-Wan Kenobi used blue lightsabers. But he also used a red lightsaber once and this was during his fight against Darth Maul.

Strangely enough, Assajj Ventress helps him out and lends him her other lightsaber. He accepts and they start to fight.

The Only Time Obi-Wan Used a RED LIGHTSABER in CANON!! - Star Wars Explained

Anakin Skywalker

Before becoming Darth Vader, there was a time that Anakin used a red lightsaber. This was shown in the original Star Wars Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.

In this scene, Anakin uses Asajj Ventress’ lightsaber. The video can be watched below.

Asajj Ventress VS Anakin Skywalker


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