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Ultrasabers vs. Saberforge: Which Is For You?

Ultrasabers vs. Saberforge: Which Is For You?

Ultrasabers and Saberforge are two of the most popular companies that make lightsabers fit for dueling. They’re both based in the United States but you can purchase their products on their respective websites.



Individuals who are looking to buy a lightsaber for themselves or for someone else will definitely find this article useful. Before making a decision, it’s vital to take a look at the factors and weigh the options.

When it comes to pricing, Ultrasabers is definitely more expensive, overall. Saberforge can have a lower price point but it can also increase depending on the add-ons.

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1. Sound


​The Obsidian Soundboard of Ultrasabers is all their own. It comes with 2 default sound fonts, but it’s easy to download others for free here:

Obsidian Soundboard 3.0 details:

  1. Two default sound fonts
  2. One mini USB cord
  3. A wiring harness
  4. Easy to install
  5. It will not be damaged easily due to disconnection or canceled download
  6. Volume set up
  7. Flash and Clash
  8. Pulsate light effects

Obsidian Soundboard 4.0 is slightly pricier but with good cause. A few of the additional features include more memory, processing power, and multiple sound fonts. In fact, it can read both .isu and .wav sound files.

Here’s an Obsidian Soundboard review by SuperFenderz:

Ultrasabers Obsidian V4 Soundboard Demo


​This company has 3 available soundboards on their website. These are Veteran Soundboard 2.5, Champion Soundboard 3.0, and Hero Soundboard.

Veteran Soundboard 2.5 is an entry-level product with the following features:

  1. An HD sound driver
  2. Three featured sound fonts
  3. Sound effects
  4. A programmable blade flicker
  5. Motion detection
  6. Menu for adjusting the settings

The Champion Soundboard 3.0 has some basic features. There are 3 sound fonts that are customizable, three complementary effects, Flash on Clash, and 5 blade effects that you can set up to your liking.

It also uses a micro USB recharge point. But be warned! Make sure that you don’t plug it in backward because this will completely short the soundboard.

Best of all, because this makes use of Sabercore 3, the accelerometer makes the motion detection so much more accurate. Pair this with the blade presets that just let your saber shine in 5 different ways.

Here’s Richie Castellano’s review:

SaberForge SaberCore 3.0 sound board demo

Finally, we have the Hero Soundboard that makes use of the Spark Color 3 soundboard by Naigon’s Electronic creations.

Upgrades include:

  1. Six sound fonts that you can switch up
  2. One-of-a-kind sound effects
  3. Color-changing blade
  4. Music player
  5. A 4GB micro SD card

Doodeetan has a pretty straightforward video on how this sounds:

SaberForge Epoch Hero Tier Upgrade Sound Board Review

2. Blade

Ultrasabers have polycarbonate removable blades that radiate beautifully when the led lights turn on.

As for blade thickness, Midgrade and Ultraedge Midgrade blades are for light fights and Heavygrade and Ultraedge Heavygrade are more resilient for intense combat.

On the other hand, Saberforge has V4 Infinity Edge Blade and V4 Infinity Edge Day Blade. Similarly, these are also made from polycarbonate material and are also removable.

For the clear frosted option, V4 Infinity Edge Blade is the way to go. They claim that these blades have resolved the issue of lighting problems and the problem of tip adhesion.

V4 Infinity Edge Day Blade is the colored version and they suggest this for daytime use or for well-lit places. It comes with the same details as the clear version but with an additional feature of the internal diffusion wrap for better illumination and color mixing.

Both companies offer pointed and rounded tips, as well as different lengths. If you’re looking for something different, Saberforge also has Axe Blade Sets and a Whip Blade.

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3. Colors

Ultrasabers make use of an emitter in the hilt of the saber in order to illuminate the blade. By placing a sturdy LED light in the hilt, damage can be avoided.

They have 8 colors on their list: Violet Amethyst, Blazing Red, Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Sunriders Destiny, Fire Orange, Arctic Blue, and Adegan Silver. You can also use the color discs but it only works for Adegan Silver.

Saberforge offers colored Day Blades as well as colored LED lights for illumination. They have about 18 colors for the LED version.

Their LED Modules feature 4 Cree XQ-E LEDs. They say that this has the highest lumen efficiency in the business.

4. Dueling Ability

When it comes to all-out dueling, it’s definitely a necessity to use the Heavygrade blade from Ultrasabers. You can opt for the Ultraedge Heavygrade which is sturdier, but it’s not necessary.

The YouTube channel Lightsaber Addict tests the heavy grade blade in one of their videos and it shows to be quite sturdy. You can watch it here:

Testing a heavy grade Ultrasaber blade against hockey equipment.

Because Saberforge also uses polycarbonate blades, it’s also quite sturdy. It comes in the standard type or the thin neck type.

The main difference between the two brands is their thickness. Ultrasabers usually make blades that are thicker than the standard size which makes them more durable.

In RebelChumps’ video review of Saberforge, we can see that although the blade didn’t shatter or break, the tip broke off. You can watch that video here:

How strong are Saberforge blades!? Can we break it?!

Also, with a serious blow to a solid surface, the blade somehow manages to spring off of the hilt. That being said, despite the severe impact on the tree and the metal railing, the actual blade showed how heavy duty it really is.

5. Double-bladed Sabers

Both companies offer double-bladed sabers. Again, they’re both great for dueling and are also made of sturdy polycarbonate blades.

Ultrasabers have about 22 variations but you can always have the option of customizing your purchase. On the other hand, Saberforge only has 3 variations of this and you can also customize them to some extent.

6. Customer Service

It’s understandable that there will be some issues that will arise when it comes to electronic devices such as lightsabers. Therefore, customer service is integral, especially with damages, warranty, and even basic queries.

It’s also important to look for reviews from verified buyers to make sure that there is truth in their rating of the company, be it good or bad. What I like about Ultrasabers is that they’re Shopper Approved and they show the ratings and reviews of customers on their website.

Most reviews are positive while there may be some low ratings. A whopping 79% of customers gave a 5-star review, while only 0.3% gave a 1-star review.

As for Saberforge, they do show reviews for each product, but there is no option to see the overall rating of customers for the actual company. However, it’s possible to send them a message through email.

Nonetheless, I think Ultrasabers gets plus points for allowing customers to give overall feedback not just on singular products and for showing it publicly on their website. If you want to see customer feedback from Saberforge customers, you’ll have to check websites like Better Business Bureau®.

For instance, we can see more negative reviews than positive ones here:

Usual complaints vary from damaged goods and delivery problems.

They also have a Yelp page with 67 reviews:

While 21 individuals gave them a 5-star rating, 38 others gave a 1-star rating.

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