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[Review] UltraSabers Lightsaber: Are They Reliable?

Whether you’re a youngling or an adult who’s young at heart, if you’re a Star Wars fan, a lightsaber duel is the ultimate fantasy.

Lightsabers are easy enough to come across but to have one that is also built for dueling is something special.

I think UltraSabers products are fantastic, overall. But, perhaps it’s good to remember that it takes about 40 positive reviews to reverse the effects of one negative review.

When Star Wars became popular in the ’70s, a company called Kenner released their toy version of the popular laser sword. Of course, it was mainly marketed towards children.

As Star Wars grew with its audience, the fans, now a mix of adults and children, desire something more high quality and can also be used in mock-fights.

This is why many companies who forge and sell their own versions of the popular Jedi saber are growing in popularity.

Star Wars

UltraSabers Company and Their Claims

UltraSabers is just one of the many companies in the game. It’s where you can build your own custom lightsaber.

Here’s a link to their website:

The Hilt

They take pride in the quality of their products, even specifically stating that they make use of CBC machined billet aluminum components.

This material is strong, tolerant, and shiny but they are more costly, time-consuming to make, and not as strong as forged components.

Although, they do propose that customers with smaller hands purchase hilts from their V2 series because these are much skinnier.

This is probably in response to the many feedback they receive about how their hilts are a bit thick, making it difficult to wield.

The Light

The emitter is where the light comes from. They come in a variety of styles and colors so it’s really up to the customer to choose from their collection.

According to their website, all of their products are fit for combat because they make use of durable materials and because the light source of their sabers come from the hilt.

Moreover, they claim to not use fragile LED lights.

There are 8 colors to choose from: Violet Amethyst, Blazing Red, Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Sunriders Destiny, Fire Orange, Arctic Blue, and Adegan Silver.

The Blade

They offer single blade lightsabers and double-bladed ones.

They are made of a durable polycarbonate material that allows the light from the hilt to shine through.

Depending on how intense you’ll duel, UltraSabers have various blades you can choose from.

Midgrade and Ultraedge Midgrade blades are suggested for light dueling while Heavygrade and Ultraedge Heavygrade are for tougher combat.

The Heavygrade and Ultraedge Heavy are twice as thick and as heavy as Midgrade blades so they are definitely more durable.

So if you’re planning to go ham on your fighting partner, they would definitely recommend the Heavygrade.

Moreover, the blades have two variations: the pointier one and the rounded one.

However, they also give a disclaimer that the blades with a pointier blade might be a bit harsh for your dueling partner.

The Sound

As for that signature lightsaber sound, Ultrasabers make use of their own Obsidian Soundboard.

They proudly state that versions 3 and 4 of this soundboard is the basis for many sound effects in the lightsaber enterprise.

The Obsidian Soundfonts are what they call the different styles of audio that you can download and use for your custom saber.

And I bring you good news because all of them are completely free to download here:

Aside from Default Obsidian Soundfont and Default Obsidian v4 Soundfont Package that comes with the Obsidian Soundboard, there are also a few other variations to choose from.

These include Sith, Classic, Starkiller, Old Republic Jedi, Novastar Compilation, Sabertooth, and Dominux Nox.

Return Policy

I find this one a little detrimental as it’s only valid for 3 days. This is quite a short period of time considering how expensive a custom lightsaber can get.

In comparison to many other companies who have a 21-day or a 30-day return policy, I find that 3 days is not enough time for the customer to gauge the product quality.

Customer Service

Customer service reviews have been hit or miss. UltraSabers has a rating of 4.75 out of 5 on Shopper Approved; these are ratings from actual customers.

Most ratings are 5 stars and at the top of the list, it’s observable that most are satisfied with the products and the quick delivery.

While their customer service received a 4.6 out of 5, it’s still a point of concern for many of the customers who gave a low review.

The low ratings point out the concerns about website navigation, customer service, inconsistencies with pricing, difficulties checking out, and non-functioning saber among many others.

This is quite a striking contrast to the many positive reviews.

Of course, if the services and products are good, the customers will not bother to give an in-depth review and just give 5 stars and a short message of approval.

But negative reviews are extremely important so the customer might know what to expect in case things go wrong.

Other Reviews

Reviews on other platforms like Youtube, Reddit, and various forums also express their delight and displeasure.

Granted, it’s important to take it with a grain of salt because there’s no way to really guarantee that some of these are actual customers.

Negative Concerns

On Reddit, user MoonSpider, gives us a comparison of just how big the UltraSaber hilts are.

The smallest UltraSaber hilt, “Apprentice v4”, can be observed to be the same size as the canon sized hilt.

The user Corkman321 also curiously asked about the bad reviews that UltraSabers seem to be infamous for.

Some responses talked about bad wiring, the “ridiculous” size, and the abhorrent customer service.

The YouTube channel SaberSourcing opened up several reasons for the negative reputation of UltraSabers.

She mentioned some controversies about how UltraSabers allegedly demand positive reviews before they send out paid for products.

Her concern was also about the return policy and the restocking fee.

The restocking fee is the money charged by the seller when they take back a product from a customer.

In addition, she also shares similar concerns with other customers and Reddit users. To be specific, it’s about the wiring and lack of casing within the hilt.

These add-ons, however, can cause the price of the product to become quite expensive.

For instance, while one company will include a switch as part of the final product, UltraSabers might charge an additional amount.

Finally, she also touched on the troubles about the honesty concerning grab bags and mystery boxes.

In her video review, her concerns vary from unusable recharge ports, and defects.

You can watch the video here:

Worst Ultrasabers Mystery Box and Grab Bag Sabers I've received?

It seems to me that UltraSabers has garnered a negative reputation in the online community for various justifiable reasons.

But there are still customers who do rave about them and have also received good services.

Better Business Bureau® also shows other reviews varying from good to very bad.

One customer states serious issues he had with the company and accusations about lying that can definitely be damning in terms of their credibility as a business.

For specifics, you can read the reviews here:

Positive Takeaways

Sidious Sabers, a YouTuber, vlogged about some problems with the products sent to him.

In the end, he affirmed that everything was handled well by UltraSabers’ courteous and urgent customer service.

You can find out more about his experiences if you watch his video:

Isaiah Hallen on YouTube is also very enthusiastic about the weight of the hilt as well as the overall look of the light and aura of the blade.

The sound is also something that he finds to be sensitive to his movements.

Watch it here:

Ultrasabers HONEST review

Other review sites like Sitejabber show ratings outside UltraSabers’ official website.

Many customers seem to be satisfied with the actual product for their design options and quality.

More UltraSabers reviews on Sitejabber here:

An Objective Take

Customers these days are becoming more alert in terms of where they spend their money.

They want to support businesses that they feel an alignment with not just with products but with how they present themselves to the public.

Reviews act as a tool for how potential customers might gauge their interest in a company.

It’s one thing to have a targeted marketing ploy, and another to have an authentic and convincing review from actual people.

I think UltraSabers products are fantastic, overall.

But, perhaps it’s good to remember that it takes about 40 positive reviews to reverse the effects of one negative review.


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