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Makoto Tsai: High-Quality Handcrafted Lightsaber

Makoto Tsai: High-Quality Handcrafted Lightsaber

There are so many lightsaber manufacturers in the market today, it can be difficult to find the best ones.

One lightsaber maker that you may come across in your search is Makoto Tsai.

Makoto Tsai promises high-quality handcrafted lightsabers, but is it worth it? Let’s dive in.

Popularity in the Community

Makoto lightsabers are not one of the big names when it comes to lightsabers. They are dwarfed by giant companies such as Ultrasabers and Saberforge.

Nonetheless, everyone that has a Makoto lightsaber says the same thing: they are very high-quality.

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The build and specs of Makoto lightsabers match, or even better, those of the big companies.

A lot of care is put into building each saber, and it shows. That’s why Makoto lightsabers are highly regarded in the Star Wars community.

However, the Makoto website isn’t the most professional.

It is a simple Blogger blog that looks like only one person is running the whole thing. That’s why a lot of people are hesitant to order, it’s such a simple website.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to contact Makoto Tsai for orders.

Several emails go unanswered, and there may be times when you might feel that you’re being scammed.

The ordering process is a very slow one, that’s why as of now, Makoto lightsabers are not for everyone.

It is quite inconvenient to order a Makoto lightsaber. But those who brave these inconveniences are rewarded with a very high-quality lightsaber.

Let’s take a closer look at just how good Makoto lightsabers are.

Product Details and Quality

When it comes to Makoto lightsabers, one thing is certain: this is a very good lightsaber.

Everyone agrees on this, and some even say it’s the best lightsaber they’ve ever had. Why?

Makoto light saber review

For one, Makoto lightsaber hilts are 100% handcrafted. Each lightsaber is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. They are durable and feel great on your hands.

Makoto lightsabers are also very lightweight compared to other brands. Their hilts are quite thin, making them very easy to grasp. The sabers are great for dueling, as your arms won’t get tired in any way.

These lightsabers are also quite long. They were made to match the length of lightsabers in the movies.

Compared to other lightsaber brands, you’re going to get a lot more reach with a Makoto lightsaber.

When it comes to sound, Makoto lightsabers do very well. The soundboard in this saber offers three modes: Jedi, Sith, and Gundam.

When turned on, the saber gives off a hum that sounds just like the ones in the movies. These sabers also make swinging noises, clashing noises, and even blaster-deflecting noises.

One of the most noticeable features of Makoto lightsabers is their brightness.

Unlike other sabers that have a bulb on the hilt, Makotos use a string of LED lights in the blade itself to light it up.

This makes it shine so much brighter than typical lightsabers. It’s so bright, you can even use it during the daytime.

Makoto SSS V3 BlueGreenPurple

Having LED-lined blades comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

Not only do you get a very bright blade, but this also allows you to get an amazing effect when you turn it on or off.

When you turn on your Makoto, it doesn’t just light up the entire blade at once. Instead, you can see the light start on the hilt and travel all the way to the tip, just like the movies.

The downside of these LED-lined blades is that you can’t use them for heavy duels.

Yes, dueling with your Makoto lightsaber is possible. But you’ll want to be a little careful, as heavy dueling can destroy the LED lights that line the blade.

About the Brand

As you may have guessed, Makoto Tsai Lightsabers are a small company. It is run by Makoto Tsai himself, an engineer from Taipei, who is also an avid Star Wars fan.

Like a lot of Star Wars fans, Makoto was very disappointed with the poor quality of the official lightsaber toys.

So instead of settling for those, he went on to build his own line of lightsabers. But he didn’t just make these for himself, he also built them for all the avid Star Wars fans around the globe.

Makoto Tsai has been building lightsabers full-time for more than 10 years already.

He handcrafts every Makoto lightsaber himself from top to bottom. That’s why every lightsaber is special.

He has said that all his creations are intimate to him, and he only wants those who really want it to own it.

Makoto Tsai also runs a Youtube channel where he posts videos of his lightsabers, duels, and even fan films.


If you’re not a big fan of Star Wars, getting a Makoto Tsai lightsaber might not be for you.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy lightsaber toy or replica, there are other better options. But if you are looking for quality above all else, then this is something that is worthwhile.

When ordering one of these lightsabers, it is very important to be patient.

As said before, it can take a long time before Makoto takes your order. And once he’s accepted your payment, it can take a few months before your lightsaber arrives.

If your lightsaber isn’t arriving, you don’t need to panic.

Despite not having a professional website, you can rest assured that Makoto Tsai lightsabers are not a scam. Send them a follow-up email, or check the tracking number if you have one.

Final Impression

When it comes to buying Makoto Tsai lightsabers, it all boils down to one question: “How much do you want it?”

Ordering one is always going to be a hassle, you’re paying one guy in Taiwan to make a lightsaber for you! And you also have to remember that shipping abroad isn’t an easy task either.

But those who are determined will be rewarded.

They will be rewarded with one of the highest quality lightsabers in the market today.

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